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Animate Object

Animate Object Ritual 2

Uncommon Transmutation

Cast 1 day; Cost rare oils, see Table 7–1; Secondary Casters 1

Primary Check Arcana (expert); Secondary Checks Crafting; Range 10 feet; Target 1 object

You transform the target into an animated object with a level up to that allowed by Table 7–1 and of a type corresponding to the object (so a broom would become an animated broom).

  • Critical Success The target becomes an animated object of the appropriate type. If it’s at least 4 levels lower than you, you can make it a minion. This gives it the minion trait, meaning it can use 2 actions when you command it, and commanding it is a single action that has the auditory and concentrate traits. You can have a maximum of four minions under your control. If it doesn’t become a minion, you can give it one simple command. It pursues that goal singlemindedly, ignoring any of your subsequent commands.
  • Success As critical success, except an animated object that doesn’t become your minion stays in place and attacks anyone that attacks it or tries to steal or move it, rather than following your command.
  • Failure You fail to create the animated object.
  • Critical Failure You create the animated object, but it goes berserk and attempts to destroy you.
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