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Withering Touch

Withering Touch Spell7

Uncommon Necromancy

Traditions arcane, divine

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Range touch; Targets 1 creature

Saving Throw Fortitude

The target’s flesh instantly putrefies, rots, and sloughs off, leaving it crippled. The target must attempt a Fortitude save. The spell has no effect on any creature lacking flesh such as constructs, incorporeal undead, oozes, plants and elementals.

Only a regenerate, alter reality, primal phenomenon, miracle, or wish spell can reverse the effects.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Success The target flesh start to wither. You can spend a single action, which has the concentrate trait, to target one limb. The target limb then starts to decay. If it was an arm the target is enfeebled 2 and, if it was a leg the target is clumsy 2 and takes a –10-foot penalty to its Speed. For each limb decaying this way, the target takes 10d8 acid damage (basic Fortitude save).

Failure As success, but you can choose two limbs.

Critical Failure As success, but you can choose four limbs.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Asian Spell Compendium (Pathfinder Second Edition) © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Jason Nelson. Adapted by Mike Welham.