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Content Source: Pathfinder Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide

Pathfinder Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide © 2020, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Kate Baker, James Case, John Compton, Vanessa Hoskins, Mike Kimmel, Ron Lundeen, Dennis Muldoon, kieran t. newton, Michael Sayre, Clark Valentine, Tonya Woldridge, and Linda Zayas-Palmer

115 Records Found

Name Type Source
Advanced Book of Translation equipment
Aeon Stone magicitem
Archaeologist background
Archaeologist’s Warning feat
Armored Exercise feat
Armored Rest feat
Bestiary Scholar feat
Blazing Talon Surge feat
Boarding Pike feat
Boarding Pike equipment
Body Recovery Kit equipment
Bookthief Brew equipment
Boulderhead Bock equipment
Cartographer’s Kit equipment
Cautious Delver feat
Chronicler Wayfinder magicitem
Cognitive Crossover feat
Combat Grapnel equipment
Communal Sustain feat
Communication Bangle equipment
Construct Key magicitem
Craft Facsimile feat
Dead Reckoning feat
Deceiver’s Wayfinder magicitem
Determined Lore Seeker feat
Discerning Strike feat
Diverse Recognition feat
Diviner’s Nose Chain magicitem
Eidetic Memorization feat
Emergency Disguise magicitem
Emergency Medical Assistance feat
Environmental Explorer feat
Everyneed Pack magicitem
Explosive Death Drop feat
Fabulous Flip feat
Familiar Form feat
Familiar Form spell
Focus Ally feat
Folding Book magicitem
Fool’s Escape feat
Foolproof Instructions feat
Forceful Shot feat
Fourberie feat
Glyph Expert feat
Greater Alignment Ampoule equipment
Greater Cold Iron Blanch equipment
Greater Metalmist Sphere equipment
Greater Vermin Repellent Agent equipment
Improvised Crafting feat
Innate Magic Intuition feat
Lesser Alignment Ampoule equipment
Lesser Cold Iron Blanch equipment
Lesser Metalmist Sphere equipment
Lesser Vermin Repellent Agent equipment
Magic Finder feat
Major Alignment Ampoule equipment
Major Vermin Repellent Agent equipment
Mariner’s Astrolabe equipment
Martial Exercise feat
Master’s Counterspell feat
Masterful Obfuscation feat
Mobile Magical Combat feat
Moderate Alignment Ampoule equipment
Moderate Cold Iron Blanch equipment
Moderate Metalmist Sphere equipment
Moderate Vermin Repellent Agent equipment
Observant Explorer feat
Pathfinder Recruiter background
Perfect Precautions spell
Physical Training feat
Practiced Defender feat
Protect Ally feat
Psychic Warding Bracelet equipment
Quick Stow feat
Quickpatch Glue equipment
Quill Of Passage magicitem
Rain of Embers Stance feat
Recollect Studies feat
Recover Spell feat
Reflexive Grip feat
Remember Your Training feat
Retain Absorbed Spell feat
Rugged Survivalist feat
Ruler equipment
Rune of Cunning magicitem
Sealing Chest magicitem
Snap Out Of It! feat
Snowshoes Of The Long Trek magicitem
Spectacles Of Understanding magicitem
Spell Seeker background
Spellmaster’s Tenacity feat
Spellmaster’s Ward feat
Spellmaster’s Ward feat
Spiritual Explorer feat
Stab and Grab feat
Standard Astrolabe equipment
Standard Book of Translation equipment
Stave Off Catastrophe feat
Stiletto Pen equipment
Sturdy Satchel equipment
Swap Investment feat
Talisman Cord magicitem
Tense Negotiator feat
Trailblazer background
Transcribe Moment feat
Transcribe Moment feat
Ward Mind feat
Watch and Learn feat
Waterproof Journal equipment
Wayfinder Repository feat
Wayfinder Resonance Infiltrator feat
Wayfinder, Elemental feat
Wayfinder, Fashionable magicitem
Wayfinder, Homeward magicitem
Wayfinder, Hummingbird magicitem