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Velstrac, Eremite

Eremite Creature20

LE Medium Fiend Velstrac

Senses Perception +34; greater darkvision, painsight, true seeing

Languages Common, Infernal, Shadowtongue; telepathy 100 feet

Skills Athletics +35, Deception +38, Diplomacy +36, Intimidation +40, Medicine +36, Religion +34, Stealth +36, Torture Lore +36

Str +9, Dex +6, Con +7, Int +6, Wis +6, Cha +10

Painsight (divination, divine) As augur.

AC 45; Fort +37, Ref +32, Will +34; +1 status to all saves vs. magic

HP 375, regeneration 25 (deactivated by good or silver); Immunities cold, fear, nonlethal; Weaknesses good 20, silver 20

Ignore Pain An eremite’s actions can’t be disrupted due to damage or Strikes (such as Attack of Opportunity).

Paralytic Perfection (aura, divine, enchantment, fear, incapacitation, mental, visual) 30 feet. When a creature ends its turn in the aura, it feels compelled to offer pieces of its own flesh to the eremite. The creature + must succeed at a DC 40 Will save or become paralyzed for 1 round.

Speed 30 feet, fly 50 feet

Melee [one-action] jaws +39 (evil, magical), Damage 4d8+19 piercing plus 2d6 persistent bleed and exquisite pain

Melee [one-action] claw +39 (agile, evil, magical), Damage 3d6+19 slashing plus 2d6 persistent bleed, exquisite pain, and Improved Grab

Divine Innate Spells DC 42; 9th bind soul, blade barrier, harm (-2), heal (-2), shadow blast, shadow walk (at will); 7th dimension door (at will), dimensional lock, plane shift (to Material Plane or Shadow Plane only), shadow siphon (at will), warp mind; Cantrips (9th) stabilize; Constant (9th) true seeing

Rituals DC 42; imprisonment

Evisceration [one-action] (attack) Requirements The eremite has a creature grabbed; Effect The eremite excises flesh or bone from a creature it has grabbed. The target takes 6d10 persistent bleed damage.

Exquisite Pain An eremite’s knowledge of pressure points and pain centers is unsurpassed. A creature hit by an eremite’s melee Strikes must succeed at a DC 40 Fortitude save or be stunned 2 (stunned 4 on a critical failure). A creature that critically succeeds is temporarily immune for 24 hours.

Focus Gaze [one-action] (concentrate, divine, enchantment, fear, mental, visual) The eremite stares at a creature they can see within 30 feet. The creature must immediately attempt a Will save against paralytic perfection. In addition, if the creature was already paralyzed, on a failed save, its unnatural longing causes it to become doomed 1. After attempting this save, the creature is then temporarily immune until the start of the eremite’s next turn.

Graft Flesh [one-action] Requirements The eremite holds a piece of flesh they collected via Evisceration; Effect The eremite attaches the stolen flesh to themself. They either regain 100 Hit Points; reduce the value of their clumsy, drained, enfeebled, or stupefied condition by 3; or reduce the stage of any affliction affecting them by 3.

Shadow Traveler (divine, divination) When an eremite uses plane shift or shadow walk, they arrive at exactly their intended destination.


Eremites roam the planes to seek out ideal portions of other creatures, such as a hero’s sword-arm or an angel’s pinions. Eremites capture these specimens to clinically test their true limits, then harvest specimens and add them to their own bodies. An eremite might attach tongues to their hand as extra fingers or a fist to the back of their neck in a horrid “improvement.” Eremites average 7 feet tall and weigh approximately 200 pounds.

There are as many different velstracs as there are ways to inflict pain.

Other velstracs range in power from the relatively weak lampadariuses to the powerful phylacators.

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