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Name Type Publisher Source
Acrobat npc
Antipaladin npc
Apprentice npc
Artifacts page
Assassin monster
Astronomer npc
Barkeep monster
Barrister npc
Beast Tamer monster
Bosun npc
Captain of the Guard monster
Cursed Items page
Dancer monster
Demonologist monster
Despot npc
Drunkard npc
Executioner monster
Gamemastery Guide page
Gamemastery Tools page
Gang Leader npc
Gems and Art Objects page
Guard monster
Guildmaster npc
Harbormaster monster
Innkeeper monster
Intelligent Items page
Jailer monster
Librarian npc
Mastermind npc
Merchant npc
Navigator npc
Noble monster
NPC Gallery page
Optional Subsystems page
Palace Guard monster
Pirate npc
Reckless Scientist npc
Relics page
Saboteur npc
Server monster
Ship Captain npc
Smith npc
Teacher npc
Troubadour monster
Variant Rules page
Watch Officer monster