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Content Source: Pathfinder Adventure Path #149: Against the Triad

Pathfinder Adventure Path #149: Against the Scarlet Triad © 2019, Paizo Inc.; Authors: John Compton, with Tim Nightengale and James L. Sutter.

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Name Type Source
Aiudara Wraith monster
Aluum Charm magicitem
Aluum Enforcer monster
Aluum, Spiritbound monster
Animal Companions page ,
Bulwark magicitem
Bulwark Shield magicitem
Calikang monster
Daemon, Crucidaemon (Torture Daemon) monster
Deadly Poison Weapon feat
Demon, Nalfeshnee (Boar Demon) monster
Devil, Cornugon (Horned Devil) monster
Drug Skin feat
Efficient Alchemy feat
Emblazon Divinity feat
Enduring Debilitation feat
False Death magicitem
Flawed Orb of Gold Dragonkind magicitem
Frenzy Oil magicitem
Golden Body feat
Gorgon’s Breath magicitem
Grinning Pugwampi magicitem
Hazards page , ,
Immortal Ichor monster
Invulnerable Juggernaut feat
Isolation Draught magicitem
Mage Bane magicitem
Nightmare Salt magicitem
Oblivion Essence magicitem
Pactmasters’ Grace magicitem
Sand Claws monster
Shaped Contaminant feat
Solifugid, Duneshaker monster
Solifugid, Giant monster
Spell Mastery feat
Spine Grenade magicitem
Superior Sight feat
Tarrasque, The Armageddon Engine monster
The Firebleeder monster
Triad Boss monster
Tzitzimitl monster
Weathered Wail monster
Weeping Midnight magicitem
Witchwyrd monster
Xotanispawn monster
Zephyr Guard monster
Zephyr Guard Archetype archetype