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Control Weather

Control Weather Ritual 8

Uncommon Evocation

Cast 1 day; Secondary Casters 1

Primary Check Nature (master); Secondary Checks Survival

Area 2-mile-radius circle centered on you

Duration 4d12 hours

You alter the weather, making it calm and normal for the season or choosing up to two effects based on the season:

  • Spring drizzle, heat, hurricane, sleet, thunderstorm, tornado
  • Summer drizzle, downpour, extreme heat, hail, heat
  • Autumn cold weather, fog, mild heat, sleet
  • Winter blizzard, mild cold, extreme cold, thaw

You can’t specifically control the manifestations, such as the exact path of a tornado or the targets of lightning strikes.

Critical Success You change the weather as desired and can affect a larger area (up to a 5-mile-radius circle), or a longer duration (any number of additional d12 hours, up to 16d12).

Success You change the weather as desired.

Failure You fail to change the weather as desired.

Critical Failure The weather changes in an unanticipated way, determined by the GM but generally as contradictory to your true desires as possible (for instance, a terrible storm emerges when you would prefer good weather).

Heightened (9th) You can create unseasonable weather and contradictory weather effects, such as extreme cold and a hurricane. You can make the weather calm and normal weather for a different season or choose weather effects from any season’s list.

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