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Heartbond Ritual 2

Uncommon Abjuration

Cast 1 hour; Cost fine wine and a set of matching rings or other tokens worth 40 gp total; Secondary Casters 2; Primary Check Nature or Religion (expert); Secondary Checks Diplomacy, Society Range 20 feet

You create a magical bond between two willing creatures, who are secondary casters of the ritual and must share genuine affection for one another. As part of the ritual, both members of the bond receive a ring, amulet, or similar token to symbolize their shared connection. They lose the effects of the ritual when not wearing the token, and the bond is broken if either token is destroyed.

Creatures benefiting from a successful heartbond ritual can later participate in a heightened version of the ritual without requiring new checks by spending the required time and paying the difference of the two costs. A creature can be under the effects of multiple heartbond rituals at once.

Critical Success Once per day, each bonded creature can use a 2-action activity, which has the concentrate trait, to learn the present state of the other bonded creature. The creature knows the other creature’s direction and distance and any conditions affecting them. Both of the participants can cast message as a divine innate spell at will, but can only target the other participant.

Success As a critical success, except the bonded creatures can’t cast message as a divine innate spell.

Failure The ritual has no effect.

Critical Failure Magical backlash creates discordant energy among the participants. For 1 week, each ritual participant is clumsy 2 and stupefied 2 whenever they are within 30 feet of another ritual participant.

Heightened (6th) Increase the cost to a total value of 600 gp. On a success, secondary casters in the ritual permanently gain the effects of a 6th-level telepathy spell, but only with each other.

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