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Content Source: Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide

Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide © 2020, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Amirali Attar Olyaee, Alexander Augunas, Kate Baker, Brian Bauman, Logan Bonner, Carlos Cabrera, James Case, Jessica Catalan, John Compton, Paris Crenshaw, Jesse Decker, Fabby Garza Marroquín, Steven Hammond, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Joan Hong, Nicolas Hornyak, Vanessa Hoskins, James Jacobs, Erik Keith, Lyz Liddell, Luis Loza, Ron Lundeen, Patchen Mortimer, Dennis Muldoon, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Jessica Redekop, Mikhail Rekun, Alex Riggs, David N. Ross, Michael Sayre, Mark Seifter, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Jason Tondro, Clark Valentine, and Andrew White.

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Name Type Source
A Home In Every Port feat
Aasimar (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Acrobat archetype
Acrobatic Performer feat
Advanced First Aid feat
Aerobatics Mastery feat
Agonizing Despair spell
Amnesiac (Rare Background) background
Ancestral Defense spell
Ancestral Form spell
Ancestral Touch spell
Animal Feature spell
Animate Dead spell
Animate Rope spell
Animated Assault spell
Antler Arrow magicitem
Aqueous Orb spell
Archaeologist archetype
Archer archetype
Armor Assist feat
Armor of Bones spell
Armored Stealth feat
Assassin archetype
Assured Identification feat
Astral Projection ritual
Balisse Feather magicitem
Bandit background
Barber background
Basilisk Eye magicitem
Bastion archetype
Battle Planner feat
Battlefield Persistence spell
Beastmaster archetype
Bestial Curse spell
Biographical Eye feat
Blanket Of Stars spell
Blessed (Rare Background) background
Blessed One archetype
Blinding Beauty spell
Blinding Fury spell
Blister spell
Blistering Invective spell
Blood Vendetta spell
Blood Ward spell
Bloodhound Mask equipment
Bon Mot feat
Bookkeeper background
Bounty Hunter archetype
Brain Drain spell
Cackle spell
Call to Arms spell
Candle of Invocation magicitem
Candle of Revealing magicitem
Caravan Leader feat
Catfolk ancestry
Cavalier archetype
Celebrity archetype
Cerulean Scourge equipment
Chameleon Coat spell
Changeling (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Charitable Urge spell
Chilling Spray spell
Chroma Leach spell
Claim Undead spell
Clinging Ice spell
Clinging Shadows Stance spell
Clone ritual
Concealing Legerdemain feat
Consult The Spirits feat
Consuming Darkness spell
Cook background
Corrosive Ammunition magicitem
Countless Eyes spell
Courier background
Cozy Cabin spell
Crafter’s Appraisal feat
Crashing Wave spell
Create Demiplane ritual
Criminal Connections feat
Cultist background
Curse of Death spell
Curse Of Lost Time spell
Cursed (Rare Background) background
Dandy archetype
Debilitating Dichotomy spell
Deceiver’s Cloak spell
Deceptive Worship feat
Deja Vu spell
Delay Affliction spell
Dhampir (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Dim the Light spell
Discern Secrets spell
Discreet Inquiry feat
Dismantle spell
Distracting Performance feat
Disturbing Knowledge feat
Doublespeak feat
Dragon Disciple archetype
Dread Secret spell
Dual-Weapon Warrior archetype
Duelist archetype
Dull Ambition spell
Duskwalker (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Dust of Corpse Animation magicitem
Earthglide Cloak magicitem
Earthsight Box magicitem
Eldritch Archer archetype
Elemental Betrayal spell
Enervation spell
Engulfing Snare equipment ,
Enlarge Companion spell
Envisioning Mask magicitem
Ephemeral Tracking spell
Establish Ward spell
Evil Eye spell
Exhort the Faithful feat
Exploding Shield magicitem
Express Rider feat
Eye for Numbers feat
Familiar Master archetype
Familiar’s Face spell
Fantastic Facade ritual
Fearsome magicitem
Feral Child (Rare Background) background
Feybound (Rare Background) background
Final Sacrifice spell
Fire-Jump Ring magicitem
Flaming Fusillade spell
Flare Snare equipment
Force Cage spell
Forensic Acumen feat
Forensic Dye equipment
Four-Ways Dogslicer magicitem
Freezing Ammunition magicitem
Fungal Infestation spell
Gecko Potion magicitem
Genie’s Veil spell
Ghost Charge equipment
Ghost Ink equipment
Ghostly Tragedy spell
Gladiator archetype
Glamorous Buckler magicitem
Glean Contents feat
Gnoll, Theian ancestry , , ,
Gravity Weapon spell
Greater Blight Bomb equipment
Greater Crystal Shards equipment
Greater Drakeheart Mutagen equipment
Greater Dread Ampoule equipment
Greater Focus Cathartic equipment
Greater Olfactory Obfuscator equipment
Greater Sinew-shock Serum equipment
Greater Universal Solvent equipment
Grisly Growths spell
Haunted (Rare Background) background
Heal Companion spell
Heart’s Desire spell
Heartbond ritual
Heat Metal spell
Hellfire Boots magicitem
Herbalist archetype
Heroes’ Feast ritual
Heroic Feat spell
Hireling Manager feat
Horizon Walker archetype
Hunter’s Luck spell
Hunter’s Vision spell
Hymn of Healing spell
Ice Storm spell
Ill Omen spell
Impaling Spike spell
Imprint Message spell
Improvise Tool feat
Improvised Repair feat
Incendiary Aura spell
Incense of Distilled Death magicitem
Incredible Scout feat
Indestructibility spell
Infiltrator’s Accessory magicitem
Influence Nature feat
Inoculation feat
Insurgent background
Interstellar Void spell
Investigator class
Investigator archetype
Invisible Item spell
Keen Follower feat
Ki Form spell
Kobold ancestry
Lead Climber feat
Leadenleg equipment
Legendary Guide feat
Lesser Blight Bomb equipment
Lesser Drakeheart Mutagen equipment
Lesser Dread Ampoule equipment
Lesser Focus Cathartic equipment
Lesser Sinew-shock Serum equipment
Life Boost spell
Life Link spell
Life-giving Form spell
Lightning Storm spell
Linguist archetype
Litany of Depravity spell
Litany of Self-Interest spell
Loremaster archetype
Lover’s Gloves magicitem
Mad Monkeys spell
Magic Hide spell
Magic Stone spell
Major Blight Bomb equipment
Major Crystal Shards equipment
Major Drakeheart Mutagen equipment
Major Dread Ampoule equipment
Major Focus Cathartic equipment
Major Sinew-shock Serum equipment
Major Universal Solvent equipment
Malicious Shadow spell
Marshal archetype
Martial Artist archetype
Mask of the Banshee magicitem
Mauler archetype
Medic archetype
Medusa’s Scream magicitem
Medusa’s Wrath spell
Moderate Blight Bomb equipment
Moderate Crystal Shards equipment
Moderate Drakeheart Mutagen equipment
Moderate Dread Ampoule equipment
Moderate Focus Cathartic equipment
Moderate Sinew-shock Serum equipment
Moderate Universal Solvent equipment
Moonlight Bridge spell
Nauseating Snare equipment
Needle of Vengeance spell
No Cause For Alarm feat
Noxious Vapors spell
Nudge Fate spell
Nymph’s Token spell
Object Reading spell
Ode To Ouroboros spell
Oil of Object Animation magicitem
Oil of Revelation magicitem
Oil of Unlife magicitem
Olfactory Obfuscator equipment
Oracle class
Oracle archetype
Oracle Access Lore spell
Orc ancestry
Origin Unguent equipment
Outrider background
Personal Blizzard spell
Pet Cache spell
Phantasmal Treasure spell
Phase Familiar spell
Pick Up The Pace feat
Pied Piping spell
Pilgrim background
Pilgrim’s Token feat
Pirate archetype
Poisoner archetype
Potion of Disguise magicitem
Potion of Expeditious Retreat magicitem
Potion of Retaliation magicitem
Potion of Shared Memories magicitem
Predictable Silver Piece magicitem
Prescient Consumable feat
Prescient Planner feat
Pummeling Rubble spell
Quench spell
Quick Contacts feat
Ranger’s Bramble spell
Rapid Affixture feat
Ration Tonic magicitem
Ready magicitem
Reaper’s Lantern spell
Refugee background
Reincarnate ritual
Rest Eternal ritual
Restorative Moment spell
Returned (Rare Background) background
Risky Surgery feat
Ritualist archetype
Rod of Cancellation magicitem
Root Magic feat
Root Worker background
Rope of Climbing magicitem
Royalty (Rare Background) background
Rune, Winged magicitem
Rusting Grasp spell
Safe Passage spell
Scavenger background
Schooled in Secrets feat
Scintillating Safeguard spell
Scout archetype
Scroll Trickster archetype
Scrounger archetype
Sculpt Sound spell
Seal Fate spell
Seasoned feat
Secret Chest spell
Sentinel archetype
Sepulchral Mask spell
Servant background
Shadow Mark feat
Shadow’s Web spell
Shadowdancer archetype
Shepherd of Souls spell
Shielding Salve magicitem
Shroud of Night spell
Simulacrum ritual
Skinstitch Salve equipment
Skitter feat
Slates of Distant Letters magicitem
Sleeves of Storage magicitem
Snagging Hook Snare equipment
Snare Hopping spell
Snarecrafter archetype
Song of Marching spell
Song of Strength spell
Soothing Mist spell
Soul Siphon spell
Sovereign Glue equipment
Spellguard Blade magicitem
Spike Stones spell
Spirit Sense spell
Spirit Veil spell
Spiritsight Crossbow magicitem
Spray of Stars spell
Squire background
Staff of Impossible Visions magicitem
Staff of Nature’s Vengeance magicitem
Staff of Providence magicitem
Steal Shadow spell
Stoke The Heart spell
Strange Geometry spell
Sudden Blight spell
Summon Instrument spell
Supertaster feat
Swashbuckler archetype
Swashbuckler class
Symphony of the Unfettered Heart spell
Talisman Dabbler archetype
Tax Collector background
Teacher background
Teleportation Circle ritual
Tempest Form spell
Tempest Touch spell
Tengu ancestry
Terrain Transposition spell
Terrifying Ammunition magicitem
Terrifying Resistance feat
Thorough Search feat
Thoughtful Gift spell
Threefold Aspect spell
Thunderburst spell
Tiefling (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Time Shield Potion magicitem
Timeless Salts equipment
Touch of Corruption spell
Transmute Rock and Mud spell
True Perception feat
Underground Network feat
Unseen Custodians ritual
Urn of Ashes magicitem
Vampiric Maiden spell
Veil of Dreams spell
Victory Plate magicitem
Vigilante archetype
Viking archetype
Vision of Weakness spell
Vomit Swarm spell
Walking Cauldron magicitem
Wall Of Flesh spell
Wand of Crackling Lightning magicitem
Wand of Hopeless Night magicitem
Wand of Overflowing Life magicitem
Wand of the Snowfields magicitem
Wand of the Spider magicitem
Ward background
Ward Domain ritual
Water Sprint feat
Weapon Improviser archetype
Whirling Flames spell
Wilding Word spell
Wish-Twisted Form spell
Witch archetype
Witch class
Word of Recall ritual
Ysoki ancestry