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Feast of Ashes

Feast of Ashes Spell2

Curse Necromancy

Traditions arcane, occult, primal

Cast [three-actions] material, somatic, verbal

Range 30 feet

Target(s) 1 living creature

Saving Throw Fortitude; Duration 1 week

You curse the target with a hunger no food can sate. You can Dismiss the spell. The target must attempt a Fortitude save.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected and is temporarily immune for 1 hour.

Success The creature is fatigued for 1 round.

Failure The creature is immediately afflicted by hunger as if it hadn’t eaten food in days. It becomes fatigued and takes 1d4 damage each day that can’t be healed until it sates its hunger. No amount of eating can sate the creature’s hunger during the spell’s duration. After the spell’s duration, the creature takes damage from starvation as described on page 500 of the Core Rulebook.

Critical Failure As failure but the creature takes 2d4 damage each day, twice as much as usual for hunger.

Heightened (+1) The hunger becomes more unbearable, increasing the damage each day by 1d4, or by 2d4 on a critical failure.

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