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Tengu Fan

Tengu Fan Spell3

Conjuration Metal

Traditions arcane, occult

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Duration 10 minutes A folding fan of black silk, embroidered with feathered patterns, appears in your hand. You wield the fan with your weapon proficiency. The fan deals 1d4 slashing damage, and it has the agile, disarm, finesse, and versatile (piercing) traits.

You also gain the following reaction.

  • Deflect Weapon [reaction] Trigger you are attacked with a weapon with light Bulk (this applies to ammunition fired by a ranged weapon); Effect The result of the attack worsens by one step, and you reduce the duration by 1 minute.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Asian Spell Compendium (Pathfinder Second Edition) © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Jason Nelson. Adapted by Mike Welham.