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Name Type Source
A Home In Every Port feat
Aasimar (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Aasimar Redeemer monster
Abandoned Zealot monster
Absorb Spell feat
Abyssal Pact ritual
Abyssal Plague spell
Academic (Crafting) background
Academic (Traditions) background
Academy Dropout background
Acid Arrow spell
Acid Splash spell
Acid Storm spell
Acidic Burst spell
Acolyte background
Acrobat background
Acrobat npc
Acrobat archetype
Acrobatic Performer feat
Adachros monster
Adapt Self spell
Adaptive Ablation spell
Adaptive Mask Familiar feat
Additional Lore feat
Adherent background
Adlet monster
Adopted Ancestry feat
Advanced First Aid feat
Aegis of Vigil feat
Aeon creature-family
Aeon Stone magicitem
Aeon Stone, Black Pearl equipment
Aeon, Bythos monster
Aeon, Marut monster
Aeon, Theletos monster
Aeon, Zelekhut monster
Aerial Form spell
Aerobatics Mastery feat
Afflictions, Poisons & Diseases page
Agathion, Silvanshee (Cat Agathion) monster
Agitate spell
Agonizing Despair spell
Ahuizotl monster
Air Bubble spell
Air Walk spell
Aiudara Wraith monster
Akata monster
Alarm spell
Alchemical Crafting feat
Alchemist class
Alchemist archetype
Alchemist monster
Alghollthu creature-family
Alghollthu Master (Aboleth) monster
Alignment Ampoule equipment
Alter Reality spell
Aluum Charm magicitem
Aluum Enforcer monster
Aluum, Spiritbound monster
Amalgamite monster
Amnesiac (Rare Background) background
Amoeba Swarm monster
Amoeba, Giant monster
Amphisbaena monster
Anaconda, Giant monster
Anathematic Reprisal spell
Ancestral Defense spell
Ancestral Form spell
Ancestral Paragon feat
Ancestral Touch spell
Ancestries page
Android monster
Angazhani monster
Angel creature-family
Angel, Monadic Deva (Soul Angel) monster
Angel, Movanic Deva (Guardian Angel) monster
Angel, Planetar (Justice Angel) monster
Angelic Messenger ritual
Anima Invocation ritual
Animal Companions page ,
Animal Feature spell
Animal Form spell
Animal Messenger spell
Animal Vision spell
Animal Whisperer background
Animate Dead spell
Animate Dream monster
Animate Object ritual
Animate Rope spell
Animated Armor monster
Animated Assault spell
Animated Broom monster
Animated Object creature-family
Animated Object, Animated Silverware monster
Animated Object, Colossus monster
Animated Object, Furnace monster
Animated Object, Trebuchet monster
Animated Statue monster
Animated Statue, Giant monster
Animus Mine spell
Ankhrav monster
Ankhrav creature-family
Ankou monster
Ankylosaurus monster
Ant creature-family
Ant Haul spell
Ant, Army Ant Swarm monster
Ant, Giant monster
Anti-Magical background
Anticipate Peril spell
Antimagic Field spell
Antipaladin npc
Antler Arrow magicitem
Aolaz monster
Ape creature-family
Apex Companion feat
Apex Companion spell
APG Playtest Classes! page
Apprentice npc
Aqueous Orb spell
Arbiter monster
Arboreal creature-family
Arboreal Archive monster
Arboreal Reaper monster
Arboreal Regent monster
Arboreal Warden monster
Arcane Sense feat
Archaeologist background
Archaeologist archetype
Archaeologist background
Archaeologist’s Warning feat
Archaic Wayfinder magicitem
Archer archetype
Archetypes page ,
Archon creature-family
Archon, Bastion monster
Archon, Horned monster
Archon, Hound monster
Archon, Lantern monster
Archon, Legion monster
Archon, Shield monster
Archon, Star monster
Archon, Trumpet monster
Armor Assist feat
Armor of Bones spell
Armor Proficiency feat
Armored Exercise feat
Armored Rest feat
Armored Stealth feat
Artifact Seeker background
Artifacts page
Artisan background
Artist background
Aspiring Free Captain background
Aspiring River Monarch background
Assassin monster
Assassin archetype
Assassin Vine monster
Assurance feat
Assured Identification feat
Asterism spell
Astradaemon (Void Daemon) monster
Astral Deva (Emissary Angel) monster
Astral Projection ritual
Astrolabe equipment
Astrologer background
Astronomer npc
Asura, Adhukait monster
Asura, Azarketi monster
Asura, Japalisura monster
Asura, Nikaramsa monster
Asura, Shaukeen monster
Athach monster
Atone ritual
Attendant Dedication feat
Attendant Feats page
Attic Whisperer monster
Attunement to Stone feat
Augury spell
Aura of Unbreakable Virtue feat
Aurumvorax monster
Automatic Knowledge feat
Avatar spell
Awaken Animal ritual
Awakened Tree monster
Axiomite monster
Azata creature-family
Azer monster
Azure Worm monster
Backgrounds page
Badger monster
Badger, Giant monster
Baleful Polymorph spell
Balisse (Confessor Angel) monster
Balisse Feather magicitem
Ball Python monster
Balor (Fire Demon) monster
Bandit background
Bane spell
Banishment spell
Banshee monster
Banshee creature-family
Baobhan Sith monster
Baomal monster
Baomal creature-family
Barbarian class ,
Barbarian archetype
Barbazu (Bearded Devil) monster
Barber background
Bard class ,
Bard archetype
Bargain Hunter feat
Barghest monster
Barghest creature-family
Barghest, Greater monster
Barkeep background
Barkeep monster
Barkskin spell
Barrister background
Barrister npc
Basidirond monster
Basilisk monster
Basilisk creature-family
Basilisk Eye magicitem
Basilisk, Dracolisk monster
Bastion archetype
Bat creature-family
Bat, Giant monster
Battle Cry feat
Battle Medicine feat
Battle Planner feat
Battle Prayer feat
Battlefield Persistence spell
Bauble Beast monster
Baykok monster
Bear creature-family
Bear, Black monster
Bear, Cave monster
Bear, Grizzly monster
Bear, Polar monster
Beast Tamer monster
Beastmaster archetype
Bebilith monster
Beetle creature-family
Beetle Carapace monster
Befuddle spell
Beheaded creature-family ,
Beheaded, Festering Gnasher monster
Beheaded, Flaming Skull monster
Beheaded, Severed Head monster
Behir monster
Belker monster
Bestial Curse spell
Bestiary page
Bestiary Scholar feat
Betobeto-san monster
Bhuta monster
Bind Soul spell
Bind Undead spell
Biographical Eye feat
Bizarre Magic feat
Black Market Smuggler background
Black Pearl Aeon Stone magicitem
Black Tentacles spell
Blade Barrier spell
Blade of Law feat
Blade of the Crimson Oath feat
Blanket Of Stars spell
Blazing Talon Surge feat
Bless spell
Bless Tonic feat
Bless Toxin feat
Blessed (Rare Background) background
Blessed Blood feat
Blessed One archetype
Blessed Tattoo magicitem
Blessed Tattoo equipment
Blight ritual
Blight Bomb equipment
Blindheim monster
Blinding Beauty spell
Blinding Fury spell
Blindness spell
Blink spell
Blink Dog monster
Blister spell
Blistering Invective spell
Blizzardborn monster
Blodeuwedd monster
Blood Painter monster
Blood Vendetta spell
Blood Ward spell
Blood Wolf monster
Bloodhound Mask equipment
Bloodline Metamorphosis feat
Bloodseeker monster
Bloodseeker creature-family
Blur spell
Boar monster
Boar creature-family
Boarding Pike feat
Boarding Pike equipment
Boaster’s Challenge feat
Bodak monster
Body Recovery Kit equipment
Bog Strider monster
Boggard creature-family
Boggard Scout monster
Boggard Swampseer monster
Boggard Warrior monster
Bon Mot feat
Bonded Animal feat
Bone Croupier monster
Bone Croupier monster
Bone Prophet monster
Book of Translation equipment
Bookkeeper background
Bore Worm Swarm monster
Bore Worm, Empress monster
Bosun npc
Bottle The Storm spell
Bottled Sunlight magicitem
Bottomless Stein magicitem
Bounty Hunter background
Bounty Hunter archetype
Brain Collector monster
Brain Collector creature-family
Brain Drain spell
Brainchild monster
Bralani (Wind Azata) monster
Brand the Impenitent spell
Bravo’s Determination feat
Breath Control feat
Breath of Drought spell
Breath of Life spell
Bright Lion background
Brine Dragon, Adult monster
Brine Dragon, Ancient monster
Brine Dragon, Young monster
Brine Shark monster
Brontosaurus monster
Brood Leech Swarm monster
Brownie monster
Bugbear creature-family
Bugbear Thug monster
Bugbear Tormentor monster
Bulette monster
Bulette creature-family
Bulwark magicitem
Bulwark Shield magicitem
Bunyip monster
Bunyip creature-family
Burning Hands spell
Buso Datu monster
Cackle spell
Cacodaemon (Harvester Daemon) monster
Cadaverous Rake monster
Calathgar monster
Caligni creature-family
Caligni Caller monster
Caligni Creeper monster
Caligni Dancer monster
Caligni Slayer monster
Caligni Stalker monster
Caligni Vanguard monster
Calikang monster
Calikang monster
Call Spirit ritual
Call to Arms spell
Calm Emotions spell
Camel monster
Candle of Invocation magicitem
Candle of Revealing magicitem
Canny Acumen feat
Captain of the Guard monster
Caravan Leader feat
Carbuncle monster
Carnivorous Blob monster
Cartographer’s Kit equipment
Cascade Bearer’s Flexibility feat
Cassisian (Archive Angel) monster
Cat creature-family
Cat Fall feat
Cataclysm spell
Catfolk creature-family
Catfolk ancestry
Catfolk Pouncer monster
Catoblepas monster
Caulborn monster
Cauthooj monster
Cauthooj creature-family
Cautious Delver feat
Cavalier archetype
Cave Fisher monster
Cave Worm creature-family
Cecaelia monster
Celebrity archetype
Celestial Peachwood Sword magicitem
Centaur monster
Centaur creature-family
Centipede creature-family
Centipede creature-family
Centipede Swarm monster
Centipede, Giant monster
Centipede, Giant Whiptail monster
Centipede, Titan monster
Cerulean Scourge equipment
Ceustodaemon (Guardian Daemon) monster
Chain lightning spell
Chameleon Coat spell
Chameleon, Giant monster
Champion class
Champion archetype
Changeling creature-family
Changeling (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Changeling Exile monster
Changeling Hellknight npc
Character Creation page
Charged Creation feat
Charged Javelin spell
Charitable Urge spell
Charlatan background
Charlatan feat
Charm spell
Charmer background
Charming Liar feat
Charming Scoundrel npc
Child of Squalor background
Child of the City background
Chill Touch spell
Chilling Darkness spell
Chilling Spray spell
Chilling Spray spell
Chimera monster
Chimera creature-family
Choker monster
Choral (Choir Angel) monster
Chroma Leach spell
Chromatic Dragon creature-family
Chromatic Wall spell
Chronicler Wayfinder magicitem
Chupacabra monster
Chuul monster
Chuul creature-family
Chyzaedu monster
Cinder Rat monster
Circle of Protection spell
City Guard Squadron monster
Claim Undead spell
Clairaudience spell
Clairvoyance spell
Classes page
Cleric class
Cleric archetype
Cleric Domain Spells page
Clinging Ice spell
Clinging Shadows Stance spell
Cloak of Colors spell
Cloaker monster
Cloaker creature-family
Clockwork Dragon monster
Clockwork Mage monster
Clockwork Soldier monster
Clockwork Spy monster
Clone ritual
Cloud Dragon monster
Cloud Dragon, Adult monster
Cloud Dragon, Ancient monster
Cloud Dragon, Young monster
Cloud Jump feat
Cloudkill spell
Cobble Mite, Cobbleswarm monster
Cobble Mite, Sturzstromer monster
Cockatrice monster
Cockatrice creature-family
Cockroach creature-family
Cockroach Swarm monster
Cockroach, Giant monster
Cognitive Crossover feat
Coil Spy monster
Cold Iron Blanch equipment
Collective Transposition spell
Color Spray spell
Combat Climber feat
Combat Grapnel equipment
Combusted monster
Command spell
Communal Sustain feat
Commune ritual
Commune with Nature ritual
Comprehend Language spell
Concealing Legerdemain feat
Conditions page
Cone of Cold spell
Confabulator feat
Confusion spell
Connections feat
Consecrate ritual
Consonite Choir monster
Construct Key magicitem
Consult The Spirits feat
Consuming Darkness spell
Contingency spell
Continual Flame spell
Continual Recovery feat
Control Water spell
Control Weather ritual
Cook background
Coral Capuchin monster
Corpseroot monster
Corrosive Ammunition magicitem
Corrupted Priest monster
Corrupted Relic monster
Couatl, Mix monster
Couatl, Quetz monster
Couatl, Xiuh monster
Countless Eyes spell
Courier background
Courtly Graces feat
Cozy Cabin spell
Crab, Giant monster
Craft Anything feat
Craft Facsimile feat
Crafter’s Appraisal feat
Crafting & Treasure page
Crashing Wave spell
Crawling Hand monster
Crawling Hand creature-family
Crawling Hand, Giant monster
Create Demiplane ritual
Create Food spell
Create Undead ritual
Create Water spell
Creation spell
Criminal background
Criminal Connections feat
Crimson Assassin archetype
Crimson Worm monster
Crisis of Faith spell
Crocodile monster
Crocodile creature-family
Crossroads Guardian monster
Crusade spell
Crusader background
Crushing Despair spell
Crystal Dragon monster
Crystal Dragon, Adult monster
Crystal Dragon, Ancient monster
Crystal Dragon, Young monster
Crystal Shards equipment
Culdewen monster
Cultist background
Cup of Dust spell
Curandero background
Curse of Death spell
Curse Of Lost Time spell
Cursed (Rare Background) background
Cursed Family background
Cursed Items page
Cyclops monster
Cyclops creature-family
Cyclops, Great monster
D’ziriak monster
Daemon creature-family
Daemon, Crucidaemon (Torture Daemon) monster
Daemon, Derghodaemon (Ravager Daemon) monster
Daemon, Meladaemon (Famine Daemon) monster
Daemon, Olethrodaemon (Apocalypse Daemon) monster
Daemon, Piscodaemon (Venom Daemon) monster
Daemon, Purrodaemon (War Daemon) monster
Daemon, Thanadaemon (Death Daemon) monster
Daemonic Pact ritual
Daeodon monster
Dagger of Eternal Sleep magicitem
Dancer monster
Dancing Lights spell
Dandasuka monster
Dandy archetype
Danger Sense feat
Daqqanoenyent monster
Daredevil’s Gambit feat
Daring Act feat
Daring Flourish feat
Darkness spell
Darkvision spell
Dawnlight magicitem
Daze spell
Dead Reckoning feat
Deadly Mantis monster
Deadly Poison Weapon feat
Deafness spell
Death Coach monster
Death Knell spell
Death Ward spell
Death, Lesser monster
Death’s Door feat
Deathless Acolyte monster
Deathless Acolyte creature-family
Deathless Hierophant monster
Debilitating Dichotomy spell
Deceiver’s Cloak spell
Deceiver’s Wayfinder magicitem
Deceptive Worship feat
Decrepit Mummy monster
Deep Gnome creature-family
Deep Gnome Rockwarden monster
Deep Gnome Scout monster
Deep Gnome Warrior monster
Deinonychus monster
Deinosuchus monster
Deja Vu spell
Delay Affliction spell
Delay Consequence spell
Demanding Challenge feat
Demilich monster
Demon creature-family
Demon, Abrikandilu (Wrecker Demon) monster
Demon, Abrikandilu (Wrecker Demon) monster
Demon, Babau (Blood Demon) monster
Demon, Brimorak (Arson Demon) monster
Demon, Dretch (Sloth Demon) monster
Demon, Hezrou (Toad Demon) monster
Demon, Invidiak (Shadow Demon) monster
Demon, Nabasu (Gluttony Demon) monster
Demon, Nalfeshnee (Boar Demon) monster
Demon, Nalfeshnee (Boar Demon) monster
Demon, Omox (Slime Demon) monster
Demon, Vrolikai (Death Demon) monster
Demonologist monster
Denizen of Leng monster
Dero creature-family
Dero Magister monster
Dero Stalker monster
Dero Strangler monster
Desert Tracker background
Despot npc
Destrachan monster
Detect Alignment spell
Detect Magic spell
Detect Poison spell
Detect Scrying spell
Detective background
Deteriorating Dust magicitem
Determined Lore Seeker feat
Devil creature-family
Devil, Cornugon (Horned Devil) monster
Devil, Cornugon (Horned Devil) monster
Devil, Deimavigga (Apostate Devil) monster
Devil, Gylou (Handmaiden Devil) monster
Devil, Hamatula (Barbed Devil) monster
Devil, Hellbound Attorney monster
Devil, Levaloch (Warmonger Devil) monster
Devil, Munagola (Executioner Devil) monster
Devil, Osyluth (Bone Devil) monster
Devil, Sarglagon (Drowning Devil) monster
Devil, Zebub (Accuser Devil) monster
Devourer monster
Dezullon monster
Dezullon creature-family
Dhampir creature-family
Dhampir (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Dhampir Wizard monster
Diamond Dust spell
Diehard feat
Dig-Widget monster
Dim the Light spell
Dimension Door spell
Dimensional Anchor spell
Dimensional Lock spell
Dinosaur creature-family
Dinosaur Form spell
Dinosaur, Compsognathus monster
Dinosaur, Hadrosaurid monster
Dinosaur, Iguanodon monster
Dinosaur, Pachycephalosaurus monster
Dinosaur, Spinosaurus monster
Disappearance spell
Discern Lies spell
Discern Location spell
Discern Secrets spell
Discerning Strike feat
Discreet Inquiry feat
Disintegrate spell
Disjunction spell
Dismantle spell
Dispel Magic spell
Disrupt Undead spell
Disrupting Weapons spell
Distracting Performance feat
Disturbing Knowledge feat
Div, Aghash monster
Div, Doru monster
Div, Pairaka monster
Div, Sepid monster
Diverse Recognition feat
Divine Aura spell
Divine Decree spell
Divine Guidance feat
Divine Inspiration spell
Divine Lance spell
Divine Plagues spell
Divine Vessel spell
Divine Warden monster
Divine Wrath spell
Diviner’s Nose Chain magicitem
Djinni monster
Dog creature-family
Dog, Guard monster
Dolphin creature-family
Dolphin, Bottlenose monster
Dolphin, Orca monster
Domains & Deities page
Dominate spell
Door To Beyond spell
Doppelganger monster
Doppelganger creature-family
Doprillu monster
Doublespeak feat
Draconal (Dragon Agathion) monster
Draconic Barrage spell
Dragon Disciple archetype
Dragon Form spell
Dragon Turtle monster
Dragon Turtle creature-family
Dragon, Black monster
Dragon, Blue monster
Dragon, Brass monster
Dragon, Brine monster
Dragon, Bronze monster
Dragon, Copper monster
Dragon, Faerie monster
Dragon, Gold monster
Dragon, Green monster
Dragon, Primal creature-family
Dragon, Silver monster
Dragon, White monster
Dragonfly creature-family
Dragonfly Nymph, Giant monster
Dragonfly, Giant monster
Dragonshard Guardian monster
Drainberry Bush monster
Drakauthix monster
Drakauthix creature-family
Drake creature-family
Drake Skeleton monster
Drake, Desert monster
Drake, Jungle monster
Drake, River monster
Drake, Sea monster
Drake, Shadow monster
Drakeheart Mutagen equipment
Dramofir monster
Draugr monster
Dread Ampoule equipment
Dread Secret spell
Dreadsmoke Thurible magicitem
Dream Council spell
Dream Message spell
Dreaming Potential spell
Drider monster
Drop Dead spell
Drow creature-family
Drow Fighter monster
Drow Priestess monster
Drow Rogue monster
Drug Skin feat
Druid class
Druid archetype
Drunkard npc
Dryad monster
Dryad Queen (Hamadryad) monster
Dual-Weapon Warrior archetype
Dualistic Synergy feat
Dubious Knowledge feat
Duelist archetype
Duelist archetype
Duende monster
Duergar creature-family
Duergar Bombardier monster
Duergar Sharpshooter monster
Duergar Taskmaster monster
Dull Ambition spell
Dullahan monster
Dullahan creature-family
Duplicate Foe spell
Duskwalker (Uncommon Heritage) heritage
Duskwalker Ghost Hunter monster
Dust of Corpse Animation magicitem
Dust Storm spell
Dutiful Challenge spell
Dwarf ancestry ,
Dwarf Brawler monster
Dweomercat monster
Dybbuk monster
Eagle monster
Eagle creature-family
Eagle, Giant monster
Earthbind spell
Earthen Destrier monster
Earthglide Cloak magicitem
Earthquake spell
Earthsight Box magicitem
Eclipse Burst spell
Ecorche monster
Ectoplasmic Interstice spell
Ectoplasmic Tracer magicitem
Eel creature-family
Efficient Alchemy feat
Efreeti monster
Eidetic Memorization feat
Eidolon Contact background
Einherji monster
Eject Soul spell
Elananx monster
Elananx creature-family
Elasmosaurus monster
Eldritch Archer archetype
Electric Arc spell
Electric Eel monster
Elemental creature-family
Elemental (Air) creature-family
Elemental (Earth) creature-family
Elemental (Fire) creature-family
Elemental (Mephit) creature-family
Elemental (Water) creature-family
Elemental Avalanche monster
Elemental Betrayal spell
Elemental Form spell
Elemental Hurricane monster
Elemental Inferno monster
Elemental Tsunami monster
Elemental, Wisp (Air) monster
Elemental, Wisp (Earth) monster
Elemental, Wisp (Fire) monster
Elemental, Wisp (Water) monster
Elephant monster
Elephant creature-family
Elephant, Anancus monster
Elephant, Mastodon monster
Elf ancestry
Ember Fox monster
Emblazon Divinity feat
Emerald Boughs Accustomation feat
Emerald Boughs Hideaway feat
Emergency Disguise magicitem
Emergency Medical Assistance feat
Emissary (Political) background
Emissary (Society) background
Emperor Cobra monster
Empty Inside spell
Endure spell
Endure Death’s Touch feat
Endure Elements spell
Enduring Debilitation feat
Energy Aegis spell
Energy Scarred background
Enervation spell
Engulfing equipment
Enhance Victuals spell
Enlarge spell
Enlarge Companion spell
Entangle spell
Entertainer background
Enthrall spell
Environmental Explorer feat
Environmental Grace feat
Envisioning Mask magicitem
Ephemeral Hazards spell
Ephemeral Tracking spell
Equipment page
Erinys (Fury Devil) monster
Establish Ward spell
Ether Spider monster
Ether Spider creature-family
Ethereal Jaunt spell
Ettin monster
Ettin creature-family
Eunemvro monster
Eurypterid monster
Eurypterid, Spiny monster
Evangelize feat
Everyneed Pack magicitem
Evil Eye spell
Excorion monster
Executioner monster
Exhort the Faithful feat
Exorcist archetype
Expanded Domain Initiate feat
Expatriate background
Expeditious Excavation spell
Expeditious Search feat
Experienced Professional feat
Experienced Smuggler feat
Experienced Tracker feat
Exploding Shield magicitem
Explosive Death Drop feat
Express Rider feat
Eye for Numbers feat
Fabricated Truth spell
Fabulous Flip feat
Faceless Stalker (Ugothol) monster
Fading Fox monster
Faerie Dragon creature-family
Faerie Fire spell
Faithful background
Faithless Ecclesiarch monster
Fallen Champion monster
Fallow Field spell
False Death magicitem
False Life spell
False Medium background
False Vision spell
Familiar Form feat
Familiar Form spell
Familiar Master archetype
Familiar’s Face spell
Familiars page
Fantastic Facade ritual
Farmhand background
Fascinating Performance feat
Fast Recovery feat
Fear spell
Fearsome magicitem
Feast of Ashes spell
Feast of Hungry Ghosts magicitem
Feather Fall spell
Feather Step feat
Feats page
Feeblemind spell
Feet To Fins spell
Fen Mosquito Swarm monster
Feral Child (Rare Background) background
Festering Gnasher monster
Festrog monster
Fetchling monster
Feybound (Rare Background) background
Fiddling Bones monster
Field Medic background
Field of Life spell
Fiery Body spell
Fighter class
Fighter archetype
Filth Fire monster
Final Blade magicitem
Final Rest magicitem
Final Sacrifice spell
Finger of Death spell
Fire Jellyfish Swarm monster
Fire Seeds spell
Fire Shield spell
Fire-Jump Ring magicitem
Fireball spell
Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat
Firewyrm monster
Fish, Pufferfish monster
Flame Drake monster
Flame Strike spell
Flaming Fusillade spell
Flaming Sphere spell
Flare equipment
Flash Beetle monster
Flawed Orb of Gold Dragonkind magicitem
Flawless Scale magicitem
Flea Swarm monster
Flea, Giant monster
Fleet feat
Fleet Step spell
Flesh to Stone spell
Fleshwarp creature-family
Flexible Halcyon Spellcasting feat
Floating Disk spell
Flumph monster
Fluxwraith monster
Fly spell
Fly creature-family
Fly, Giant monster
Flytrap creature-family
Flytrap, Giant monster
Focus Ally feat
Focus Cathartic equipment
Focus Spells page
Foil Senses feat
Folding Book magicitem
Follower background
Font of Knowledge feat
Font of Serenity spell
Fool’s Escape feat
Foolproof Instructions feat
Forager feat
Forbidding Ward spell
Force Cage spell
Forceful Shot feat
Forensic Acumen feat
Forensic Dye equipment
Foresight spell
Fortified Flesh feat
Fortune Eater monster
Fortune Teller background
Foul Miasma spell
Four-Ways Dogslicer magicitem
Fourberie feat
Fox, Red Fox monster
Freed Slave background
Freedom ritual
Freedom of Movement spell
Freezing Ammunition magicitem
Frenzy Oil magicitem
Frilled Lizard, Giant monster
Frog creature-family
Frog, Giant monster
Frog, Spear monster
Froghemoth monster
Frost Drake monster
Frost Worm monster
Fulminating Synergy feat
Fungal Hyphae spell
Fungal Infestation spell
Gallow Dead monster
Galvo monster
Gambler background
Game Mastering page
Gamemastery Guide page
Gamemastery Tools page
Gancanagh (Passion Azata) monster
Gang Leader npc
Gargoyle monster
Gargoyle creature-family
Garuda monster
Gaseous Form spell
Gashadokuro monster
Gate spell
Gathlain monster
Gaze of Veracity feat
Geas ritual
Gecko Potion magicitem
Gecko, Giant monster
Geist monster
Gelatinous Cube monster
Gelugon (Ice Devil) monster
Gems and Art Objects page
Genie creature-family
Genie’s Veil spell
Gentle Repose spell
Ghaele (Crusader Azata) monster
Ghast monster
Ghast monster
Gholdako monster
Ghonhatine monster
Ghoran monster
Ghost creature-family ,
Ghost archetype
Ghost Charge equipment
Ghost Commoner monster
Ghost Ink equipment
Ghost Mage monster
Ghost Pirate Captain monster
Ghost Sound spell
Ghostly Tragedy spell
Ghostly Transcription spell
Ghostly Weapon spell
Ghoul monster
Ghoul creature-family ,
Ghoul archetype
Ghoul, Leng monster
Ghoulish Cravings spell
Ghul monster
Giant creature-family
Giant, Cave monster
Giant, Cloud monster
Giant, Desert monster
Giant, Fire monster
Giant, Frost monster
Giant, Hill monster
Giant, Marsh monster
Giant, Plague monster
Giant, Rune monster
Giant, Shadow monster
Giant, Stone monster
Giant, Storm monster
Giant, Taiga monster
Giant, Tomb monster
Giant, Wood monster
Gibbering Mouther monster
Gibbering Mouther creature-family
Gimmerling monster
Gimmerling creature-family
Girtablilu Seer monster
Girtablilu Sentry monster
Glabrezu (Treachery Demon) monster
Glad-Hand feat
Gladiator background
Gladiator archetype
Glaive of the Artist magicitem
Glamorous Buckler magicitem
Glean Contents feat
Glibness spell
Glitterdust spell
Globe of Invulnerability spell
Glossary page
Glyph Expert feat
Glyph of Warding spell
Gnoll creature-family
Gnoll Cultist monster
Gnoll Hunter monster
Gnoll Sergeant monster
Gnome ancestry ,
Goblin ancestry
Goblin creature-family
Goblin Commando monster
Goblin Dog monster
Goblin Dog creature-family
Goblin Pox spell
Goblin Pyro monster
Goblin War Chanter monster
Goblin Warrior monster
Goblinblood Orphan background
Godless Healing feat
Gogiteth monster
Gogiteth creature-family
Golden Body feat
Golem creature-family
Golem, Alchemical monster
Golem, Carrion monster
Golem, Clay monster
Golem, Flesh monster
Golem, Glass monster
Golem, Ice monster
Golem, Iron monster
Golem, Stone monster
Golem, Wood monster
Goliath Spider monster
Gorgon monster
Gorgon’s Breath magicitem
Gorilla monster
Gosreg monster
Grand Council Bureaucrat background
Granite Glyptodont monster
Grappling Spirit monster
Grave Robber background
Grave Sense feat
Graveknight monster
Graveknight creature-family ,
Gravity Weapon spell
Gravity Well spell
Grease spell
Great Boaster feat
Great White Shark monster
Gremlin creature-family
Gremlin, Nuglub monster
Gremlin, Vexgit monster
Grendel monster
Griffon monster
Griffon creature-family
Grig monster
Grikkitog monster
Grikkitog creature-family
Grim Reaper monster
Grim Reaper creature-family
Grim Ring magicitem
Grim Tendrils spell
Grimstalker monster
Grindylow monster
Grinning Pugwampi magicitem
Grippli monster
Grisly Growths spell
Grodair monster
Grothlut monster
Group Coercion feat
Group Impression feat
Guard background
Guard monster
Guardian Naga monster
Guerrilla background
Gug monster
Gug creature-family
Guidance spell
Guild Agent archetype
Guildmaster npc
Gust of Wind spell
Guthallath monster
Guthallath creature-family
Hag, Annis monster
Hag, Green monster
Hag, Night monster
Halcyon Feats page
Halcyon Speaker Dedication feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Adept feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Initiate feat
Halcyon Spellcasting Sage feat
Halcyon Spells page
Halfling ancestry
Halfling Zealot monster
Hallowed Necromancer archetype
Hallucination spell
Hallucinatory Terrain spell
Harbormaster monster
Harm spell
Harpy monster
Harrying Strike feat
Haste spell
Haunted (Rare Background) background
Haunted Citizen background
Hazards page , ,
Heal spell
Heal Companion spell
Heart’s Desire spell
Heartbond ritual
Heat Metal spell
Hefty Hauler feat
Hell Hound monster
Hell’s Armaments feat
Hellcat monster
Hellfire Boots magicitem
Hellknight Armiger archetype
Hellknight Armiger npc
Hellknight Cavalry Brigade monster
Hellknight Dedication feat
Hellknight Feats page
Hellknight Paravicar npc
Hellknight Signifer Dedication feat
Herbalist background
Herbalist archetype
Herd Animal, Bison monster
Herexen creature-family
Hermean Heritor background
Hermit background
Hermit Crab Swarm monster
Hermit Crab, Giant monster
Heroes’ Feast ritual
Heroic Feat spell
Heroism spell
Hideous Laughter spell
Hippocampus monster
Hippocampus, Giant monster
Hippogriff monster
Hippopotamus monster
Hippopotamus, Behemoth monster
Hireling Manager feat
Hive Mother monster
Hobgoblin (Uncommon) ancestry
Hobgoblin General monster
Hobgoblin Soldier monster
Hobnobber feat
Hodag monster
Hollow Serpent monster
Holy Cascade spell
Home page
Homunculus monster
Hopeful background
Horde Lich monster
Horizon Walker archetype
Horrid Wilting spell
Horse monster
Hound of Tindalos monster
Human ancestry ,
Human Clown monster
Human Fire-Breather monster
Humanoid Form spell
Hungry Ghost monster
Hunter background
Hunter Wight monster
Hunter’s Luck spell
Hunter’s Vision spell
Husk Zombie monster
Hyaenodon monster
Hydra monster
Hydraulic Push spell
Hydraulic Torrent spell
Hyena monster
Hymn of Healing spell
Hypercognition spell
Hyperfocus spell
Hypnotic Pattern spell
Ice Mummy monster
Ice Storm spell
Icewyrm monster
Ichor Slinger monster
Icicle Snake monster
Ill Omen spell
Ill Omen spell
Illusory Creature spell
Illusory Disguise spell
Illusory Object spell
Illusory Scene spell
Immortal Ichor monster
Immunity spell
Imp monster
Impaling Spike spell
Impeccable Crafting feat
Implosion spell
Impressive Performance feat
Imprint Message spell
Imprisonment ritual
Improvise Tool feat
Improvised Crafting feat
Improvised Repair feat
Incendiary Aura spell
Incense of Distilled Death magicitem
Incredible Initiative feat
Incredible Investiture feat
Incredible Scout feat
Indestructibility spell
Infernal Pact ritual
Infiltrator’s Accessory magicitem
Influence Nature feat
Inlander background
Innate Magic Intuition feat
Innkeeper monster
Inoculation feat
Insect Form spell
Insurgent background
Intellect Devourer monster
Intelligent Items page
Interstellar Void spell
Intimidating Glare feat
Intimidating Prowess feat
Inveigle ritual
Inventor feat
Inventor class
Investigator class
Investigator archetype
Invisibility spell
Invisibility Sphere spell
Invisible Item spell
Invisible Stalker monster
Invoke the Crimson Oath spell
Invulnerable Juggernaut feat
Ioton monster
Irlgaunt monster
Irnakurse monster
Iron Gut spell
Iruxi Ossature monster
Isolation Draught magicitem
Isqulug monster
Item Facade spell
Jabberwock monster
Jailer monster
Janni monster
Jellyfish creature-family
Jellyfish Lamp equipment
Jellyfish, Giant monster
Jinkin monster
Jitterbone Contortionist monster
Judgment of the Monolith feat
Juggle feat
Juggler Dedication archetype
Jump spell
Jyoti monster
Ka Stone Ritual feat
Keen Follower feat
Keketar monster
Kelpie monster
Ki Form spell
Kip Up feat
Knight in Shining Armor feat
Knight Reclaimant Dedication feat
Knight Vigilant feat
Knights of the Fallen Feats page
Knock spell
Know Direction spell
Kobold ancestry
Kobold Dragon Mage monster
Kobold Scout monster
Kobold Warrior monster
Kolyarut monster
Korred monster
Kraken monster
Krooth monster
Laborer background
Lacedon monster
Lady’s Spiral magicitem
Lament spell
Lamia monster
Lamia Matriarch monster
Languages page
Last Guard monster
Lasting Coercion feat
Lead Climber feat
Leadenleg equipment
Leech creature-family
Leech, Giant monster
Legend Lore ritual
Legendary Codebreaker feat
Legendary Guide feat
Legendary Linguist feat
Legendary Medic feat
Legendary Negotiation feat
Legendary Parents background
Legendary Performer feat
Legendary Professional feat
Legendary Sneak feat
Legendary Survivalist feat
Legendary Thief feat
Lemure monster
Leng Spider monster
Lengthy Diversion feat
Leopard monster
Leprechaun monster
Lerritan monster
Leshy creature-family
Leshy (Uncommon) ancestry
Leshy, Flytrap monster
Leshy, Gourd monster
Leshy, Leaf monster
Leshy, Sunflower monster
Leucrotta monster
Leukodaemon (Pestilence Daemon) monster
Levitate spell
Leydroth monster
Liberating Command spell
Librarian npc
Lich monster
Lich archetype
Lie To Me feat
Life Boost spell
Life Link spell
Life Salt magicitem
Life-giving Form spell
Light spell
Light of Revelation spell
Lightning Bolt spell
Lightning Storm spell
Lillend (Muse Azata) monster
Linguist archetype
Linnorm creature-family
Linnorm, Cairn monster
Linnorm, Crag monster
Linnorm, Ice monster
Linnorm, Shoal monster
Linnorm, Taiga monster
Linnorm, Tarn monster
Lion monster
Lion Blade archetype
Lion-Tamer monster
Litany of Depravity spell
Litany of Self-Interest spell
Little Man in the Woods monster
Living Boulder monster
Living Graffiti monster
Living Landslide monster
Living Monolith archetype
Living Thunderclap monster
Living Waterfall monster
Living Whirlwind monster
Lizard creature-family
Lizard, Megalania monster
Lizard, Shocker monster
Lizardfolk (Uncommon) ancestry
Lizardfolk Defender monster
Lizardfolk Scout monster
Lizardfolk Stargazer monster
Llorona monster
Locate spell
Lock spell
Longstrider spell
Lore Seeker feat
Loremaster archetype
Lost Omens Character Guide page
Lover’s Gloves magicitem
Loyalist background
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot magicitem
Lumberjack background
Luminous Ooze monster
Lurker in Light monster
Lycanthrope (Werecreature) creature-family
Lycanthrope, Wereboar monster
Lycanthrope, Weretiger monster
Lyrakien (Wanderer Azata) monster
Mad Monkeys spell
Mage Armor spell
Mage Bane magicitem
Mage Hand spell
Maggot, Giant monster
Magic Aura spell
Magic Fang spell
Magic Finder feat
Magic Hide spell
Magic Missile spell
Magic Mouth spell
Magic Stone spell
Magic Warrior archetype
Magic Warrior Aspect spell
Magic Warrior Aspect feat
Magic Warrior Dedication feat
Magic Warrior Transformation spell
Magic Warrior Transformation feat
Magic Weapon spell
Magical Crafting feat
Magical Merchant background
Magical Misfit background
Magical Shorthand feat
Magma Dragon monster
Magma Dragon, Adult monster
Magma Dragon, Ancient monster
Magma Dragon, Young monster
Magma Scorpion monster
Magnificent Mansion spell
Magus archetype
Malicious Shadow spell
Mammoth monster
Mammoth Speaker background
Manacles of Persuasion magicitem
Mandragora monster
Manticore monster
Mantis Form spell
Mantis Scion background
Mantis, Giant monster
Marid monster
Marilith (Pride Demon) monster
Mariner’s Curse spell
Marrmora monster
Marshal archetype
Martial Artist archetype
Martial Disciple background
Martial Exercise feat
Mask Familiar feat
Mask of Terror spell
Mask of the Banshee magicitem
Masked Casting feat
Massacre spell
Master’s Counterspell feat
Masterful Obfuscation feat
Mastermind npc
Mauler archetype
Maze spell
Mechanical Carny monster
Medic archetype
Medusa monster
Medusa’s Scream magicitem
Medusa’s Wrath spell
Megalictis monster
Megalodon monster
Megaprimatus monster
Meld into Stone spell
Meliosa Leshy monster
Melody On The Wind monster
Menagerie Dung Sweeper background
Mending spell
Mephit, Air monster
Mephit, Dust monster
Mephit, Earth monster
Mephit, Fire monster
Mephit, Ice monster
Mephit, Ooze monster
Mephit, Steam monster
Mephit, Water monster
Mercenary background
Merchant background
Merchant npc
Merfolk Warrior monster
Merfolk Wavecaller monster
Message spell
Message Rune spell
Metallic Dragon creature-family
Metalmist Sphere equipment
Meteor Swarm spell
Mimic monster
Mind Blank spell
Mind Probe spell
Mind Reading spell
Mindlink spell
Miner background
Minotaur monster
Miracle spell
Mirror Image spell
Misdirection spell
Mislead spell
Mist Stalker monster
Miter of Communion magicitem
Mitflit monster
Mobile Magical Combat feat
Modify Memory spell
Mohrg monster
Moment of Renewal spell
Monk class
Monk archetype
Monster and Hazard Creation (Preview) page
Monstrosity Form spell
Moon Frenzy spell
Moonflower monster
Moonlight Bridge spell
Moray Eel, Giant monster
Morlock monster
Morrigna monster
Mortal Healing feat
Mortar of Hidden Meaning magicitem
Mosquito creature-family
Mosquito, Giant monster
Mu Spore monster
Mudwretch monster
Mukradi monster
Multilingual feat
Mummified Cat monster
Mummy archetype
Mummy Guardian monster
Mummy Pharaoh monster
Mummy Prophet monster
Mummy, Bog monster
Musical Prodigy background
Mystic background
Mystic Tutor background
Naga creature-family
Naga, Dark monster
Naga, Lunar monster
Naga, Spirit monster
Naiad monster
Naiad Queen monster
Name-Bearer background
Nameless Anonymity feat
Nasurgeth monster
Natural Medicine feat
Nature Incarnate spell
Nature’s Enmity spell
Naunet monster
Nauseating equipment
Navigator npc
Necklace of Knives magicitem
Necromancer’s Apprentice background
Necromantic Resistance feat
Necromantic Tenacity feat
Necrophidius monster
Needle of Vengeance spell
Negate Aroma spell
Neothelid monster
Nereid monster
Nessian Warhound monster
Neutralize Poison spell
Night Watch background
Nightmare monster
Nightmare spell
Nightmare Salt magicitem
Nightmare, Greater monster
Nilith monster
Nimble Crawl feat
Nixie monster
No Cause For Alarm feat
Noble background
Noble monster
Nomad background
Nondetection spell
Norn monster
Nosoi monster
Noxious Vapors spell
NPC Gallery page
Nuckelavee monster
Nudge Fate spell
Numb To Death feat
Nymph’s Token spell
Oathkeeper’s Insignia spell
Object Memory spell
Object Reading spell
Oblivion Essence magicitem
Obrousian monster
Obscuring Mist spell
Observant Explorer feat
Occult Librarian background
Ochre Jelly monster
Octopus creature-family
Octopus, Blue-Ringed monster
Octopus, Giant monster
Octopus, Reef monster
Oddity Identification feat
Ode To Ouroboros spell
Ofalth monster
Ogre Boss monster
Ogre Glutton monster
Ogre Warrior monster
Oil of Object Animation magicitem
Oil of Revelation magicitem
Oil of Unlife magicitem
Olfactory Obfuscator equipment
Oni creature-family
Oni, Fire Yai monster
Oni, Ice Yai monster
Oni, Onidoshi monster
Oni, Water Yai monster
Onryo monster
Onyx Trader background
Ooze creature-family
Ooze-Tender background
Ooze, Gray monster
Ooze, Verdurous monster
Optional Subsystems page
Oracle class
Oracle archetype
Oracle Access Lore spell
Orb Shard magicitem
Orc ancestry
Orc Brute monster
Orc Warchief monster
Orc Warrior monster
Organizations page
Origin Unguent equipment
Otyugh monster
Outcast’s Curse spell
Outrider background
Overflowing Sorrow spell
Overwhelming Presence spell
Owlbear monster
Pactmasters’ Grace magicitem
Palace Guard monster
Pale Sovereign monster
Pale Stranger monster
Paralyze spell
Paranoia spell
Parch spell
Partisan background
Pass Without Trace spell
Passwall spell
Pathfinder Field Agent npc
Pathfinder Recruiter background
Pathfinder Venture-Captain npc
Peachwood Talisman magicitem
Peachwood Weapon magicitem
Pearl Diver background
Pegasus monster
Peluda monster
Penumbral Shroud spell
Perfect Ki Adept feat
Perfect Precautions spell
Perfect Strike spell
Perfect Strike feat
Perfection Seeker background
Persistent Creation feat
Personal Blizzard spell
Personal Rain Cloud spell
Peryton monster
Pesh equipment
Pest Form spell
Pet Cache spell
Phantasmal Calamity spell
Phantasmal Killer spell
Phantasmal Treasure spell
Phantom Pain spell
Phantom Steed spell
Phase Familiar spell
Phistophilus (Contract Devil) monster
Phoenix monster
Physical Training feat
Pick Up The Pace feat
Pickpocket feat
Pied Piping spell
Pilgrim background
Pilgrim’s Token feat
Piranha Swarm monster
Pirate npc
Pirate archetype
Pit Fiend (Tyrant Devil) monster
Pixie monster
Plague Zombie monster
Planar Ally ritual
Planar Binding ritual
Planar Survival feat
Plane Shift spell
Plant Form spell
Plant Growth ritual
Plant Whisperer background
Playing the Game page
Pleroma monster
Poisoner archetype
Polar Ray spell
Polong monster
Poltergeist monster
Poracha monster
Possession spell
Potion of Disguise magicitem
Potion of Expeditious Retreat magicitem
Potion of Retaliation magicitem
Potion of Shared Memories magicitem
Power Word Blind spell
Power Word Kill spell
Power Word Stun spell
Powerful Leap feat
Practiced Defender feat
Predatory Rabbit monster
Predictable Silver Piece magicitem
Prescient Consumable feat
Prescient Planner feat
Press-Ganged background
Prestidigitation spell
Primal Call ritual
Primal Herd spell
Primal Phenomenon spell
Prismatic Sphere spell
Prismatic Spray spell
Prismatic Wall spell
Prisoner background
Private Sanctum spell
Privateer Captain npc
Procyal (Raccoon Agathion) monster
Prodigy background
Produce Flame spell
Project Image spell
Promise Guard monster
Protean creature-family
Protean, Akizendri monster
Protean, Azuretzi monster
Protean, Imentesh monster
Protect Ally feat
Protection spell
Prowler Wight monster
Prying Eye spell
Psychic Warding Bracelet equipment
Psychopomp creature-family
Psychopomp, Catrina monster
Psychopomp, Esobok monster
Psychopomp, Vanth monster
Psychopomp, Yamaraj monster
Pteranodon monster
Pudding, Black monster
Pugwampi monster
Pummeling Rubble spell
Punishing Winds spell
Purify Food and Drink spell
Purple Worm monster
Purple Worm Sting spell
Purveyor of the Bizarre background
Pyre Tender background
Qlippoth creature-family
Qlippoth, Augnagar monster
Qlippoth, Chernobue monster
Qlippoth, Cythnigot monster
Qlippoth, Nyogoth monster
Qlippoth, Shoggti monster
Qlippoth, Thulgant monster
Quasit monster
Quatoid monster
Queen Sluagh monster
Quelaunt monster
Quench spell
Quetzalcoatlus monster
Quick background
Quick Climb feat
Quick Coercion feat
Quick Contacts feat
Quick Disguise feat
Quick Identification feat
Quick Jump feat
Quick Recognition feat
Quick Repair feat
Quick Squeeze feat
Quick Stow feat
Quick Swim feat
Quick Unlock feat
Quickling monster
Quickpatch Glue equipment
Quiet Allies feat
Quill Of Passage magicitem
Quoppopak monster
Radiant Warden monster
Raider background
Rain of Embers Stance feat
Rain-Scribe npc
Rain-Scribe Mobility feat
Rain-Scribe Sustenance feat
Raise Dead spell
Raised By Belief background
Raja Rakshasa monster
Rancher background
Ranger class
Ranger archetype
Ranger’s Bramble spell
Rapid Affixture feat
Rapid Mantel feat
Rat Swarm monster
Rat-Catcher Trident magicitem
Rat, Giant monster
Ratfolk Grenadier monster
Ration Tonic magicitem
Raven monster
Raven Swarm monster
Ravenous Reanimation ritual
Raw Nerce monster
Ray creature-family
Ray of Enfeeblement spell
Ray of Frost spell
Ray, Manta monster
Ray, Stingray monster
Read Aura spell
Read Lips feat
Read Omens spell
Ready magicitem
Reanimator archetype
Reaper of Repose feat
Reaper’s Lantern spell
Rebel background
Reckless Scientist npc
Reclaimer background
Recognize Spell feat
Recollect Studies feat
Recollection feat
Recover Spell feat
Red Dragon monster
Redact spell
Redcap monster
Reefclaw monster
Reflective Scales spell
Reflexive Grip feat
Reformer background
Refugee background
Refugee background
Regenerate spell
Reincarnate ritual
Relics page
Relictner Eroder monster
Remake spell
Remember The Lost spell
Remember Your Training feat
Remorhaz monster
Remove Curse spell
Remove Disease spell
Remove Fear spell
Remove Paralysis spell
Repulsion spell
Resilient Sphere spell
Resist Energy spell
Resplendent Mansion spell
Rest Eternal ritual
Restoration spell
Restorative Moment spell
Restore Senses spell
Restorer background
Resurrect ritual
Retain Absorbed Spell feat
Retrocognition spell
Returned (Rare Background) background
Revenant monster
Reverse Gravity spell
Revival spell
Rhinoceros monster
Rhinoceros, Woolly monster
Ride feat
Riding Dog monster
Righteous Might spell
Rime Slick spell
Risky Surgery feat
Ritualist archetype
Rituals page
Roar of the Wyrm spell
Robust Recovery feat
Roc monster
Rod of Cancellation magicitem
Rogue class
Rogue archetype
Root Magic feat
Root Worker background
Rope of Climbing magicitem
Rope Trick spell
Roper monster
Royalty (Rare Background) background
Rugged Survivalist feat
Ruler equipment
Rune of Cunning magicitem
Rune, Winged magicitem
Runescarred archetype
Rusalka monster
Rust Monster monster
Rusting Grasp spell
Saboteur npc
Sack of Rotten Fruit equipment
Sacred Defense feat
Sacred Ki feat
Safe Passage spell
Sailor background
Sailor background
Salamander monster
Sanctified Ground spell
Sanctify Water feat
Sanctuary spell
Sand Claws monster
Sand Sentry monster
Sard monster
Satyr monster
Scare To Death feat
Scarecrow monster
Scavenger background
Scavenger background
Sceaduinar monster
Scented Candle Homunculus (2) monster
Schemer background
Scholar background
Scholar of the Ancients background
Schooled in Secrets feat
Scintillating Pattern spell
Scintillating Safeguard spell
Scion background
Scion of Slayers background
Scorned Hound monster
Scorpion creature-family
Scorpion, Black monster
Scorpion, Cave monster
Scorpion, Giant monster
Scouring Sand spell
Scout background
Scout archetype
Scroll Trickster archetype
Scrollmaster Dedication feat
Scrounger archetype
Scrying spell
Sculpt Sound spell
Scythe Tree monster
Sea Devil Baron monster
Sea Devil Brute monster
Sea Devil Scout monster
Sea Hag monster
Sea Serpent monster
Sea Snake monster
Sea Surge spell
Seal Fate spell
Sealing Chest magicitem
Searing Light spell
Seasoned feat
Secret Chest spell
Secret Page spell
Secular Medic background
See Invisibility spell
Seeker background
Seetangeist monster
Sending spell
Sense Chaos feat
Sentinel archetype
Sentry archetype
Sepulchral Mask spell
Serpentfolk creature-family
Serpentfolk, Aapoph monster
Serpentfolk, Zyss monster
Servant background
Server monster
Sewer Ooze monster
Shadern Immolator monster
Shadow monster
Shadow Blast spell
Shadow Haunted background
Shadow Mark feat
Shadow Siphon spell
Shadow Walk spell
Shadow, Greater monster
Shadow’s Web spell
Shadowdancer archetype
Shaitan monster
Shambler monster
Shameless Request feat
Shape Stone spell
Shape Wood spell
Shapechange spell
Shaped Contaminant feat
Share Burden spell
Share Lore spell
Shared Synergy feat
Shatter spell
Shattering Gem spell
Shemhazian (Mutilation Demon) monster
Shepherd of Souls spell
Shield spell
Shield Block feat
Shield Other spell
Shielding Salve magicitem
Shifting Sand spell
Shillelagh spell
Shining Child monster
Ship Captain npc
Shocking Grasp spell
Shockwave spell
Shoggoth monster
Shoulder Catastrophe feat
Show The Way spell
Shredskin monster
Shrink spell
Shrink Item spell
Shroud of Night spell
Shuln monster
Shulsaga monster
Siabrae monster
Sigil spell
Sign Language feat
Signifer Armor Expertise feat
Signifer’s Sight feat
Silence spell
Silent Stalker monster
Silver Anvil magicitem
Simulacrum ritual
Simurgh monster
Sinew-shock Serum equipment
Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance magicitem
Sinspawn monster
Skaveling monster
Skeletal Champion monster
Skeletal Horse monster
Skeletal Hulk monster
Skeletal Mage monster
Skeletal Soldier monster
Skeletal Titan monster
Skeleton Guard monster
Skill Training feat
Skills page
Skinstitch Salve equipment
Skitter feat
Skrik Nettle monster
Skulk monster
Skulltaker monster
Skum (Ulat-Kini) monster
Slates of Distant Letters magicitem
Slayer background
Sleep spell
Sleeves of Storage magicitem
Slime Mold monster
Slippery Secrets feat
Slough Skin spell
Slow spell
Sluagh Reaper monster
Slug monster
Slurk monster
Smilodon monster
Smith npc
Smuggler background
Snagging Hook equipment
Snake creature-family
Snap Out Of It! feat
Snapping Flytrap monster
Snare Crafting feat
Snare Hopping spell
Snarecrafter archetype
Snowball spell
Snowshoes Of The Long Trek magicitem
Sod Hound monster
Solid Fog spell
Solifugid creature-family
Solifugid, Duneshaker monster
Solifugid, Duneshaker monster
Solifugid, Giant monster
Solifugid, Giant monster
Song of Marching spell
Song of Strength spell
Song of the Fallen feat
Song of the Fallen spell
Soothe spell
Soothing Mist spell
Sorcerer class ,
Sorcerer archetype
Soul Eater monster
Soul Siphon spell
Soul Warden archetype
Soulbound Doll monster
Sound Burst spell
Sovereign Glue equipment
Spark Bat monster
Speak with Animals spell
Speak with Plants spell
Specialty Crafting feat
Spectacles Of Understanding magicitem
Specter monster
Spectral Hand spell
Spell Mastery feat
Spell Seeker background
Spellguard Blade magicitem
Spellmaster archetype
Spellmaster Dedication feat
Spellmaster’s Resilience feat
Spellmaster’s Tenacity feat
Spellmaster’s Ward feat
Spellmaster’s Ward feat
Spells page
Spellwrack spell
Sphinx monster
Spider creature-family
Spider Climb spell
Spider Sting spell
Spider Swarm monster
Spider, Dream monster
Spider, Hunting monster
Spider, Ogre monster
Spike Stones spell
Spine Grenade magicitem
Spiral Centurion monster
Spirit Blast spell
Spirit Link spell
Spirit Sense spell
Spirit Song spell
Spirit Veil spell
Spiritsight Crossbow magicitem
Spiritual Epidemic spell
Spiritual Explorer feat
Spiritual Guardian spell
Spiritual Weapon spell
Splinter Faith feat
Sportlebore Swarm monster
Spray of Stars spell
Spriggan Bully monster
Spriggan Warlord monster
Sprite monster
Squid creature-family
Squid, Giant monster
Squid, Vampire monster
Squire background
Stab and Grab feat
Stabilize spell
Staff Acrobat archetype
Staff of Impossible Visions magicitem
Staff of Nature’s Vengeance magicitem
Staff of Providence magicitem
Stag Beetle, Giant monster
Stasis spell
Status spell
Stave Off Catastrophe feat
Steady Balance feat
Steal Shadow spell
Stegosaurus monster
Stiletto Pen equipment
Stinking Cloud spell
Stoke The Heart spell
Stone Blood feat
Stone Communion feat
Stone Giant Monk npc
Stone Mauler monster
Stone Tell spell
Stone To Flesh spell
Stoneskin spell
Storm Lord monster
Storm of Vengeance spell
Storm Survivor background
Storytelling feat
Strange Geometry spell
Street Preacher background
Street Urchin background
Streetwise feat
Striding Fire monster
Student of Magic background
Student of Perfection archetype
Student of Perfection Dedication feat
Student of the Canon feat
Sturdy Satchel equipment
Stygira monster
Subconscious Suggestion spell
Subtle Theft feat
Succubus (Lust Demon) monster
Sudden Blight spell
Sudden Bolt spell
Suggestion spell
Summon Animal spell
Summon Celestial spell
Summon Construct spell
Summon Dragon spell
Summon Elemental spell
Summon Entity