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Plant Growth

Plant Growth Ritual 4

Uncommon Necromancy Plant Positive

Cast 1 day; Secondary Casters 1

Primary Check Nature (expert); Secondary Checks Farming Lore or Survival

Area 1/2-mile-radius circle centered on you Duration 1 year

You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful. In addition to other benefits of healthy plants, this increases the crop yield for farms, depending on your success.

If you cast it in the area of a blight, plant growth attempts to counteract the blight instead of producing its usual effect.

Critical Success Double the crop yield in the area, or increase the area to a 1-mile radius.

Success Increase the crop yield in the area by one-third.

Failure The ritual has no effect.

Critical Failure The flora in the area changes in an unanticipated way, determined by the GM but generally as contradictory to your true desires as possible (for instance, blighting crops when you would prefer to enrich them).

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