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Table: Domains
Domain Description Domain Spell Advanced Domain Spell Source
Abominations You seek to instill abhorrence and horror in those around you. lift nature’s caul Fearful feast PAPAV
Ambition You strive to keep up with and outpace the competition. Blind ambition Competitive edge PCRB
Air You can control winds and the weather. Pushing gust Disperse into air PCRB
Change You can restructure the physical and metaphysical. Adapt self Adaptive ablation PLOGM2e
Cities You have powers over urban environments and denizens. Face in the crowd Pulse of the city PCRB
Cold You control ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. Winter bolt Diamond dust PLOGM2e
Confidence You overcome your fear and project pride. Veil of confidence Delusional pride PCRB
Creation You have divine abilities related to crafting and art. Splash of art Artistic flourish PCRB
Darkness You operate in the darkness and take away the Light. Cloak of shadow Darkened eyes PCRB
Death You have the power to end lives and destroy undead. Death’s call Eradicate undeath PCRB
Decay You have the power to spoil and deteriorate matter. Withering grasp Fallow field PLOGM2e
Delirium You can bring about hallucinations and restlessness. Hyperfocus Ephemeral hazards PLOGM2e
Destruction You are a conduit for divine devastation. Cry of destruction Destructive aura PCRB
Dreams You have the power to enter and manipulate dreams. Sweet dream Dreamer’s call PCRB
Dust You have the power to dry and crumble what opposes you. Parch Dust storm PLOGM2e
Duty You defend oaths and carry out your divine missions with great dedication. Oathkeeper’s insignia Dutiful challenge PLOGM2e
Earth You control soil and stone. Hurtling stone Localized quake PCRB
Family You aid and protect your family and community Soothing words Unity more effectively. PCRB
Fate You see and understand hidden inevitabilities. Read fate Tempt fate PCRB
Fire You control flame. Fire ray Flame barrier PCRB
Freedom You liberate yourself and others from shackles Unimpeded stride Word of freedom and constraints. PCRB
Glyph You wield power over written words and symbols. Redact Ghostly transcription PLOGM2e
Healing Your healing magic is particularly potent. Healer’s blessing Rebuke death PCRB
Indulgence You feast mightily and can shake off the effects Overstuff Take its course of overindulging. PCRB
Knowledge You receive divine insights. Scholarly recollection Know the enemy PCRB
Lightning You control electricity, thunder, and storms. Charged javelin Bottle the storm PLOGM2e
Luck You’re unnaturally lucky and keep out of harm’s way. Bit of luck Lucky break PCRB
Magic You perform the unexpected and inexplicable. Magic’s vessel Mystic beacon PCRB
Might Your physical power is bolstered by divine strength. Athletic rush Enduring might PCRB
Moon You command powers associated with the moon. Moonbeam Touch of the moon PCRB
Nature You hold power over animals and plants. Vibrant thorns Nature’s bounty PCRB
Nightmares You fill minds with horror and dread. Waking nightmare Shared nightmare PCRB
Pain You punish those who displease you with the sharp Savor the sting Retributive pain sting of pain. PCRB
Passion You evoke passion, whether as love or lust. Charming touch Captivating adoration PCRB
Perfection You strive to perfect your mind, body, and spirit. Perfected mind Perfected form PCRB
Plague You wield disease and pestilence like a weapon. Divine plagues Foul miasma PLOGM2e
Protection You ward yourself and others. Protector’s sacrifice Protector’s sphere PCRB
Repose You ease mental burdens. Share burden Font of serenity PLOGM2e
Secrecy You protect secrets and keep them hidden. Forced quiet Safeguard secret PCRB
Sorrow You have a painful connection to melancholy and sadness. Lament Overflowing sorrow PLOGM2e
Soul You wield power over the spiritual. Eject soul Ectoplasmic interstice PLOGM2e
Star You command the power of the stars. Zenith star Asterism PLOGM2e
Sun You harness the power of the sun and other light sources, and punish undead. Dazzling flash Positive luminance PCRB
Swarm You exert control over masses of creatures. Swarmsense Swarm form PLOGM2e
Time You reign over the flow of time. Delay consequence Stasis PLOGM2e
Vigil You watch over those long passed and guard their secrets. Object memory Remember the lost PLOGM2e
Void You draw power from emptiness. Empty inside Door to beyond PLOGM2e
Travel You have power over movement and journeys. Agile feet Traveler’s transit PCRB
Trickery You deceive others and cause mischief. Sudden shift Trickster’s twin PCRB
Truth You pierce lies and discover the truth. Word of truth Glimpse the truth PCRB
Tyranny You wield power to rule and enslave others. Touch of obedience Commanding lash PCRB
Undeath Your magic carries close ties to the undead. Touch of undeath Malignant sustenance PCRB
Water You control water and bodies of water. Tidal surge Downpour PCRB
Wealth You hold power over wealth, trade, and treasure. Appearance of wealth Precious metals PCRB
Wyrmkin You draw on the power of dragons, linnorms, and other powerful reptilian creatures. Draconic barrage Roar of the wyrm PLOGM2e
Zeal Your inner fire increases your combat prowess. Weapon surge Zeal for battle PCRB


Note that some names are not presented due to legal/licensing restrictions.

Deity Alignment Title Domains Cleric Spells Favored Weapon Divine Ability Divine Skill Divine Font Key Edicts Key Anathema
Anubis LN (LG, LN, N) Guardian of the Tomb Death, protection, souls, vigil 1st: unseen servant, 3rd: shifting sand, 5th: wall of stone Flail Dexterity or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Lay bodies to rest, destroy undead, be impartial in judgment Desecrate a corpse, rob a tomb, trap a soul
Bastet CN (N, CG, CN) The Sly Enchantress Nature, passion, protection, trickery 1st: pest form (cats only), 3rd: animal vision, 4th: private sanctum Claw or tekko-kagi Intelligence or Charisma Deception Heal Learn secrets, tempt others into revelry, kill harmful snakes and evil spirits, heal diseases Kill or abuse a house cat, abandon a child, choose to marry
Bes NG (LG, NG, CG) The Guardian Fool Earth, family, luck, protection 1st: sleep, 2nd: hideous laughter, 3rd: enthrall Mambele Constitution or Charisma Performance Heal Aid childbirths, spread joy and celebration, protect sleeping creatures Harm or neglect a child, separate families, use magic to corrupt dreams
Hathor CG (NG, CG) Mistress of Jubilation Family, passion, sun, wealth 1st: charm, 2nd: tree shape, 8th: uncontrollable dance Shortsword Strength or Charisma Performance Heal Give wealth to new families, aid traders and miners, support musicians, protect and encourage lovers Discriminate or slight someone based on appearance, intentionally disfigure a creature, refuse food to the starving
Horus LN (LG, LN, NG, N) The Distant Falcon Air, moon, protection, sun 1st: floating disk, 3rd: wall of wind, 4th: aerial form (bird only) Khopesh Strength or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Protect those you have authority over, maintain harmony in your community Undermine a rightful ruler, serve a usurper
Isis NG (LG, NG, CG) Queen of Miracles Family, healing, magic, passion 1st: soothe, 2nd: humanoid form, 3rd: animal vision, 4th: creation, 5th: control water, 6th: wall of force, 7th: magnificent mansion, 8th: wind walk, 9th: shapechange Staff Wisdom or Charisma Arcana Heal Provide aid to the sick and wounded, use magic to help others, mourn the cherished dead, ritually purify yourself before entering sacred areas Reveal sacred rites to the uninitiated, betray your children or your lover, discriminate based on social status
Ma’at LN (LG, LN, N) The Feather of Truth Knowledge, protection, stars, truth 1st: feather fall, 4th: resilient sphere, 5th: mind probe Starknife Intelligence or Wisdom Society Heal Defend civilization from chaos, live an honest and just life, be impartial in judgment and reveal the truth Deal unfairly with your family or community, destroy the environment, lie
Osiris LG (LG, NG) Lord of the Living Change, healing, nature, souls 1st: soothe, 2nd: false life, 6th: tangling creepers Flail Constitution or Wisdom Nature Heal Ensure the health of crops and vegetation, protect the bodies and souls of the worthy dead, avenge the wrongly murdered Dismember a creature, desecrate a corpse, show ingratitude for a sincere gift
Ra LN (LG, LN, N) King of the Heavens Fire, nature, sun, time 1st: burning hands, 2nd: flaming sphere, 3rd: threefold aspect Spear Strength or Intelligence Society Heal Bring order to places of chaos, kill evil monsters and fiends, encourage just laws, provide warmth where needed Avoid personal change, kill a plant or a creature with cold damage, seal a building to completely block sunlight
Sekhmet CN (N, CG, CN, CE) Lady of Slaughter Destruction, healing, indulgence, might 1st: true strike, 4th: wall of fire, 5th: moon frenzy Claw or battleaxe Strength or Wisdom Medicine Harm or heal Slaughter your enemies, drink the blood of defeated foes, heal battle injuries Spare an evil fiend, fail to placate Sekhmet with daily rituals
Selket CG (NG, CG, CN) Mistress of the Beautiful House Healing, magic, nature, protection 1st: soothe, 3rd: paralyze, 6th: purple worm sting Whip Dexterity or Wisdom Medicine Heal Avenge the wronged, protect the dead and the vulnerable, use poison and suffocation, heal others Poison someone you didn’t intend to, harm a creature as punishment for a different creature’s crime, desecrate a corpse
Sobek CN (N, CG, CN, CE) The Raging Torrent Might, protection, water, wyrmkin 1st: hydraulic push, 3rd: feet to fins, 4th: dinosaur form (appears as crocodile) Falchion Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm or heal Take what you want, indulge in base desires, feast on luxurious food, kill demons and evil creatures Cower from fights, despoil the land, kill the innocent
Thoth LN (LG, LN, N) Lord of Divine Words Glyph, knowledge, magic, moon 1st: message rune, 2nd: comprehend language, 3rd: secret page Sickle Intelligence or Wisdom Arcana Harm or heal Maintain order in society and the multiverse, innovate scientific and magical knowledge, record events Upset stable mechanisms or ecosystems, fail to correct false information
Wadjet LG (LG, NG) The Green Empress Protection, travel, water, zeal 1st: mage armor, 2nd: animal form (snake only), 4th: fly Light mace Dexterity or Wisdom Nature Heal Defend your homelands and your people, aid childbirths, grow papyrus, protect sources of clean water Refuse to help a drowning creature, harm a rightful ruler
Baalzebul LE (LE) Lord of Flies Air, ambition, magic, trickery 1st: fleet step, 2nd: vomit swarm, 6th: mislead Spear Dexterity or Charisma Deception Harm Convey yourself with regal dignity, claim what you desire and deserve, seek vengeance from those who wrong you Provoke Baalzebul’s envy, show humility
Barbatos LE (LE) The Bearded Lord Magic, nature, travel, tyranny 1st: magic fang, 3rd: paralyze, 4th: clairvoyance Staff Constitution or Wisdom Nature Harm Veil your motives, make dangerous deals, offer incomplete and ruinous knowledge Hide any plot against your masters, close or interfere with portals to Hell
Belial LE (LE) The Pale Kiss Change, passion, trickery, zeal 1st: charm, 2nd: humanoid form, 3rd: enthrall Ranseur Intelligence or Charisma Diplomacy Harm Indulge your basest desires, create deadly weapons Impede an act of high hedonism, become too attached to a lover or project
Dispater LE (LN, LE) Iron Lord Cities, confidence, duty, tyranny 1st: tether, 4th: suggestion, 6th: flesh to stone Mace Strength or Charisma Society Harm Uphold absolute law, pursue perfection in your surroundings, speak with refinement Act above your station, neglect your defenses, betray a lover
Geryon LE (LE) The Serpent Might, truth, water, wyrmkin 1st: acidic burst, 2nd: animal form (snake only), 3rd: hypercognition War flail Intelligence or Wisdom Occultism Harm Hoard knowledge, test the boundaries of taboo, spread falsehoods to dupe the foolhardy Declare knowledge heresy or forbidden, break your word
Mammon LE (LE) The Argent Prince Ambition, creation, toil†, wealth 1st: shattering gem, 4th: creation, 7th: magnificent mansion Spear Wisdom or Charisma Thievery Harm Gain financial control over others, gather new wealth, count your riches Leave the cult of Mammon, allow those who steal from you to go unpunished
Mephistopheles LE (LE) The Crimson Son Glyph, knowledge, secrecy, tyranny 1st: message rune, 2nd: blistering invective, 5th: subconscious suggestion Trident Intelligence or Charisma Deception Harm Master laws and use them to your benefit, enable the desperate, excoriate others with veiled mockery Break a contract you made, get caught breaking the law
Moloch LE (LE) The Ashen Bull Destruction, duty, fire, might 1st: burning hands, 5th: acid storm, 7th: fiery body Whip Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm Spread Hell’s order through war, convert communities to sole worship of Moloch, sacrifice creatures in fire Defy a military superior, flee in battle (unless ordered to do so), lose your combat edge due to your vices
Demon Lords
Abraxas CE (NE, CE) Master of the Final Incantation Destruction, knowledge, magic, wyrmkin 1st: share lore, 2nd: spectral hand, 3rd: hypercognition, 4th: reflective scales, 5th: black tentacles, 6th: feeblemind, 7th: spell turning, 8th: unrelenting observation, 9th: disjunction Whip Intelligence or Wisdom Arcana Harm Learn and hoard forbidden magic, steal secrets from others Destroy forbidden lore, reveal the entirety of a secret
  CE (CE) The Ravenous King Destruction, might, nature, tyranny 1st: magic fang, 3rd: animal form (ape only), 5th: moon frenzy Spear Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm Commit acts of brutal violence, test yourself against nature, make animals more dangerous Cower from fights, allow yourself to be resurrected instead of reincarnated
Baphomet CE (CN, CE) Lord of the Labyrinth Indulgence, might, secrecy, zeal 1st: summon animal, 2nd: enlarge, 8th: maze Glaive Intelligence or Wisdom Survival Harm Confuse paths and roads, outwit your foes instead of overpowering them, pace labyrinths Kill something that cannot significantly harm you, bargain with Asmodeus
  CE (CE) Prince of the Blasted Heath Change, decay, nature, plague 1st: summon plant or fungus, 2nd: fungal hyphae, 5th: plant form Scimitar Constitution or Wisdom Nature Harm or heal Corrupt all that exists with parasites or fungus, promote the growth of fungus, feast on rotten flesh or fungus Purify your food, cure a disease or kill a parasite, tolerate another demon lord or their servants
Dagon CE (CN, CE) The Shadow in the Sea Change, destruction, water, zeal 1st: hydraulic push, 3rd: feet to fins, 6th: chain lightning Trident Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm Swim underwater, improve your own strength, encourage the spread of dangerous sea monsters Break a sworn oath, settle in a land-locked area, share Dagon’s secrets with outsiders
  CE (CE) Song of the Swamp Indulgence, might, tyranny, water 1st: jump, 3rd: stinking cloud, 5th: black tentacles Whip Strength or Wisdom Intimidation Harm Sacrifice creatures by drowning them, sing in the swamps, aid amphibians Grant mercy to boggards who worship other gods
  CE (NE, CE) Him Who Gnaws Indulgence, knowledge, undeath, vigil 1st: jump, 2nd: expeditious excavation, 3rd: paralyze Jaws or flail Dexterity or Intelligence Stealth Harm Eat the flesh of your own kind Reveal secrets of the dead to nonbelievers, despoil grave markers
Kostchtchie CE (NE, CE) The Deathless Frost Cold, destruction, might, zeal 1st: chilling spray, 2nd: enlarge, 5th: cone of cold Warhammer Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm Avenge all slights three times over, kill all witches Make a deal with Baba Yaga or her children, defer to or obey a woman
  CE (NE, CE) The Shining Scourge Destruction, dust, fire, sun 1st: burning hands, 2nd: flaming sphere, 3rd: cup of dust Mace Constitution or Charisma Survival Harm Wage war in the desert, deny water to your foes Heal a sunburn, change your name
Pazuzu CE (CE) King of the Wind Demons Air, swarm, trickery, tyranny 1st: gust of wind, 3rd: suggestion, 4th: fly Longsword Dexterity or Charisma Diplomacy Harm Tempt others to immoral acts, revel in flight, possess or magically influence others to cause calamities Deny a flying creature the ability to fly, abuse Pazuzu’s name or call on Pazuzu for help, aid worshipers of Lamashtu
  CE (NE, CE) Lord of the Blasted Tarn Destruction, nature, nightmares, tyranny 1st: grim tendrils, 3rd: wall of thorns, 6th: tangling creepers Greataxe Strength or Constitution Survival Harm or heal Corrupt plant life, slay elves, feast on rotten flesh or fungus Grant mercy to elves, plant trees, encourage natural plant growth
  CE (NE, CE) The Blood Marquis Ambition, death, pain, trickery 1st: phantom pain, 2nd: invisibility, 3rd: haste Dagger Dexterity or Charisma Intimidation Harm Plot and commit murders, tell lies, torture creatures Sleep in a building with fewer than five rooms, allow a victim to escape due to gloating
  CE (NE, CE) The Whispered Doubt Nightmares, pain, sorrow, trickery 1st: ill omen, 4th: crushing despair, 5th: subconscious suggestion War razor Wisdom or Charisma Deception Harm Spread doubt among the faithful, ruin the reputation of religions, provoke wrongdoers to suicide instead of allowing for redemption Spread hope, offer forgiveness, sincerely honor or call upon another god
  CE (NE, CE) The Glutton in the Dark Destruction, might, nature, wyrmkin 1st: magic fang, 4th: dinosaur form, 8th: earthquake Spiked gauntlet Strength or Constitution Survival Harm Slaughter the cowardly, subjugate the weak Favor stealth over shows of strength, eat cooked meat
  CE (NE, CE) The Vampire Queen Delirium, indulgence, nightmares, undeath 1st: charm, 4th: gaseous form, 6th: dominate Rapier Strength or Charisma Diplomacy Harm Drink blood, seek vampirism, cause bleed damage Expose vampires, heal a bloody wound without drinking blood from it first
Dwarven Gods
  LG (LG, LN) The Forge-Fire Fate, fire, protection, zeal 1st: burning hands, 2nd: blistering invective, 3rd: fireball Greataxe Strength or Constitution Athletics Heal Seek and destroy evil, study evil to learn the best way to destroy it, train others in righteous ways Allow weaker evils to survive due to the presence of larger evils, deceive others outside of tactical gain
  NG (LG, NG, CG) The Golden Gift Confidence, family, healing, passion 1st: soothe, 4th: creation, 6th: collective transposition Mace Wisdom or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Encourage those seeking love, seek the beauty in others, support others’ relationships Betray your spouse, disrupt a genuine marriage, prevent a suitor from seeking a partner
  LN (LN, LE) The Debt Minder Knowledge, might, travel, vigil 1st: longstrider, 2nd: knock, 5th: passwall Light pick Constitution or Wisdom Intimidation Harm or heal Help reclaim just debts, seek appropriate vengeance against transgressions Allow a slight to go unrecognized, avoid repaying a debt, force others into debts you know are unpayable
  NE (LE, NE, CE) The Dark Smith Duty, earth, trickery, tyranny 1st: ant haul, 3rd: haste, 6th: dominate Light hammer Constitution or Intelligence Crafting Harm Achieve goals at any cost, continually improve your abilities, establish dominance, work ceaselessly Fail to work toward goals or grow in skill, relax excessively or give in to sloth
  LG (LG, LN, NG) The Watchful Mother Cities, family, repose, protection 1st: endure, 4th: fire shield, 9th: resplendent mansion Staff Constitution or Wisdom Medicine Heal Maintain the sanctity of a home, remain patient with others, take in those without families Abandon your family, fail to defend your neighbors
  LG (LG, NG) The Peacemaker Confidence, family, protection, truth 1st: anticipate peril, 4th: resilient sphere, 6th: wall of force Light hammer Constitution or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Attempt to bridge the gap between feuding sides, maintain just treaties, maintain relations with neighbors Sow discord among friends and allies, attack during parley
  LN (LG, LN) Oath-Keeper Duty, knowledge, might, truth 1st: unseen servant, 4th: suggestion, 8th: unrelenting observation Light hammer Strength or Wisdom Society Harm or heal Seek those that break oaths and enforce just restitution, uphold your promises Lie, dishonor yourself or your family, shirk your duties, break an oath
  LN (LG, LN, N) The Taskmaster Death, duty, glyph, fate 1st: temporary tool, 2nd: expeditious excavation, 9th: earthquake Warhammer Constitution or Wisdom Crafting Heal Perfect a craft or trade, carve runes, destroy undead, aid others with completing unfinished tasks Treat gravesites irreverently, mistreat your tools, create undead, damage a soul
  NG (LG, NG) The Mighty Confidence, duty, might, protection 1st: endure, 3rd: haste, 4th: stoneskin Warhammer Strength or Constitution Athletics Heal Offer your strength to aid others, protect those weaker than you Engage in petty showcases of strength, use your strength to take advantage of others
  CN (N, CG, CN, CE) The Traitor Confidence, darkness, sorrow, travel 1st: penumbral shroud, 4th: private sanctum, 5th: shadow walk Rapier Dexterity or Charisma Stealth Harm or heal Work in shadows, hide your nature and motives, plot betrayals or revenge for betrayals Ask for forgiveness, create permanent or long-lasting sources of light
  NE (NE, CE) The Feasting Flower Decay, indulgence, nature, passion 1st: charm, 4th: suggestion, 5th: plant form Sickle Constitution or Charisma Nature Harm or heal Frolic in vegetation, manipulate people, use what you kill, prey on the weak Hold a secret for too long, discriminate against sex workers or use their trade to harm them
  LN (LN, LE, N) The Twins Dreams, earth, family, might 1st: mindlink, 2nd: mirror image, 4th: stoneskin War flail Constitution or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Pursue your own goals, bring things to their proper ending, split things in half or otherwise create pairs Offend the Deity
  CN (CN, CE) The Laughing Lie Change, delirium, passion, trickery 1st: illusory disguise, 2nd: hideous laughter, 6th: baleful polymorph Dagger Intelligence or Charisma Deception Harm or heal Play pranks, seek new jokes, leave lit lanterns in unusual places Be completely honest, ruin or explain a good joke
  N (NG, N) The Melancholy Lord Knowledge, repose, sorrow, vigil 1st: soothe, 4th: modify memory, 5th: crushing despair Staff Intelligence or Wisdom Society Harm or heal Aid the depressed, wear somber clothing, maintain neutrality, ruminate on the past Abandon someone who has no family, take public credit for your good deeds
  LN (LN, N) The Three Fate, glyph, knowledge, truth 1st: anticipate peril, 3rd: threefold aspect, 6th: scrying Scythe Intelligence or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Use divination Lie, share your divinations without payment (no matter how trivial)
  N (N) The Hooded Knowledge, magic, secrecy, travel 1st: pass without trace, 2nd: invisibility, 4th: blink Gauntlet Wisdom or Charisma Survival Harm or heal Travel, hide your identity and your motives Sleep in the same place twice in a row, wear seasonal decorations out of season
  CE (NE, CN, CE) The Water Lord Destruction, vigil, water, wyrmkin 1st: hydraulic push, 3rd: feet to fins, 6th: purple worm sting Whip Strength or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Draw spirals, seek primordial secrets, use poison, always carry water Suffer a linnorm’s Death Curse, destroy a fossil
  N (LN, NG, N, NE, CN) The Many Decay, delirium, fate, time 1st: anticipate peril, 3rd: haste, 7th: time beacon Light mace Dexterity or Intelligence Occultism Harm or heal Learn from the past, leave hourglasses in unusual places, give random gifts, create ephemeral things Willingly tread where time does not pass
Elemental Lords
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) The Lambent King Fire, healing, protection, sun 1st: soothe, 3rd: ghostly weapon, 4th: fire shield Katar Wisdom or Charisma Performance Heal Burn away corruption, clear the way for new growth, purify tainted areas Deny a suffering creature warmth, shade, or water; abandon a creature in darkness
  NE (LE, N, NE, CE) The Fossilized King Destruction, earth, might, secrecy 1st: shockwave, 2nd: summon elemental (earth only), 6th: flesh to stone Morningstar Strength or Constitution Deception Harm Use the strength of stone to protect yourself and your secrets, obscure your true motives, slowly poison others Remove a creature’s petrified condition, make a fire larger or hotter than necessary
  NE (LE, N, NE, CE) Duchess of All Winds Air, cold, destruction, dust 1st: gust of wind, 2nd: summon elemental (air only), 4th: gaseous form Longbow Strength or Dexterity Stealth Harm Revel in formlessness and freedom, humiliate terrestrial creatures, kill foes via falling or hazards from high winds Deny a flying creature the ability to fly, walk on the earth if you could easily travel otherwise
  NE (LE, N, NE, CE) The Brackish Emperor Destruction, nightmares, travel, water 1st: fear, 2nd: summon elemental (water only), 4th: hydraulic torrent Trident Constitution or Charisma Athletics Harm Instill hydrophobia in others, kill your foes by drowning them, sacrifice treasures to the depths of the ocean Destroy a body of water, use magic to calm the waves
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Empress of the Torrent Change, fate, nature, water 1st: hydraulic push, 3rd: aqueous orb, 5th: control water Spear Dexterity or Constitution Survival Heal Respect and aid natural cycles, promote life and growth, change to avoid stagnation, swim Pollute clean bodies of water, dam a river, disrespect sincere gifts of water or drink
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Zephyrous Prince Air, freedom, lightning, travel 1st: liberating command, 4th: fly, 6th: chain lightning Whip Dexterity or Charisma Acrobatics Heal Open closed areas to fresh air, travel throughout your surroundings daily, fly or make creations that fly Wrongfully imprison a creature, restrain a creature longer or more tightly than is necessary, suffocate a creature
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) The Crystalline Queen Earth, family, toil†, wealth 1st: shattering gem, 2nd: expeditious excavation, 4th: stoneskin Pick Constitution or Charisma Nature Heal Shelter others within stone and earth, care for children, aid childbirths, mine responsibly Damage subterranean natural wonders, collapse an earthen structure on a creature
  NE (LE, N, NE, CE) Queen of the Inferno Destruction, dust, fire, zeal 1st: burning hands, 2nd: summon elemental (fire only), 4th: wall of fire Longsword Strength or Charisma Intimidation Harm Inspire your lessers with zeal and strategy, be passionate and quick of wit, destroy your foes with fire Extinguish destructive blazes, allow yourself to stagnate or lose motivation
  CG (NG, N, CG, CN) The Guiding Hand Cities, creation, family, stars 1st: temporary tool, 4th: shape stone, 7th: magnificent mansion Staff Charisma or Intelligence Crafting Heal Preserve elven art and architecture, bless and secure households, inspire and aid others with your works Break the laws of hospitality, allow a guest to bring harm to your family
  CG (NG, CG) The Hunter Darkness, moon, nature, secrecy 1st: pass without trace, 2nd: invisibility, 3rd: animal vision Longbow Dexterity or Wisdom Survival Heal Hunt and kill demons and undead, maintain the health of the forest, provide for your community Take more than needed from the wilderness, hunt an animal for sport
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) The Wise Creation, earth, knowledge, magic 1st: shattering gem, 2nd: shape wood, 3rd: meld into stone, 4th: speak with plants, 5th: tree stride, 6th: tangling creepers, 7th: unfettered pack, 8th: prismatic wall, 9th: nature’s enmity Dagger Intelligence or Wisdom Arcana Heal Practice herbalism, use and enchant gems, encourage and teach magicians and jewelers, preserve elven magic and knowledge Cut a gem for aesthetic purposes, defile nature, allow the irresponsible use of magic
Empyreal Lords
  LG (LG, NG) Grandmother Crow Family, knowledge, protection, sorrow 1st: shillelagh, 4th: aerial form (bird only), 6th: collective transposition Staff Wisdom or Charisma Society Heal Respect elders, instill good virtues in children, seek and allow redemption Hold a grudge, mock the dead, pass judgment hastily or carelessly
  NG (LG, NG, CG) Spirit of Abandon Confidence, freedom, passion, perfection 1st: mage armor, 2nd: humanoid form, 5th: dreaming potential Flail Constitution or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Inspire passion, comfort and free the repressed, seek your true self and desires Judge another based on sexual desires or gender roles, harm another in pursuit of passion
  CG (NG, CG) The True Spark Darkness, moon, repose, souls 1st: soothe, 2nd: glitterdust, 8th: uncontrollable dance Bladed scarf Dexterity or Charisma Performance Heal Dance even when there is no music, cast light in places of darkness, lead the lost Intentionally mislead someone, desecrate graves, abandon a creature in darkness
  CG (NG, CG) The Silence Between Freedom, secrecy, stars, void 1st: penumbral shroud, 2nd: blur, 4th: blink Starknife Dexterity or Wisdom Stealth Heal Study the stars, notice moments of silence, perform anonymous acts of kindness Disrupt another’s meditation, interrupt tranquil moments, play noisy or discordant music
  CG (LG, NG, CG) The Horned Lord Lightning, nature, passion, zeal 1st: true strike, 2nd: animal form, 3rd: lightning bolt Longbow Strength or Constitution Survival Heal Protect forests and other natural areas, advocate for animals and plants, take and commit to decisive actions Fail to strike down evil, enable the destruction of wilderness, needlessly kill animals
  LG (LG) The Weighted Swing Death, duty, truth, vigil 1st: true strike, 3rd: paralyze, 4th: stoneskin Greataxe Constitution or Wisdom Athletics Harm or heal Perform just executions, study local laws, oppose corrupt or bloodthirsty government officials Kill without thought, execute the innocent, mock the condemned, falsely incriminate another
  NG (LG, NG, CG) Heart-Speaker Confidence, glyph, knowledge, truth 1st: mindlink, 2nd: comprehend languages, 3rd: enthrall Dagger Intelligence or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Spread truth, debate contentious issues, aid messengers Sow or perpetuate lies, obstruct discussion, argue in bad faith
  LG (LG, NG, CG) Warrior’s Ring Creation, freedom, might, wealth 1st: true strike, 3rd: ghostly weapon, 5th: cloak of colors Longsword Strength or Charisma Athletics Heal Wear and make beautiful things, train for combat, recover and return lost mementos Disrupt or destroy romantic unions, enforce a dress code, cower from fights
  NG (LG, NG, N) Lady of Ripe Bounty Indulgence, luck, nature, swarm 1st: summon plant or fungus, 2nd: touch of idiocy, 4th: speak with plants Club Constitution or Wisdom Nature Heal Cultivate gardens, share wine, keep helpful insects, teach others to farm Salt or despoil the earth, spread plague or pestilence, carelessly use pesticides
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Lady of Inscribed Wonder Fate, glyph, luck, magic 1st: anticipate peril, 2nd: mirror image, 3rd: secret page Dart Dexterity or Intelligence Arcana Heal Read fortunes, practice calligraphy, devise and study runes Destroy magic scrolls, cheat at games of chance, deliberately write illegibly
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Fearless Claw Confidence, nightmares, protection, travel 1st: longstrider, 3rd: haste, 7th: mask of terror Shortsword Strength or Wisdom Intimidation Heal Forgive cowards and offer them guidance, encourage others to test their mettle, face and learn from your fears Punish another creature for cowardice, routinely avoid that which scares you
  NG (NG, N) The Open Hand of Harmony Change, healing, magic, protection 1st: soothe, 3rd: slow, 4th: resilient sphere Fist Wisdom or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Forgive those who have wronged you, embrace a peaceful mindset, seek and allow redemption Cause lethal harm to a creature, deny a repentant creature an opportunity for redemption, ask a retired warrior to fight
  LG (LG, NG, CG) The Auroral Tower Change, passion, protection, repose 1st: mage armor, 3rd: threefold aspect, 4th: resilient sphere Longsword Wisdom or Charisma Society Heal Help others achieve their desires, aid and protect sex workers, help others through difficult transitions Persecute sex workers, force or support unwanted marriages
  CG (NG, CG) The Shimmering Maiden Cold, darkness, sorrow, stars 1st: color spray, 5th: chromatic wall, 6th: teleport Sling Constitution or Wisdom Survival Heal Aid travelers, comfort the lonely, teach the constellations Mock the homesick, deny warmth to others, pollute the skies with smoke or light
  LG (LG) General of Vengeance Destruction, duty, fire, zeal 1st: true strike, 3rd: haste, 4th: fire shield Bastard sword Strength or Charisma Intimidation Harm or heal Avenge the wronged, destroy evildoers, lead the charge in battle Cower from combat, forgive those who have irreparably sinned, leave allies unwillingly in darkness
  NG (LG, NG, CG) The Ibis Matron Family, freedom, healing, perfection 1st: liberating command, 3rd: hypercognition, 5th: dreaming potential Sickle Intelligence or Charisma Society Heal Empower local communities, learn from elders, share and teach from experiences Force others to follow your path, inflict negative damage, age others or steal life with magic
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) The Mystic Angel Creation, earth, magic, protection 1st: summon construct, 3rd: meld into stone, 4th: stoneskin Pick Strength or Intelligence Arcana Heal Study monuments, craft golems and artwork from stone, guard ancient sites Defile sacred buildings, knowingly unearth evil monuments, destroy historical artifacts
  LG (LG, LN) The Aurulent Eye Darkness, duty, nature, zeal 1st: pass without trace, 3rd: animal vision, 4th: aerial form (bird only) Kukri Strength or Wisdom Stealth Heal Defend lawful borders, scout or patrol for evil, wait to strike until you have the advantage Abandon your post, tolerate poaching, torment animals
  LG (LG) The Cardinal Martyr Duty, pain, sorrow, zeal 1st: phantom pain, 2nd: slough skin (appears as streams of blood), 5th: synaptic pulse Dagger Constitution or Charisma Medicine Harm or heal Sacrifice yourself in pursuit of good, champion noble causes, scar your body Joke or laugh about injustice, sacrifice others in your place, indulge in luxury
  LG (LG, LN, NG) The Elder of Divinity Glyph, knowledge, protection, vigil 1st: share lore, 2nd: comprehend language, 4th: veil Mace Intelligence or Wisdom Occultism Heal Serve leaders of ceremonies, craft ceremonial arms and armor, lead a congregation Deride sacred ceremonies, carelessly or lazily perform rituals, destroy ceremonial objects
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Harborwing Air, nature, travel, water 1st: feather fall, 3rd: feet to fins, 4th: fly Longbow Dexterity or Wisdom Acrobatics Heal Teach sustainable fishing, swim in saltwater, fly Imprison birds or clip their wings, poison coastal waters, over-fish, aid Pazuzu or his minions
  LG (LG, LN, NG) Verity Ambition, cities, knowledge, truth 1st: share lore, 3rd: hypercognition, 7th: retrocognition Heavy crossbow Intelligence or Wisdom Society Heal Solve logic puzzles, investigate crimes, devise new solutions from research Make judgments without evidence, contaminate evidence, obstruct truths
Apollyon NE (LE, NE, CE) Prince of Locusts Air, decay, plague, swarm 1st: goblin pox, 2nd: vomit swarm, 5th: cloudkill Scythe Strength or Constitution Medicine Harm End all mortal life through disease and poison, cultivate diseased animals Prevent plagues, bury or burn the dead
Charon NE (LE, NE, CE) The Boatman Death, knowledge, souls, water 1st: grim tendrils, 4th: crushing despair, 9th: weird Staff Constitution or Intelligence Occultism Harm End all mortal life, exploit those who fear death Offer anything for free, extend mortal lifespans, grant true salvation to the doomed or dying
Szuriel NE (LE, NE, CE) Angel of Desolation Ambition, destruction, fire, might 1st: burning hands, 3rd: haste, 4th: weapon storm Greatsword Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm End all mortal life through war, obliterate faith Show mercy to creatures who do not worship Szuriel, choose to marry or have children
Trelmarixian NE (LE, NE, CE) The Lysogenic Prince Decay, dust, earth, nightmares 1st: grease, 2nd: feast of ashes, 5th: acid storm Spiked gauntlet Constitution or Wisdom Nature Harm End all mortal life through wasting consumption and starvation, violently consume matter and souls Kill or remove a parasite or tumor, grow food
  N (NG, N, CN) The Passage Death, knowledge, travel, vigil 1st: longstrider, 2nd: knock, 6th: teleport Club Constitution or Wisdom Survival Heal Aid travelers and those who return from the dead, tend to roadside graves, find missing objects or people Celebrate specific calendar dates over others, avoid travel or change, freeze time for an object or creature
  N (LN, N, NE) The Symbol of Doom Death, destruction, fate, glyph 1st: ill omen, 2nd: paranoia, 6th: phantasmal calamity Shield boss Strength or Intelligence Occultism Harm or heal Search for omens in the natural world, push the boundaries of mathematics, study past disasters Withhold your understanding of a portent, prevent the destruction of things that cannot be saved
  LN (LN, N) The Waiting Void Darkness, decay, destruction, void 1st: penumbral shroud, 5th: shadow siphon, 6th: disintegrate Warhammer Constitution or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Clean cluttered spaces, embrace moments of silence Attempt to preserve something indefinitely, perform an act of wanton and significant destruction
  N (LN, N) The Condition of All Creation, knowledge, truth, void 1st: unseen servant, 2nd: spectral hand, 4th: gaseous form Fist Intelligence or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Ensure balance between opposing forces, mediate disagreements Allow your personal motivations to determine a major decision
  N (NG, N, NE) The Flesheater Change, death, decay, nature 1st: soothe, 4th: aerial form, 6th: baleful polymorph Sickle Constitution or Wisdom Survival Heal Recycle rot and waste into useful creations, eat the flesh of your own people, kill without mercy if it benefits your community, help to raise children Poison insects or scavengers, waste food or good materials, allow rot to poison an area, create undead
  N (LN, NG, N) The Cleansing Sentence Change, death, pain, sorrow 1st: endure, 2nd: slough skin, 4th: modify memory Greataxe Constitution or Wisdom Diplomacy Heal Help others through painful changes, offer harsh punishments to the penitent, seek and allow redemption Torture an unwilling creature, take joy in suffering
  CN (CG, CN) The Crownless, the Maker of Kings Delirium, freedom, knowledge, perfection 1st: mindlink, 4th: confusion, 5th: synesthesia Hatchet Dexterity or Wisdom Occultism Harm or heal Divine the future, transform the bodies of willing creatures, rebel against organized structures Refuse to speak to a keketar, eschew a challenge by turning down a promotion or an advancement
  LN (LG, LN) The Universal Creation, fate, knowledge, perfection 1st: true strike, 4th: gravity well, 7th: reverse gravity Mace Dexterity or Intelligence Crafting Heal Relentlessly document and interpret data, correct cosmic errors Suppress a factual report, ignore facts, misrepresent quantitative data
  N (NG, N, NE) The Minder of Immortals Change, death, freedom, knowledge 1st: share lore, 3rd: hypercognition, 5th: dreaming potential Guisarme Wisdom or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Help creatures grow and find purpose, offer second chances to failures, study different perspectives on ethics Manipulate or remove a creature’s emotions with magic, spread nihilism or hopelessness
  LN (LG, LN) The Answering Rite Fate, glyph, knowledge, magic 1st: mage armor, 6th: feeblemind, 7th: contingency Kukri Intelligence or Wisdom Arcana Harm or heal Complicate magical techniques, refine arcane fundamentals, teach arcane apprentices to treat magic responsibly Grant magic to those who cannot use it responsibly, cause a magical disaster, ignore magical misconduct
  CN (CG, CN, CE) Mother of Tongues Change, glyph, knowledge, trickery 1st: message rune, 2nd: blistering invective, 4th: glibness Jaws or greatclub Intelligence or Charisma Society Harm or heal Create using words, chronicle languages and prevent them from dying, help language evolve Ban or discourage a language, explain a secret language or slang to outsiders, destroy literary works
Apsu LG (LG) The Waybringer Creation, protection, travel, wyrmkin 1st: magic fang, 4th: creation, 6th: dragon form (metallic dragons only) Jaws or staff Wisdom or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Seek and destroy evil, travel the world, help others fend for themselves Fail to pursue a foe who has betrayed your mercy, attack a creature without certainty of wrongdoing
CG (CG, CN, NG) The Cosmic Caravan Darkness, fate, freedom, moon 1st: object reading, 2nd: glitterdust, 6th: blanket of stars Starknife Dexterity or Charisma Occultism Harm or heal spend time stargazing or meditating in moonlight, aid those who live in regions where religions that espouse the night as a bastion for evil hold sway, help the desperate or forlorn to see potential for a better life in the future, travel with no particular destination in mind portray the night as a time of evil, destroy astronomical or astrological equipment, spend the night in the same place twice in a row
Dahak CE (CE) The Endless Destruction Destruction, fire, wyrmkin, zeal 1st: magic fang, 3rd: fireball, 6th: dragon form (chromatic dragons only) Jaws or whip Strength or Constitution Athletics Harm Kill metallic dragons, destroy things at your whim Spare a foe after you have chosen to kill them, forgive a slight
  LN (LG, LN, N) Queen of Dis Fate, secrecy, trickery, truth 1st: anticipate peril, 2nd: misdirection, 3rd: nondetection Light mace Wisdom or Charisma Deception Harm or heal Manipulate dangerous beings and opportunities to your benefit, thrive in hostile conditions, divine the future Despoil nature, kill a natural plant or animal that has managed to thrive outside of its intended environment
  CN (N, CG, CN, CE) Lady of the Wood Earth, family, luck, nature 1st: summon fey, 2nd: barkskin, 5th: tree stride Whip Dexterity or Charisma Stealth Heal Preserve primal areas, destroy blighted fey, protect those who placate you with offerings Parley or make a deal with fiends, forgive those who deceive you, harm an innocent child
  CE (NE, CE) The Angry Hag Ambition, nightmares, pain, zeal 1st: ill omen, 2nd: paranoia, 6th: feeblemind Dagger Wisdom or Charisma Intimidation Harm Expose hypocrisy (real or imagined) in others, make other creatures miserable, demand bribes to spare creatures from your torments Allow others to slight you without retaliation, seek the approval of society, forgive those who have wronged you
  CN (N, CG, CN, CE) The Water Rat Death, travel, water, wealth 1st: hydraulic push, 2nd: aqueous orb, 4th: solid fog Trident Strength or Dexterity Athletics Harm Learn how to live off the river, guard river travelers from unnatural hazards, save others from drowning Impose needless laws or restrictions on others, aid daemons or the Horsemen
  NG (LG, NG, N) The Blessing and Bounty Family, might, nature, sun 1st: temporary tool, 2nd: shape wood, 3rd: wall of thorns Scythe Strength or Constitution Nature Heal Encourage hard work that benefits all, ensure the health of crops and vegetation Destroy healthy crops, waste food, refuse to help others in your community
  LE (LN, LE) The Sihedron Scion Fate, glyph, magic, toil† 1st: message rune, 2nd: secret page, 6th: dominate Whip Intelligence or Wisdom Arcana Harm Work hard and demand others do so as well, cooperate or avoid conflict with ophidian creatures Disobey a superior, shirk your duties, destroy a book
  N (NG, N, NE) The Lost Maiden Death, passion, sorrow, water 1st: soothe, 4th: crushing despair, 5th: drop dead Dagger Constitution or Charisma Diplomacy Harm Comfort and encourage lovers, help the suffering escape their circumstances in life or in death Dismiss or mock a creature’s grief, separate lovers, torture a creature
  CE (NE, CE) The Silent Blade Ambition, confidence, trickery, wealth 1st: penumbral shroud, 3rd: invisibility sphere, 6th: mislead Dagger Dexterity or Charisma Thievery Harm Seize any opportunity that would benefit you, solve your problems with violence, hide your true intentions Steal from the poor, beg for help or mercy from a fellow worshiper
  LE (LN, LE) The Child-God Family, freedom, sun, tyranny 1st: burning hands, 3rd: fireball, 4th: wall of fire Spear Strength or Wisdom Deception Harm Uphold laws, tend to and obey his instructions, oppose exploitation Consort or trade with foreign peoples, defy your god’s orders
  NE (NE, CE) The Grim Harvestman Death, sorrow, souls, undeath 1st: ill omen, 2nd: shatter, 6th: phantasmal calamity Pick Dexterity or Constitution Thievery Harm Set pointless traps, spread nihilism, encourage deadly accidents Spread hope, provide aid
Outer Gods and Great Old Ones
Azathoth CN (CN, CE) The Primal Chaos Decay, destruction, nightmares, void 1st: ill omen, 5th: synaptic pulse, 9th: unfathomable song Warhammer Constitution or Charisma Performance Harm Gather a court of devotees, create discordant piping or babbling None
Hastur CE (NE, CE) The King in Yellow Glyph, secrecy, void, wealth 1st: illusory disguise, 4th: confusion, 5th: hallucination Rapier Intelligence or Charisma Deception Harm Spread Hastur’s Yellow Sign, hide the true nature of your worship, promulgate the play The King in Yellow None
Nhimbaloth CE (CE) The Empty Death Decay, nature, undeath, void, abominations, delirium 1st: grim tendrils, 2nd: entangle, 5th: cloudkill Flail Constitution or Wisdom Nature Harm create undead (particularly incorporeal undead), feast upon carnivores that have recently feasted upon others None
Nyarlathotep CE (NE, CE) The Crawling Chaos Knowledge, magic, nightmares, trickery 1st: message rune, 2nd: humanoid form, 3rd: enthrall, 4th: suggestion, 5th: summon entity, 6th: mislead, 7th: project image, 8th: dream council, 9th: weird Staff Dexterity or Intelligence Arcana Harm Sow discord among allies, misuse positions of authority by steering events toward apocalyptic ends None
Xhamen-Dor NE (NE, CE) The Star Seed Change, decay, dreams, nature 1st: summon plant or fungus, 3rd: wall of thorns, 7th: warp mind Spear Constitution or Wisdom Nature Harm Spread fungal growths, subtly infect others with knowledge of Xhamen-Dor None
Yog-Sothoth CN (CN, CE) Lurker at the Threshold Knowledge, time, travel, void 1st: fleet step, 5th: black tentacles, 7th: time beacon Dagger Intelligence or Charisma Occultism Harm Gather knowledge of gates through space and time, curse or mutate unborn children None
  LE (LN, LE, NE) The End of Innocence Creation, darkness, passion, wyrmkin 1st: charm, 3rd: enthrall, 4th: suggestion Dagger Intelligence or Charisma Diplomacy Harm Manipulate others with false promises, aid women who have been unfairly maligned Give someone more than you receive from them, allow yourself to be swayed by lust
  LE (LE, NE) Our Lady of Pain Creation, pain, repose, sorrow 1st: phantom pain, 3rd: earthbind, 5th: synaptic pulse Kukri Constitution or Wisdom Medicine Harm Push the boundaries of science and suffering, torture other creatures Show or act on emotion, allow a plea for mercy to sway you
  LE (LE) The Erinyes Queen Ambition, destruction, might, zeal 1st: true strike, 3rd: fireball, 4th: dimension door Longbow Strength or Dexterity Intimidation Harm Avenge all insults, claim what you desire and deserve, humiliate your foes in ironic fashion Allow a slight to go unanswered, show humility or fear
  LE (LN, LE, NE) Dowager of Illusions Fate, trickery, truth, undeath 1st: illusory disguise, 2nd: misdirection, 5th: illusory scene Bola Wisdom or Charisma Deception Harm Become an arbiter of reality, reject conventional wisdom as falsehood, capitalize on the ignorance of others Become too invested in mortal affairs
  CG (NG, CG, CN) Princess of the Rime Cold, creation, might, souls 1st: agitate, 4th: creation, 5th: cone of cold War flail Strength or Wisdom Nature Heal Strive to perfect an art or craft, protect the monuments of your people, stir others into action Destroy an artistic creation without providing something in its place, refuse to act if called upon
  N (LG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE, CG, CN) She Who Listens Family, healing, nature, pain 1st: phantom pain, 2nd: animal form (bull only, appears as stag), 6th: flesh to stone Ranseur Constitution or Intelligence Medicine Heal Provide shelter and succor for women and children in need, act as a responsible steward of your environment Harm a pregnant mother or innocent child, including animals
  LG (LG, LN, NG) The Dragoneagle Air, confidence, passion, sun 1st: charm, 5th: cloak of colors, 6th: dragon form Main-gauche Dexterity or Charisma Diplomacy Heal Act with conviction and confidence, be a passionate and responsible leader to your people or companions Command a subordinate to perform a task you’re not willing to perform yourself
Eastern Gods
  N (LN, NG, N, CN) Lady of Foxes Change, creation, family, nature 1st: pest form, 2nd: humanoid form, 5th: illusory scene Flail Dexterity or Intelligence Crafting Heal Ensure the health of crops and vegetation, perfect a craft or trade, leave offerings for foxes, celebrate the turning of the seasons Mistreat your tools, pass a beggar without giving alms, discriminate against sex workers or the lower class
  NE (LE, NE, CE) Lord of Envy Ambition, destruction, earth, undeath 1st: grim tendrils, 2nd: feast of ashes, 7th: possession Naginata Constitution or Charisma Intimidation Harm Punish those who have good fortune they don’t deserve, devour the pleasures of the living, encourage resentment, make graveyards supernaturally unsafe Pass by food without stealing a bite, allow honor or tradition to prevent you from taking what you want
  LE (LN, LE) The Black Daimyo Confidence, destruction, might, zeal 1st: true strike, 2nd: phantom steed, 3rd: wall of wind Longbow Strength or Dexterity Athletics Harm Seek glory in battle, loudly proclaim your victories, protect your possessions and strongholds Cower from fights, refuse a challenge from an equal, mistreat your weapons, abuse your mount
  CG (NG, CG) The Laughing God Luck, passion, travel, wealth 1st: soothe, 2nd: hideous laughter, 8th: uncontrollable dance Staff Dexterity or Constitution Performance Heal Support local businesses, bring prosperity to your community, sample life’s pleasures Become tied to one location, judge another based on sexual desires or gender roles
  NG (NG, N) The Poet of Dawn and Dusk Creation, glyph, knowledge, repose 1st: sleep, 2nd: mirror image, 5th: chromatic wall Fighting fan Intelligence or Wisdom Performance Heal Create art with words, master the written language, display the soft beauty of natural colors Destroy a natural plum tree, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, act rude or boorish
  CE (NE, CE) The Widow of Suffering Destruction, fire, plague, water 1st: burning hands, 5th: control water, 6th: dragon form Warhammer Strength or Constitution Nature Harm Revel in destruction, make natural disasters worse, allow natural disasters take their due Allow a natural disaster to completely destroy a community or leave a group with no survivors
  NE (LE, N, NE, CE) Old Rat Woman Darkness, luck, swarm, trickery 1st: summon animal (rodents only), 2nd: knock, 3rd: nondetection Dagger Dexterity or Intelligence Thievery Harm Work quietly toward your goals in the shadows, steal what you need, keep an ear among the ignored and downtrodden Work honestly for something you could steal instead, risk too much for another creature
  N (LN, NG, N, NE) The Serpent’s Kiss Glyph, magic, passion, wyrmkin 1st: charm, 2nd: invisibility, 3rd: lightning bolt, 4th: reflective scales, 5th: subconscious suggestion, 6th: mislead, 7th: contingency, 8th: scintillating pattern, 9th: storm of vengeance Jaws or urumi Wisdom or Charisma Arcana Harm or heal Seek out magic and use it, use poison, heal poisons, bear or adopt children, raise snakes Kill a harmless snake or swan, spurn friends due to jealousy or romantic competition, betray your offspring, separate lovers
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) Master of Medicine Healing, knowledge, magic, protection 1st: soothe, 2nd: false life, 4th: resilient sphere Heavy mace Intelligence or Wisdom Medicine Heal Teach knowledge to others, relieve suffering despite personal difficulty, heal sickness and injuries Deal lethal damage to another creature (unless as part of a necessary medical treatment)
  CN (CG, CN, CE) The Monkey King Indulgence, might, nature, trickery 1st: jump, 3rd: mad monkeys, 4th: creation Staff Strength or Charisma Acrobatics Harm or heal Live life freely, drink, play pranks Refuse a reasonable bet or duel, let social pressure change your behavior
  LE (LE, NE) Minister of Blood Death, duty, pain, trickery 1st: true strike, 2nd: invisibility, 6th: mislead Shuriken Dexterity or Intelligence Stealth Harm Commit assassinations for hire, strike unseen, carry out punishment for convicted criminals Show mercy to a target, take credit for your assassinations, refuse to punish a lawfully convicted criminal
  N (LN, NG, N, CN) The Mountain Lord Cold, earth, fire, might 1st: shockwave, 3rd: shifting sand, 7th: volcanic eruption Greatclub Strength or Wisdom Athletics Harm or heal Strive to be self-sufficient, respect nature, test yourself against the elements Become reliant on civilization, destroy something without creating or growing something in its place
  NG (LG, NG, N, CG) The Sacred Perfume Healing, magic, nature, protection 1st: shillelagh, 3rd: ghostly weapon, 4th: speak with plants Staff Intelligence or Wisdom Nature Heal Practice herbalism, tend to sacred flowers, offer appropriate flowers to other divinities Dispose of waste near flowers, harvest flowers without offering the proper prayers, dispose of withered flowers improperly
  CN (N, CG, CN) The Divine Divide Earth, might, protection, repose 1st: shattering gem, 4th: shape stone, 5th: wall of stone Greatsword Constitution or Intelligence Crafting Harm or heal Hinder travel, create and enforce physical and emotional boundaries, build defensive earthworks Destroy a natural barrier, pursue a personal relationship after being refused, betray a lover
  N (NG, N, NE) The Roar of the Storm Healing, lightning, nature, nightmares 1st: summon animal, 3rd: lightning bolt, 5th: moon frenzy Spear Strength or Constitution Medicine Harm or heal Destroy aberrant creatures and fiends, live free of social or materialistic chains, cause destruction when angered Harm a child, pollute the wilds, refuse to treat an illness
  LE (LE, NE) The Unsuspected Rot Destruction, knowledge, secrecy, trickery 1st: fear, 4th: glibness, 6th: mislead Temple sword Strength or Charisma Deception Harm or heal Infiltrate righteous organizations and governments, destroy trust, perform human sacrifices Betray a fellow servant, harm those under protection
  LE (LN, LE) The Serpent of Eighty Blades Destruction, earth, water, zeal 1st: phantom pain, 2nd: slough skin, 4th: weapon storm Scimitar Strength or Dexterity Athletics Harm or heal Remain celibate and detached from worldly pleasures, meditate, utterly destroy your enemies, erase all traces of defeated foes Provoke a fight, give mercy to anyone who provokes a fight with you
  CE (CE) Patron of Monkeys Indulgence, nature, swarm, trickery 1st: fleet step, 3rd: mad monkeys, 4th: confusion Jaws or battle axe Dexterity or Intelligence Thievery Harm Steal luxuries for yourself, destroy property for fun, demand bribes to spare creatures from your torments Work honestly for something you could steal instead, kill a monkey
  N (LN, NG, N, CN) The Teller Creation, knowledge, passion, sorrow 1st: illusory disguise, 3rd: enthrall, 5th: illusory scene Hatchet Intelligence or Charisma Performance Harm or heal Tell history to others, sponsor or perform in plays and recitals, adapt ancient works into modern language Begin a performance or tale without first inviting the gods to watch, act out a death on stage
  LN (LG, LN, N) The Wide Water Cities, nature, travel, water 1st: share lore, 3rd: slow, 4th: speak with plants Whip Constitution or Wisdom Survival Heal Aid the persecuted, accommodate and facilitate others, practice contemplation and restraint Destroy lotus fields, interfere with the flow of rivers, pollute clean water, reveal the location of non-evil fugitives
  N (LN, NG, N, CN) The Sage on the Mountain Air, confidence, might, perfection 1st: shockwave, 3rd: mad monkeys, 4th: gaseous form Mace Dexterity or Wisdom Acrobatics Heal Seek enlightenment through worldly experience, create humor in life, use harmless pranks to teach others Make a joke out of someone’s suffering, own a slave, discriminate based on social status
  NE (LE, NG, N, NE) The Evil Prince Confidence, might, knowledge, wealth 1st: true strike, 2nd: invisibility, 4th: weapon storm Trident Strength or Charisma Performance Harm or heal Improve yourself with music and literature, take what you want, seek power above others Abuse a loyal subject, harm or kill a non-combatant
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