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Shattering Gem

Shattering Gem Spell1

Abjuration Earth

Traditions arcane, primal

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Range touch

Target(s) 1 creature; Duration 1 minute

A large gem floats around the target in an erratic pattern. The gem has 5 Hit Points. Each time a creature Strikes the target, the target attempts a DC 11 flat check. On a success, the gem blocks the attack, so the attack first damages the gem and then applies any remaining damage to the target. If the gem is reduced to 0 Hit Points, it shatters, immediately dealing the creature that destroyed it 1d8 slashing damage (basic Reflex save), as long as that creature is within 10 feet of the target.

Heightened (+1) The gem has 5 additional HP, and the damage dealt by its detonation increases by 1d8.

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