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Content Source: Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide (Second Edition)

Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide (Second Edition) © 2019, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Tanya DePass, James Jacobs, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Liane Merciel, Erik Mona, Mark Seifter, James L. Sutter.

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Name Type Source
Absorb Spell feat
Academic (Crafting) background
Academic (Traditions) background
Adaptive Mask Familiar feat
Adherent background
Aegis of Vigil feat
Archaeologist background
Archaic Wayfinder magicitem
Archetypes page ,
Artifact Seeker background
Aspiring Free Captain background
Aspiring River Monarch background
Attendant Dedication feat
Attunement to Stone feat
Black Market Smuggler background
Black Pearl Aeon Stone magicitem
Black Pearl Aeon Stone equipment
Blade of Law feat
Blade of the Crimson Oath feat
Blessed Tattoo magicitem
Blessed Tattoo equipment
Boaster’s Challenge feat
Bravo’s Determination feat
Bright Lion background
Cascade Bearer’s Flexibility feat
Changeling Hellknight npc
Charged Creation feat
Charmer background
Charming Scoundrel npc
Child of Squalor background
Child of the City background
Crimson Assassin archetype
Crusader background
Cursed Family background
Danger Sense feat
Daredevil’s Gambit feat
Daring Act feat
Daring Flourish feat
Death’s Door feat
Demanding Challenge feat
Desert Tracker background
Dualistic Synergy feat
Duelist archetype
Emerald Boughs Accustomation feat
Emerald Boughs Hideaway feat
Emissary (Political) background
Endure Death’s Touch feat
Expatriate background
Faithful background
Final Blade magicitem
Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat
Flexible Halcyon Spellcasting feat
Follower background
Font of Knowledge feat
Fortified Flesh feat
Freed Slave background
Fulminating Synergy feat
Gaze of Veracity feat
Goblinblood Orphan background
Godless Healing feat
Grand Council Bureaucrat background
Grave Sense feat
Great Boaster feat
Guerrilla background
Guild Agent archetype
Halcyon Speaker Dedication feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Adept feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Initiate feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Sage feat
Harrying Strike feat
Hell’s Armaments feat
Hellknight Armiger archetype
Hellknight Armiger npc
Hellknight Dedication feat
Hellknight Paravicar npc
Hellknight Signifer Dedication feat
Hobgoblin (Uncommon) ancestry
Hopeful background
Inlander background
Invoke the Crimson Oath spell
Jellyfish Lamp equipment
Judgment of the Monolith feat
Ka Stone Ritual feat
Knight in Shining Armor feat
Knight Reclaimant Dedication feat
Knight Vigilant feat
Leshy (Uncommon) ancestry
Light of Revelation spell
Lion Blade archetype
Living Monolith archetype
Lizardfolk (Uncommon) ancestry
Lore Seeker feat
Loyalist background
Lumberjack background
Magic Warrior archetype
Magic Warrior Aspect spell
Magic Warrior Aspect feat
Magic Warrior Dedication feat
Magic Warrior Transformation spell
Magic Warrior Transformation feat
Mammoth Speaker background
Mantis Form spell
Mantis Scion background
Mask Familiar feat
Masked Casting feat
Menagerie Dung Sweeper background
Mercenary background
Mystic background
Name-Bearer background
Nameless Anonymity feat
Necromantic Resistance feat
Necromantic Tenacity feat
Onyx Trader background
Ooze-Tender background
Partisan background
Pathfinder Field Agent npc
Pathfinder Venture-Captain npc
Pearl Diver background
Perfect Ki Adept feat
Perfect Strike spell
Perfect Strike feat
Perfection Seeker background
Persistent Creation feat
Pesh (Refined) equipment
Press-Ganged background
Privateer Captain npc
Prodigy background
Purveyor of the Bizarre background
Quick background
Raider background
Rain-Scribe npc
Rain-Scribe Mobility feat
Rain-Scribe Sustenance feat
Rancher background
Reaper of Repose feat
Rebel background
Reclaimer background
Recollection feat
Reformer background
Refugee background
Restorer background
Runescarred archetype
Sailor background
Scavenger background
Schemer background
Scholar of the Ancients background
Scion background
Scrollmaster Dedication feat
Secular Medic background
Sense Chaos feat
Sentry archetype
Shadow Haunted background
Shared Synergy feat
Shoulder Catastrophe feat
Signifer Armor Expertise feat
Signifer’s Sight feat
Slayer background
Smuggler background
Snowball spell
Spellmaster’s Resilience feat
Stone Blood feat
Stone Communion feat
Stone Giant Monk npc
Storm Survivor background
Storytelling feat
Student of Perfection archetype
Student of Perfection Dedication feat
Sun Blade spell
Sun Orchid Elixir magicitem
Sun Orchid Elixir equipment
Surreptitious Spellcaster feat
Survivor (Forager) background
Survivor (Revolution) background
Survivor (Undead) background
Survivor of Desolation feat
Swim Fins equipment
Swordmaster Dedication feat
Synergistic Spell feat
Tempest-Sun Mage npc
Tempest-Sun Redirection feat
Tempest-Sun Shielding feat
Theme Templates page
Third Eye feat
Tinker (Alchemical) background
Trade Consortium Underling background
Traveler background
Unblinking Flame Revelation spell
Unbreaking Wave Advance spell
Undersea Enthusiast background
Unfolding Wind Rush spell
Unifier background
Unravel Mysteries feat
Unshakable Idealism feat
Untwisting Iron Buffer spell
Veteran Reclaimer npc
Virtuous Defender npc
Wanderer background
Ward Casting feat
Warden feat
Wavetouched background
Wildborne background
Winter’s Child background
Witch Wary background
Wonder Taster background