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Name Type Publisher Source
Ancestral Wrath spell
Army of Servants spell
Artesian Spring spell
Awakened from Death spell
Awful Apparition spell
Backbiting Blow spell
Banishing Blade spell
Blackblade Katana spell
Bleeding Fire spell
Blessed Jade Strike spell
Bo of the River spell
Chameleon Skin spell
Charm Ward spell
Circle Aflame spell
Cloud Barge spell
Clouds of Radiance spell
Cobra Spit spell
Colossus spell
Compulsory Conversion spell
Consuming Fire spell
Creeping Shadow spell
Dagger of Deception spell
Dancing Weapon spell
Discern Curse spell
Distant Accuracy spell
Divine Wind spell
Drowsy Fireflies spell
Fault Line spell
Flame Shuriken spell
Flood Tide spell
Focusing Form spell
Foo Lion monster
Frost Chakram spell
Ghostly Glow spell
Glory of the Chrysanthemum Throne spell
Hail of Needles spell
Herald Wind spell
Hide from Enemies spell
Inscribed Enemy spell
Irresistible Onslaught spell
Jade Prison spell
Koan of Castigation spell
Koan of Rebuke spell
Koan of Rest spell
Koan of Vulnerability spell
Lightning Lance spell
Lizard Scales spell
Magnetic Ray spell
Manifold Selves spell
Marvelous Chopsticks spell
Meltwater spell
Merciful Mandate spell
Mist Ladder spell
One with the Shadows spell
Open Mind spell
Paper Vessel spell
Peaceful Sutra spell
Phoenix Wings spell
Profound Advice spell
Punji Pit spell
Purifying Mist spell
Rain of Sacred Lotus Petals spell
Remove Fatigue spell
Repel Elementals spell
Rising Sun spell
Rotting Grasp spell
Scaly Barrier spell
Scarf of Slashing Steel spell
See Shapechangers spell
Seize the Heart spell
Sense Harmony spell
Shapechanging Reversion spell
Shroud of the Gaki spell
Silk Self spell
Snake Arrows spell
Snake Mother’s Kiss spell
Soulpiercer spell
Spew Sleet spell
Spirit Split spell
Spirit Trance spell
Spirit Ward spell
Steaming Breath spell
Steelskin spell
Sublime Detachment spell
Substitutionary Idol spell
Sustenance spell
Symbol of Life spell
Tamer’s Whip spell
Tangle Scarf spell
Taotieh monster
Tengu Fan spell
Terra Cotta Legion spell
Terra Cotta Soldier monster
Tetsubo of the Mountain spell
Tiger Trap spell
Toad’s Kiss spell
Transfixion Circle spell
Unfortunate Origami spell
Wall of Bamboo spell
Warning Bell spell
Weakening Touch spell
Wind Yari spell
Withering Touch spell
Word of Pain spell