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Consecrate Ritual 2

Uncommon Consecration Evocation

Cast 3 days; Cost rare incense and offerings worth a total value of 20 gp × the spell level; Secondary Casters 2, must be worshipers of your religion

Primary Check Religion; Secondary Checks Crafting, Performance

Range 40 feet; Area 40-foot-radius burst around an immobile altar, shrine, or fixture of your deity; Duration 1 year

You consecrate a site to your deity, chanting praises and 410 creating a sacred space. While within the area, worshipers of your deity gain a +1 status bonus to attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws, and Perception checks, and creatures anathema to your deity (such as undead for The Lady of Graves or The healing Flame) take a –1 status penalty to those checks. Attacks made by worshipers of your deity within the area deal 1 damage of one of your deity’s alignment types (your choice); if your deity is true neutral, you don’t gain this benefit.

Critical Success The consecration succeeds, and it either lasts for 10 years instead of 1 or covers an area with twice the radius. Occasionally, with your deity’s favor, this might produce an even more amazing effect, such as a permanently consecrated area or the effect covering an entire cathedral.

Success The consecration succeeds.

Failure The consecration fails.

Critical Failure The consecration fails spectacularly and angers your deity, who sends a sign of displeasure. For at least 1 year, further attempts to consecrate the site fail.

Heightened (7th) The consecrated area also gains the effects of the dimensional lock spell, but the effect doesn’t attempt to counteract teleportation by worshipers of your deity. The cost increases to 200 gp × the spell level.

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