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Witchwyrd Creature6

Uncommon LN Medium Humanoid

Senses Perception +12; darkvision

Languages Common, Draconic, one or more planar languages; tongues

Skills Arcana +16, Deception +15, Desert Lore +14, Diplomacy +15, Intimidation +15, one or more Lore skills related to a specific plane

Str +3, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +4, Wis +3, Cha +5

Items +1 ranseur

AC 22; Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +15

HP 110; Resistances force 5

Absorb Force [reaction] (arcane, evocation, force) Frequency once per round; Trigger A magic missile is fired at the witchwyrd, and the witchwyrd is aware of it and has a free hand; Effect The witchwyrd “catches” the missile, absorbing it and causing that hand to glow while it holds this energy. A hand that’s holding energy can’t be used for any other purpose except to use

Force Bolt. The energy lasts for 6 rounds or until it is released.

Speed 25 feet

Melee [one-action] ranseur +16 (disarm, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 1d10+6 piercing

Melee [one-action] fist +15 (agile, nonlethal), Damage 1d6+6 bludgeoning plus Grab

Arcane Innate Spells DC 23; 5th dimension door; 4th resist energy (-2), suggestion, resilient sphere; 3rd dispel magic; 2nd mirror image; 1st floating disk (at will), unseen servant (at will); Cantrips (3rd) detect magic; Constant (5th) tongues

Force Bolt [one-action] to [three-actions] (arcane, evocation, force) The witchwyrd fires one magic missile per action spent (dealing 1d4+1 force damage each). They can’t spend more actions on this ability than they have free hands. If they use a hand that has Absorbed Force, that hand hurls two missiles instead of one, expending the held energy.


Witchwyrds conceal most of their faces, leaving only their eyes unmasked. Their inscrutability is a boon to one of their most significant interests-mercantilism- and many haughty witchwyrds openly revel in the befuddlement inspired by their mysterious guises and mannerisms. Witchwyrds have a keen eye for new opportunities and markets, and a witchwyrd almost always knows when someone is trying to pull one over on them.

These four-armed humanoid creatures have hairless blue-gray skin, are typically 6-1/2 feet tall, and weigh 300 pounds. Their hands have three evenly sized and spaced digits in a tripod-like arrangement. When not trying to blend in with the local community, witchwyrds favor outlandish, loose-fitting clothes in bright reds or yellows and a signature conical hat. They tend to prefer the driest, warmest regions of the lands they visit-perhaps an indicator of their mysterious home world. This, however, is the only indicator; witchwyrds are notoriously close-mouthed about details of this distant world, and with good reason: most witchwyrds have never visited their ancestral home. To these witchwyrds, the notion of a home planet is a constant thorn in their side, and when asked, many choose to ignore the question altogether. Others are so agitated by these queries that they respond with impatience or even violence. Some scholars have theorized a connection between witchwyrds and several other four-armed creatures, but like with questions of their place of origin, witchwyrds have little to say about the topic.

High-ranking or wealthy witchwyrds rarely travel the planes alone, employing bodyguards to accompany them and leading entourages composed of various strange beings they’ve met during their travels.

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