Name TraditionsLevel Publisher Source
Abyssal Plague divine, occult5
Acid Arrow arcane, primal2
Acid Splash arcane, primal1
Acid Storm
Acidic Burst
Adapt Self
Adaptive Ablation
Aerial Form arcane, primal4
Air Bubble arcane, divine, primal1
Air Walk divine, primal4
Alarm arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Alter Reality occult10
Anathematic Reprisal divine4
Animal Form primal2
Animal Messenger primal2
Animal Vision primal3
Animus Mine
Ant Haul arcane, primal1
Anticipate Peril
Antimagic Field arcane, divine, occult8
Apex Companion
Augury divine, occult2
Avatar divine10
Baleful Polymorph arcane, primal6
Bane divine, occult1
Banishment arcane, divine, occult, primal5
Barkskin primal2
Bind Soul divine, occult9
Bind Undead arcane, divine, occult3
Black Tentacles arcane, occult5
Blade Barrier divine6
Bless divine, occult1
Blindness arcane, divine, occult, primal3
Blink arcane, occult4
Blur arcane, occult2
Bottle The Storm
Brand the Impenitent
Breath of Drought
Breath of Life divine5
Burning Hands arcane, primal1
Calm Emotions divine, occult2
Cataclysm arcane, primal10
Chain lightning arcane, primal6
Charged Javelin
Charm arcane, occult, primal1
Chill Touch arcane, divine, occult1
Chilling Darkness divine3
Chilling Spray
Chromatic Wall arcane, occult5
Circle of Protection divine, occult3
Clairaudience arcane, occult3
Clairvoyance arcane, occult4
Cloak of Colors arcane, occult5
Cloudkill arcane, primal5
Collective Transposition arcane, occult6
Color Spray arcane, occult1
Command arcane, divine, occult1
Comprehend Language arcane, divine, occult2
Cone of Cold arcane, primal5
Confusion arcane, occult4
Contingency arcane7
Continual Flame arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Control Water arcane, primal5
Create Food arcane, divine, primal2
Create Water arcane, divine, primal1
Creation arcane, primal4
Crisis of Faith divine3
Crusade divine9
Crushing Despair arcane, occult5
Cup of Dust
Dancing Lights arcane, occult, primal1
Darkness arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Darkvision arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Daze arcane, divine, occult1
Deafness arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Death Knell divine, occult2
Death Ward divine, occult, primal5
Delay Consequence
Detect Alignment divine, occult1
Detect Magic arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Detect Poison divine, primal1
Detect Scrying arcane, occult4
Diamond Dust
Dimension Door arcane, occult4
Dimensional Anchor arcane, divine, occult4
Dimensional Lock arcane, divine, occult7
Dinosaur Form primal4
Disappearance arcane, occult8
Discern Lies arcane, divine, occult4
Discern Location arcane, divine, occult8
Disintegrate arcane6
Disjunction arcane, primal9
Dispel Magic arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Disrupt Undead divine, primal1
Disrupting Weapons divine1
Divine Aura divine8
Divine Decree divine7
Divine Inspiration divine8
Divine Lance divine1
Divine Plagues
Divine Vessel divine7
Divine Wrath divine4
Dominate arcane, occult6
Door To Beyond
Draconic Barrage
Dragon Form arcane, primal6
Dream Council arcane, occult8
Dream Message arcane, divine, occult3
Dreaming Potential occult5
Drop Dead arcane, divine5
Duplicate Foe arcane, occult7
Dust Storm
Dutiful Challenge
Earthbind arcane, primal3
Earthquake arcane, primal8
Eclipse Burst arcane, divine, primal7
Ectoplasmic Interstice
Eject Soul
Electric Arc arcane, primal1
Elemental Form arcane, primal5
Empty Inside
Endure Elements arcane, divine, primal2
Energy Aegis arcane, divine, occult, primal7
Enhance Victuals divine, primal2
Enlarge arcane, primal2
Entangle primal2
Enthrall arcane, occult3
Ephemeral Hazards
Ethereal Jaunt divine, occult7
Expeditious Excavation
Fabricated Truth occult10
Faerie Fire divine, occult, primal2
Fallow Field
False Life arcane, occult2
False Vision arcane, occult5
Fear arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Feast of Ashes
Feather Fall arcane, primal1
Feeblemind arcane, occult6
Feet To Fins arcane, primal3
Field of Life divine, primal6
Fiery Body arcane, primal7
Finger of Death divine, primal7
Fire Seeds primal6
Fire Shield arcane, primal4
Fireball arcane, primal3
Flame Strike divine5
Flaming Sphere arcane, primal2
Fleet Step arcane, primal1
Flesh to Stone arcane, primal6
Floating Disk arcane, occult1
Fly arcane, occult, primal4
Font of Serenity
Forbidding Ward divine, occult1
Foresight arcane, divine, occult9
Foul Miasma
Freedom of Movement arcane, divine, primal4
Fungal Hyphae
Gaseous Form arcane, occult, primal4
Gate arcane, divine, occult10
Gentle Repose arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Ghost Sound arcane, occult1
Ghostly Transcription
Ghostly Weapon arcane, occult3
Ghoulish Cravings divine, occult2
Glibness occult4
Glitterdust arcane, primal2
Globe of Invulnerability arcane, divine, occult4
Glyph of Warding arcane, divine, occult, primal3
Goblin Pox arcane, primal1
Gravity Well
Grease arcane, primal1
Grim Tendrils arcane, occult1
Guidance divine, occult, primal1
Gust of Wind arcane, primal1
Hallucination arcane, occult5
Hallucinatory Terrain arcane, occult, primal4
Harm divine1
Haste arcane, occult, primal3
Heal divine, primal1
Heroism divine, occult3
Hideous Laughter arcane, occult2
Holy Cascade divine4
Horrid Wilting arcane, primal8
Humanoid Form arcane, occult, primal2
Hydraulic Push arcane, primal1
Hydraulic Torrent primal4
Hypercognition occult3
Hypnotic Pattern arcane, occult3
Ill Omen
Illusory Creature arcane, occult2
Illusory Disguise arcane, occult1
Illusory Object arcane, occult1
Illusory Scene arcane, occult5
Immunity arcane, divine, occult4
Implosion arcane, primal9
Insect Form primal3
Invisibility arcane, occult2
Invisibility Sphere arcane, occult3
Iron Gut
Item Facade arcane, occult1
Jump arcane, primal1
Knock arcane, occult2
Know Direction divine, occult, primal1
Levitate arcane, occult3
Liberating Command
Light arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Lightning Bolt arcane, primal3
Locate arcane, divine, occult3
Lock arcane, divine, occult1
Longstrider arcane, primal1
Mage Armor arcane, occult1
Mage Hand arcane, occult1
Magic Aura arcane, occult1
Magic Fang primal1
Magic Missile arcane, occult1
Magic Mouth arcane, occult2
Magic Weapon arcane, divine, occult1
Magnificent Mansion arcane, occult7
Mariner’s Curse arcane, occult, primal5
Mask of Terror arcane, occult, primal7
Massacre arcane, divine, primal9
Maze arcane, occult8
Meld into Stone arcane, primal3
Mending arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Message arcane, divine, occult1
Message Rune
Meteor Swarm arcane, primal9
Mind Blank arcane, occult8
Mind Probe arcane, occult5
Mind Reading arcane, occult3
Mindlink occult1
Miracle divine10
Mirror Image arcane, occult2
Misdirection arcane, occult2
Mislead arcane, occult6
Modify Memory occult4
Moment of Renewal divine, primal8
Monstrosity Form arcane, primal8
Moon Frenzy primal5
Nature Incarnate primal10
Nature’s Enmity primal9
Negate Aroma arcane, primal1
Neutralize Poison divine, primal3
Nightmare arcane, occult4
Nondetection arcane, occult, primal3
Oathkeeper’s Insignia
Object Memory
Obscuring Mist arcane, primal2
Outcast’s Curse arcane, divine, occult4
Overflowing Sorrow
Overwhelming Presence divine, occult9
Paralyze arcane, occult3
Paranoia occult2
Pass Without Trace primal1
Passwall arcane, primal5
Penumbral Shroud
Personal Rain Cloud
Pest Form arcane, primal1
Phantasmal Calamity arcane, occult6
Phantasmal Killer arcane, occult4
Phantom Pain occult1
Phantom Steed arcane, occult, primal2
Plane Shift arcane, divine, occult, primal7
Plant Form primal5
Polar Ray arcane, primal8
Possession occult7
Power Word Blind arcane7
Power Word Kill arcane9
Power Word Stun arcane8
Prestidigitation arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Primal Herd primal10
Primal Phenomenon primal10
Prismatic Sphere arcane, occult9
Prismatic Spray arcane, occult7
Prismatic Wall arcane, occult8
Private Sanctum arcane, occult4
Produce Flame arcane, primal1
Project Image arcane, occult7
Protection divine, occult1
Prying Eye arcane, divine, occult5
Punishing Winds primal8
Purify Food and Drink divine, primal1
Purple Worm Sting arcane, primal6
Raise Dead divine6
Ray of Enfeeblement arcane, divine, occult1
Ray of Frost arcane, primal1
Read Aura arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Read Omens divine, occult4
Reflective Scales
Regenerate divine, primal7
Remake arcane, divine, occult, primal10
Remember The Lost
Remove Curse divine, occult4
Remove Disease divine, primal3
Remove Fear divine, occult, primal2
Remove Paralysis divine, occult, primal2
Repulsion arcane, divine, occult6
Resilient Sphere arcane, occult4
Resist Energy arcane, divine, occult, primal2
Resplendent Mansion arcane, occult9
Restoration divine, occult, primal2
Restore Senses divine, occult, primal2
Retrocognition occult7
Reverse Gravity arcane, occult7
Revival divine, primal10
Righteous Might divine6
Rime Slick
Roar of the Wyrm
Rope Trick arcane, occult4
Sanctified Ground divine3
Sanctuary divine, occult1
Scintillating Pattern arcane, occult8
Scouring Sand
Scrying arcane, occult6
Sea Surge
Searing Light divine, primal3
Secret Page arcane, occult3
See Invisibility arcane, divine, occult2
Sending arcane, divine, occult5
Shadow Blast divine, occult5
Shadow Siphon arcane, occult5
Shadow Walk arcane, occult5
Shape Stone arcane, primal4
Shape Wood primal2
Shapechange arcane, primal9
Share Burden
Share Lore
Shatter occult, primal2
Shattering Gem
Shield arcane, divine, occult1
Shield Other divine2
Shifting Sand
Shillelagh primal1
Shocking Grasp arcane, primal1
Show The Way
Shrink arcane, primal2
Shrink Item arcane3
Sigil arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Silence divine, occult2
Sleep arcane, occult1
Slough Skin
Slow arcane, occult, primal3
Solid Fog arcane, primal4
Song of the Fallen
Soothe occult1
Sound Burst divine, occult2
Speak with Animals primal2
Speak with Plants primal4
Spectral Hand arcane, occult2
Spellwrack arcane, divine, occult6
Spider Climb arcane, primal2
Spider Sting arcane, primal1
Spirit Blast divine, occult6
Spirit Link divine, occult1
Spirit Song occult8
Spiritual Epidemic divine, occult8
Spiritual Guardian divine5
Spiritual Weapon divine, occult2
Stabilize divine, primal1
Status divine, occult, primal2
Stinking Cloud arcane, primal3
Stone Tell divine, primal6
Stone To Flesh divine, primal6
Stoneskin arcane, primal4
Storm of Vengeance primal9
Subconscious Suggestion arcane, occult5
Sudden Bolt
Suggestion arcane, occult4
Summon Animal arcane, primal1
Summon Celestial divine5
Summon Construct arcane1
Summon Dragon arcane5
Summon Elemental arcane, primal2
Summon Entity occult5
Summon Fey occult, primal1
Summon Fiend divine5
Summon Giant primal5
Summon Plant or Fungus primal1
Sunburst divine, primal7
Swarm Form
Synaptic Pulse occult5
Synesthesia occult5
Talking Corpse divine, occult4
Tanglefoot arcane, primal1
Tangling Creepers primal6
Telekinetic Haul arcane, occult5
Telekinetic Maneuver arcane, occult2
Telekinetic Projectile arcane, occult1
Telepathic Bond arcane, occult5
Telepathic Demand arcane, divine, occult9
Telepathy arcane, occult4
Teleport arcane, occult6
Temporary Tool
Time Beacon
Time Stop arcane, occult10
Tongues arcane, divine, occult5
Touch of Idiocy arcane, occult2
Tree Shape primal2
Tree Stride primal5
True Seeing arcane, divine, occult, primal6
True Strike arcane, occult1
True Target arcane, occult7
Turning arcane7
Uncontrollable Dance arcane, occult8
Undetectable Alignment divine, occult2
Unfathomable Song occult9
Unfettered Pack primal7
Unrelenting Observation arcane, occult8
Unseasonable Squall
Unseen Servant arcane, occult1
Vampiric Exsanguination arcane, divine, occult6
Vampiric Touch arcane, divine, occult3
Veil arcane, occult4
Ventriloquism arcane, divine, occult, primal1
Verdant Sprout
Vibrant Pattern arcane, occult6
Visions of Danger occult7
Vital Beacon divine, primal4
Volcanic Eruption primal7
Wail of the Banshee divine, occult9
Wall of Fire arcane, primal4
Wall of Force arcane, occult6
Wall of Ice arcane, primal5
Wall of Stone arcane, primal5
Wall of Thorns primal3
Wall of Wind arcane, primal3
Wanderer’s Guide divine, occult3
Warp Mind arcane, occult7
Water Breathing arcane, divine, primal2
Water Walk arcane, divine, primal2
Weapon of Judgment divine9
Weapon Storm arcane, primal4
Web arcane, primal2
Weird arcane, occult9
Whirling Scarves
Wind Walk primal8
Winter Bolt
Wish arcane10
Withering Grasp
Zealous Conviction divine, occult6
Zenith Star
Zone of Truth divine, occult3