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Archon, Shield

Shield Archon Creature10

LG Large Archon Celestial

Senses Perception +19; darkvision

Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; tongues

Skills Athletics +21, Diplomacy +19, Intimidation +19, Religion +19, Survival +17

Str +5, Dex +1, Con +7, Int +2, Wis +3, Cha +3

Items +1 full plate

Morphic Hands [one-action] (divine, transmutation) A shield archon’s hands can change into a +1 holy Striking spear and a lesser sturdy shield or back into hands. Transforming does not restore any HP to the items, and if either the weapon or shield is fully destroyed, the archon loses that hand until it receives a regenerate spell or similar magic. If a shield archon is slain, its weapon and shield can be taken, but they fade into nothingness after 24 hours.

AC 31 (33 with shield raised); Fort +23, Ref +15, Will +19; +1 status to all saves vs. magic

HP 125; Weaknesses evil 10

Menacing Guardian (aura, divine, enchantment) As horned archon, but DC 27.

Retributive Strike [reaction]

Speed 30 feet, fly 60 feet

Melee [one-action] holy Striking spear +22 (magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d6+10 piercing plus 1d6 good

Divine Innate Spells DC 27; 4th dimension door (at will); 2nd shield other (-3); 1st true strike (-3); Cantrips (5th) message; Constant (5th) tongues

Archon’s Door As horned archon.

Courageous Switch When a shield archon uses its dimension door innate spell, it can choose to move into the space of a willing ally it can see within range. If it does so, the ally switches places with the archon, appearing in the space the archon just vacated, as if it too had cast dimension door.

Living Shield A shield archon’s shield is the focal point of its courage and soul. It always has its shield raised without needing to Raise a Shield, and it can use Shield Block as a free action instead of a reaction (Hardness 10, HP 80). A shield archon can trigger its Shield Block free action when an ally within 10 feet is the target of an attack, reducing damage to that ally instead of itself but otherwise following the normal rules of Shield Block.


Shield archons defend the fortresses of Heaven against fiendish incursions. They wield their spears and shields in massive formations capable of withstanding any onslaught. Beneath their armor, they are sheathed in skin of steel. Given their tremendous strength and imposing stature, shield archons are ideal guardians of the meek and are sometimes summoned to the Material Plane to ward off the attacks of great numbers of evildoers.

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