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Knights of the Fallen Feats

Knight Vigilant Feat 6

Uncommon Archetype Dedication

Archetype Knight Vigilant

Prerequisites trained in Religion, any good alignment, member of the Knights of the Fallen of knight rank

You are dedicated to the cause of the Shining Sentinels. You gain expert proficiency in Religion. When you are between an ally and a foe and would provide lesser cover to your ally against the foe’s attacks, you twist to become even more obtrusive, providing standard cover instead.

Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the Knight Vigilant archetype.

Unshakable Idealism Feat 8


Archetype Knight Vigilant

Prerequisites Knight Vigilant, expert in Will saves

Your faith and hope can’t be shaken, and you won’t flee when lives are at stake. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on saves against fear effects and emotion effects that inflict despair. When you would gain the fleeing condition, you can choose to stand your ground and be stunned for the effect’s duration as well, preventing you from running and allowing you to re-enter the fight more quickly when the effect ends.

Endure Death’s Touch [reaction] Feat 10


Archetype Knight Vigilant

Prerequisites Knight Vigilant, expert in medium or heavy armor

Requirements You are wearing medium or heavy armor in which you have expert proficiency.

Trigger An undead hits you with an unarmed attack.

Your conviction redirects the undead’s attack through your armor and then harmlessly away. You gain resistance 5 to physical damage and resistance 10 to negative damage against the triggering attack. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on any saving throws against effects from the undead’s natural attack; if you succeed at the saving throw, you get a critical success instead.

Aegis of Vigil [two actions] Feat 12


Archetype Knight Vigilant

Prerequisites Knight Vigilant, Shield Block, master in Religion

Requirements You are wielding a shield.

You transform your shield into a magic ward. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain the following reaction:

Absorb into the Aegis  [reaction]

Trigger An enemy casts a spell that targets you or an ally within 15 feet of you

You interpose your shield’s ward against the spell. Attempt a counteract check, using your Religion modifier as your counteract modifier. On a success, the spell is counteracted and your shield takes damage equal to four times the spell level as it absorbs and disperses the magical energy. On a failure, the shield takes damage equal to twice the spell’s level.

Knight in Shining Armor Feat 12


Archetype Knight Vigilant

Prerequisites Knight Vigilant; expert in light armor, medium armor, or unarmored defense; trained in heavy armor

As a knight in shining armor, you train daily in the heaviest armor, expanding your expertise to heavy armor. You gain expert proficiency in heavy armor.

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