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Blanket Of Stars

Blanket Of Stars Spell6


Traditions occult, primal

Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal

Saving Throw Will; Duration 10 minutes a flowing cloak of utter darkness drapes over you, filled with pinpricks of light like distant stars. It imparts the stillness of the cosmos to you, granting you a +2 status bonus to Stealth checks to Hide and Sneak. While outside under a starry night sky, you’re also invisible as long as you remain still. When moving under a starry night sky, you are concealed instead.

Gazing too closely into the stars is disorienting. Any creature that ends its turn adjacent to you must attempt a Will save; this is a mental, visual effect.

Success The creature is unaffected.

Failure The creature is dazzled until the end of its next turn.

Critical Failure The creature is confused and dazzled until the end of its next turn.

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