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Vampire, Vrykolakas Spawn

Vrykolakas Spawn Creature6

NE Medium Undead Vampire

Senses Perception +14; darkvision

Skills Acrobatics +14, Athletics +15, Stealth +14, Survival +11

Languages Common

Str +5, Dex +4, Con +2, Int -3, Wis +2, Cha +2

AC 24; Fort +14, Ref +16, Will +12

HP 99, negative healing; Immunities death effects, disease, paralyze, poison, sleep

Vrykolakas Vulnerabilities

Feral Possession [free-action] (divine, incapacitation, mental, necromancy, possession) DC 24

Speed 40 feet, climb 20 feet

Melee [one-action] fangs +17, Damage 2d8+8 piercing plus Drink Blood

Melee [one-action] claw +17 (agile), Damage 2d6+8 slashing

Drink Blood [one-action] (divine, necromancy) When Drinking Blood, the vrykolakas spawn regains 10 HP.

Rend [one-action] claw


Vrykolakas unleash their spawn upon the world to spread terror, plague, and suffering and to draw attention away from their masters.

Vrykolakas ancients are the sinister overlords of their kind, stealing blood, breath, and life to feed their immortal hunger.

The vrykolakas (pronounced “vree-KO-la-kahss”) is an undead creature from Greek folklore. These revenants appear as humans come back after death to complete some task left undone before they can peacefully rest. Many are vengeful and murderous, but some are simply attempting to return to their former lives, like a shoemaker rising from the grave to mend his children’s shoes, carry water, and chop firewood. The Pathfinder version of this creature is more associated with a feral form of vampire.

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