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Pleroma Creature20

LN Large Aeon Monitor

Senses Perception +37; darkvision, lifesense 120 feet, true seeing

Languages envisioning

Skills Acrobatics +33, Arcana +38, Deception +34, Diplomacy +34, Occultism +38, Religion +39, Stealth +35

Str +6, Dex +7, Con +6, Int +8, Wis +9, Cha +6

Envisioning Pleromas care little for communication with other creatures, but when they do convey information, they do so wordlessly through a series of psychic projections. This acts as telepathy with a range of 100 feet but is understandable to all creatures regardless of whether they have a language, though the aeon’s meaning to non-aeons can be vague and is often mysterious. An aeon can use this ability to communicate flawlessly with any other aeon on the same plane as itself.

AC 45; Fort +32, Ref +31, Will +37; +1 status to all saves vs. magic

HP 335, regeneration 20 (deactivated by chaotic); Immunities negative, positive; Weaknesses chaotic 20

Reality Twist [reaction] Trigger The pleroma critically fails the saving throw. Effect The critical failure becomes a normal failure.

Speed fly 40 feet; freedom of movement

Melee [one-action] energy touch (agile, lawful, magical) +36, Damage 5d8+18 positive or negative damage plus 1d6 lawful

Ranged [one-action] Sphere of Oblivion +37 (magical), Effect see Sphere of Oblivion

Divine Innate Spells DC 47, attack +37; 10th alter reality; 9th banishment, blade barrier, disjunction, overwhelming presence; 8th disintegrate (-2), unrelenting observation; 7th plane shift, retrocognition; 5th creation (at will); 4th create food (at will), shape stone (at will); 3rd hypercognition (at will); 2nd detect alignment (at will), shape wood (at will); 1st create water (at will); Constant (8th) true seeing
(4th) freedom of movement

Energy Touch A pleroma’s touch deals its choice of positive or negative damage, but neither energy can be used to heal a creature.

Sphere of Creation [two-actions] (incapacitation, magical) Three times per day, a pleroma can manifest a 2-foot-diameter sphere of white energy that hovers above its left hand. By using a single action, which has the concentrate trait, the pleroma can cause the sphere to fly 10 feet. The sphere can move in any direction, ignoring difficult terrain, but it can’t move farther than 300 feet away from the pleroma. Wherever the sphere travels, it leaves behind a 5-foot-wide path of new matter, creating either new terrain (the pleroma’s choice of normal, difficult, or greater difficult terrain) or a 5-foot-square solid barrier of a single natural substance (such as clay, wood, or stone). The sphere can enter the space of a creature; when it does, the creature must succeed at a DC 43 Fortitude save or be absorbed into the sphere. On a successful save, the creature is pushed to a space of the GM’s choice away from the sphere. Those who fail take 20d6 Positive damage (even if they are living) and are pushed away as a success. Those who critically fail, or are reduced to 0 HP by the damage from a failure, become one with the new material and can be restored only via a 10th-level spell. A pleroma can have only one Sphere of Creation in existence at a time, and the sphere automatically vanishes in a flash of blinding Light after 1d4 minutes. All creatures within 30 feet of the sphere of creation when it vanishes must succeed at a DC 43 Fortitude save or be permanently blinded.

Sphere of Oblivion [two-actions] (incapacitation, magical) Three times per day, a pleroma can manifest a 2-foot-diameter sphere of complete and utter darkness that hovers above its right hand. It can move and control the sphere in the same manner as its Sphere of Creation. The sphere is an empty void that lasts for 1 minute before collapsing in on itself and winking out of existence. Once manifested, the sphere can be used as a ranged attack, but it blinks out of existence immediately after that attack is resolved. Any unattended object that touches the void is sucked in and completely destroyed. Larger objects (such as ships or buildings) are destroyed at a rate of one 10-foot cube per round of contact. The sphere can enter the space of a creature, with effects similar to the Sphere of Creation except that it deals negative damage (even to undead) on a failure and annihilates rather than incorporating the creature into material. Such a destroyed creature can be restored only by a 10th-level spell.


Among the most powerful of all the true aeons, pleromas are a manifestation of the duality of creation and destruction. Their physical manifestation is a constant state of flux between these two poles, their forms a shifting cloak of black where galaxies and other celestial objects flit in and out of existence, as if depicting the constant life, death, and rebirth of a miniature, self-contained universe.

Pleromas see the multiverse as both eternal and cyclical, doomed and malleable, ending only if these cycles ever become unbalanced. They believe the current Convergence is necessary to obtain this essential balance, and act to ensure that the grand design of the Monad is carried out to the smallest detail.

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