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Spider, Ogre

Ogre Spider Creature5

N Huge Animal

Senses Perception +13; darkvision, web sense

Skills Acrobatics +13, Athletics +13

Str +6, Dex +4, Con +4, Int -5, Wis +2, Cha -4

Web Sense The ogre spider has imprecise tremorsense to detect the vibrations of creatures touching its web.

AC 23; Fort +15, Ref +13, Will +9

HP 70

Speed 30 feet, climb 30 feet

Melee [one-action] bite +15, Damage 2d8+8 plus ogre spider venom

Ranged [one-action] web +13 (range increment 30 feet), Effect web trap

Eerie Flexibility An ogre spider can fit through tight spaces as if it were a Large creature. While Squeezing, it can move at its full speed.

Ogre Spider Venom (poison); Saving Throw Fortitude DC 22; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 1d6 poison damage (1 round); Stage 2 1d6 poison damage, clumsy 1, and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 3 2d6 poison damage, clumsy 1, and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 4 2d6 poison damage, clumsy 2, and enfeebled 2 (1 round)

Web Trap A creature hit by the ogre spider’s web attack is immobilized and stuck to the nearest surface until it Escapes (DC 22).


These terrifying creatures grow as large as elephants. The placement of their eyes above their wide mandibles evokes the grimacing visage of an ogre’s leer. Ogres themselves find the appearance of ogre spider faces simultaneously amusing and adorable, but in most cases, ogres’ attempts to keep these spiders as pets result in dead ogres and well- fed spiders.

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