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Sluagh Reaper

Sluagh Reaper Creature10

Uncommon NE Medium Fey Undead

Perception +21; greater darkvision, soulscent (imprecise) 100 feet

Skills Acrobatics +21, Intimidation +16, Stealth +23, Survival +21

Str +3, Dex +7, Con +3, Int +3, Wis +5, Cha +0

Soulscent (divination, occult) The sluagh is aware of all doomed creatures, dying creatures, and creatures that died within the last hour within the listed range.

AC 29; Fort +17, Ref +21, Will +19

HP 175, negative healing; Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, sleep; Weaknesses cold iron 10

Frightful Presence (aura, emotion, fear, mental) A creature that comes within 30 feet of the sluagh reaper for the first time must attempt a Will save at DC 26. Regardless of the result of the saving throw, the creature is temporarily immune to the sluagh reaper’s Frightful Presence for 1 minute.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected by the presence.

Success The creature is frightened 1.

Failure The creature is frightened 2.

Critical Failure The creature is frightened 4.

Speed 25 feet, fly 30 feet

Melee [one-action] claw +23 (agile, magical), Damage 3d6+9 slashing

Primal Innate Spells DC 26; 2nd invisibility; Cantrips (5th) ghost sound

Ghostly Swoop [one-action] The sluagh reaper becomes incorporeal until the start of their next turn, and Flies up to their fly Speed. While incorporeal, they are immune to precision damage, and have resistance 10 to all damage (except force, ghost touch, or positive); this resistance is doubled against non-magical damage. After using Ghostly Swoop, the sluagh reaper can’t use it again for 1d4 rounds.

Sneak Attack The sluagh reaper deals an additional 3d6 precision damage to flat-footed creatures.

Steal Soul [two-actions] (necromancy, occult) The sluagh reaper touches a dying creature or a creature that died within the past 1 hour. If the target is a dying creature, it must attempt a DC 28 Fortitude save—on a failure, its dying value increases by 1 (2 on a critical failure). If the target is dead, it receives no save and the sluagh imprisons its soul in a small, grimy sack that keeps stolen souls fresh.

The sack is magically locked. Any sluagh can open it without difficulty, but any others must Pick the Lock (DC 35) or use dispel magic (5th level; counteract DC 32). A creature can Interact to empty an unlocked sack, which frees the souls but doesn’t return them to life. While a soul is imprisoned, it can’t be brought back to life by any means short of a wish or miracle. The sack can hold 12 souls at a time. Sluagh reapers typically attempt to return the souls to a queen so she can devour them.


Most sluagh are reapers: powerful killers subservient to their queen. After they collect souls on a hunt, they dutifully return their plunder to the queen. Though quite clever, they’re inscrutable, lacking the whimsy and sociability that characterize many living fey. They do show merriment on occasion though, giggling as their claws draw closer to their quarry’s throat.

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