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Redact Focus1


Domain Glyph

Cast [two-actions] material, somatic

Range 30 feet

Target(s) unattended written materials of up to 1 Bulk or less; Duration 1 day

You strike mention of a specific name from one or more documents. When you cast the spell, give one proper name, be it a creature, location, or object. Any mention of that name within the document becomes blurred, smudged, or otherwise completely illegible. Epithets and unambiguous references to the name are redacted as well.

Heightened (3rd) Instead of striking out a given name, you can replace it with a different name you choose. Epithets and references are substituted with similar ones relating to the replacement name. Anyone reading the text can attempt a Perception or Society check against your spell DC to notice the altered text, though that doesn’t tell them what the original said.

Heightened (4th) At your choice, the duration is unlimited.

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