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Virtuous Defender

Virtuous Defender Creature4

LG Medium Human Humanoid

Perception +10

Languages Common, one additional

Skills Diplomacy +12, Intimidation +11, Religion +9, Shining Crusade Lore +8, Survival +9

Str +4, Dex +0, Con +3, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +3

Items composite longbow (20 arrows), full plate, longsword, steel shield (Hardness 7, HP 30, BT 15)

AC 22 (24 with shield raised); Fort +12, Ref +6 (+9 vs. damaging effects), Will +12

HP 70

Shield Ally The virtuous defender’s shield is sturdier in their hands. The statistics for the shield above include this benefit; it’s a normal steel shield for anyone else.

Retributive Strike [reaction] The virtuous defender can Step to put the foe in reach before making a melee Retributive Strike.

Shield Block [reaction]

Speed 20 feet

Melee [one-action] longsword +12 (versatile P), Damage 1d8+6 slashing

Ranged [one-action] composite longbow +8 (deadly 1d10, range increment 100 feet, reload 0, volley 30 feet), Damage 1d8+4 piercing

Champion Devotion Spells 1 Focus Point, DC 19; 2nd lay on hands, veil of confidence


With his well-worn plate armor and mighty shield, this tall figure appears ready to stand against any foe.

Shining Sentinels see themselves as a bulwark against the spread of tyranny. When not rallying troops to battle or protecting villages from undead incursions, these knights travel in hopes of recruiting other righteous souls to fight against the undead hordes.

Many Shining Sentinels are servants of good deities; in battle, they turn their god-given powers against their foes. These virtuous warriors put the safety of their companions before their own and often hold defensive positions to protect their allies.

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