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Geas Ritual 3

Uncommon Curse Enchantment Mental

Cast 1 day; Secondary Casters 1

Primary Check Arcana (expert), Occultism (expert), or Religion (expert); Secondary Checks Society or Legal Lore

Range 10 feet; Target 1 creature of a level no greater than double the geas ritual’s level; Duration see text

You enforce a magic rule on a willing target, forcing it to either perform or refrain from carrying out a certain act. A geas to perform an act is usually conditional, such as, “Always offer hospitality to strangers seeking a place to stay.” An unconditional geas to perform a certain act doesn’t require the target to perform that act exclusively, though it must prioritize the task above all leisurely pursuits. The most common geas to refrain from carrying out an act is a specification to avoid violating a contract. In those cases, the secondary caster usually takes charge of making sure the wording of the contract is attuned correctly with the ritual’s magic. Because the target is willing, geas can have a duration that lasts for as long as the target agrees to. If the target is unable to fulfill the geas, it becomes sickened 1, and the sickened condition increases by 1 for each consecutive day it is prevented from following the geas, to a maximum of sickened 4. The sickened condition ends immediately when it follows the geas again; it can’t remove the sickened condition in any other way. Only powerful magic such as a wish spell can remove the effects of geas from a willing target.

Critical Success The geas succeeds, and the target receives a +1 status bonus to skill checks that directly uphold the geas (at the GM’s discretion).

Success The geas succeeds.

Failure The geas fails.

Critical Failure The geas fails, and you are instead affected by the geas you were attempting to place on the target.

You are considered an unwilling target, so the geas can be counteracted with a remove curse spell.

Heightened (5th) You can use geas on an unwilling creature; it can attempt a Will save to negate the effect. If the target fails this Will save, the geas lasts up to 1 week. A remove curse spell can counteract a geas on an unwilling creature, in addition to powerful magic such as a wish spell. A clever unwilling creature can subvert the geas by contriving situations that prevent it from complying, but in that case it becomes sickened (as described above).

Heightened (7th) As 5th level, but the geas lasts for up to 1 year on an unwilling creature.

Heightened (9th) As 5th level, but the geas lasts for a duration you choose (even unlimited) on an unwilling creature.

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