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Dancing Weapon

Dancing Weapon Spell4

Transmutation Metal Wood

Traditions arcane, divine, occult

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Range 30 feet; Targets 1 melee weapon, either unattended or wielded by a willing creature

Duration sustained up to 1 minute

You cause a single unattended weapon to leap into the air and fight to protect a single ally you designate. The transmuted weapon can Fly up to its fly Speed of 40 feet at the end of the protected creature’s turn, and then can either Fly again, Strike one creature within its reach and adjacent to the protected creature, or use the Raise a Shield action. The weapon uses your weapon proficiency on attack rolls and has an effective +0 Strength modifier for damage rolls.

If you cast this spell on a weapon wielded by a willing creature, the weapon uses that creature’s weapon proficiency.

If the weapon used the Raise a Shield action, it gives the protected creature a +1 circumstance bonus to AC until the end of the protected creature’s turn.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Asian Spell Compendium (Pathfinder Second Edition) © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Jason Nelson. Adapted by Mike Welham.