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Toad’s Kiss

Toad’s Kiss Spell2

Necromancy Poison

Traditions arcane

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Range touch; Targets 1 willing creature

Duration 1 hour

You mark the target with a gleaming tattoo of a toad, granting it a +2 status bonus to Fortitude saves against poison. For the duration, each time a creature touches the target or hits the target with an unarmed attack, it must attempt a basic Fortitude save. On a failure, the creature takes 2d8 poison damage plus 1d6 persistent poison damage (4d8 poison damage and 1d6 persistent poison damage on a critical failure).

Heightened (+2): The initial poison damage increases by 2d8 (4d8 on a critical failure) and the persistent poison damage increases by 1d6.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Asian Spell Compendium (Pathfinder Second Edition) © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Jason Nelson. Adapted by Mike Welham.