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Shaitan Creature7

Uncommon LN Large Earth Elemental Genie

Senses Perception +15; darkvision, detect magic, tremorsense (imprecise) 60 feet

Languages Common, Terran

Skills Athletics +19, Crafting +14, Deception +16, Nature +15, Society +14

Str +6, Dex +1, Con +4, Int +3, Wis +2, Cha +3

Items +1 falchion

AC 25; Fort +18, Ref +12, Will +15

HP 110; Resistances electricity 10

Speed 20 feet, burrow 45 feet, climb 20 feet; earth glide

Melee [one-action] falchion +20 (forceful +1, magical, reach 10 feet, sweep), Damage 1d10+12 slashing

Melee [one-action] fist +19 (agile, magical, nonlethal, reach 10 feet), Damage 1d4+12 bludgeoning plus Push 10 feet and shove into stone

Arcane Innate Spells DC 24

7th plane shift (to Astral Plane, Elemental Planes, or Material Plane only); 5th veil (self only), wall of stone; 4th shape stone (at will); 2nd glitterdust (-2); Constant (4th) detect magic

Earth Glide The shaitan can Burrow through dirt and stone at its full burrow Speed, leaving no tunnels or signs of its passing.

Shove into Stone (arcane, earth, transmutation) When the shaitan Pushes a creature into a stone barrier, the target must succeed at a DC 22 Reflex save or become merged with the barrier (as meld with stone). The victim can attempt to Escape (DC 28).


Hailing from the Plane of Earth, shaitans are proud and brazen genies.

They value physical skill and love bargaining, games of chance, and working with metal and stone. Immense gemstones and veins of Precious metal crisscross their home plane, and the industrious shaitans have built a vast mercantile empire from these abundant natural resources.

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