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Linnorm, Shoal

Shoal Linnorm Creature15

Uncommon CE Gargantuan Amphibious Dragon

Senses Perception +27; darkvision, scent (imprecise) 60 feet, true seeing

Languages Aklo, Draconic, Sylvan

Skills Acrobatics +28, Athletics +31, Stealth +28

Str +8, Dex +5, Con +7, Int -3, Wis +6, Cha +7

AC 38; Fort +29, Ref +25, Will +22; +1 status to all saves vs. magic

HP 295, regeneration 10 (deactivated by cold iron); Immunities curse, fire, paralyzed, sleep; Weaknesses cold iron 10 Curse of Drowning (curse, primal, water) When a creature slays a shoal linnorm, it must succeed at a DC 38 Will save or become cursed. As long as the curse of drowning persists, the character must spend 3 actions when drinking any liquid. Attempting to drink liquid faster causes the victim to begin drowning, immediately running out of air and falling unconscious.

Attack of Opportunity [reaction] Tail only.

Speed 35 feet, fly 100 feet, swim 100 feet; freedom of movement

Melee [one-action] jaws +31 (magical, reach 20 feet), Damage 3d12+16 piercing plus shoal linnorm venom

Melee [one-action] claw +31 (agile, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 3d8+16 slashing

Melee [one-action] tail +31 (magical, reach 25 feet), Damage 4d6+16 bludgeoning plus Improved Grab Primal Innate Spells DC 36; Constant (7th) freedom of movement; (6th) true seeing

Breath Weapon [two-actions] (evocation, fire, primal, water) The shoal linnorm exhales scalding steam that deals 12d8 fire damage in a 60-foot cone (DC 36 basic Reflex save). The steam lingers until the end of the linnorm’s next turn; anyone who enters the area or begins their turn in the area takes 6d8 fire damage (DC 36 Reflex save negates). During this time, the steam is so thick that it impedes movement as well as sight, turning the area into difficult terrain. All creatures in the steam become concealed, and all creatures outside the steam become concealed to creatures within it. The shoal linnorm can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.

Shoal Linnorm Venom (fire, poison) Saving Throw DC 36 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 10 rounds; Stage 1 4d6 fire damage and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 2 6d6 fire damage and enfeebled 2 (1 round)


Shoal linnorms occupy rocky shoreline shallows and slither along lonely coastlines. While they do not intentionally seek out large settlements, these linnorms nonetheless beleaguer fishers headed out from small coastal towns, and they may even follow skiffs back to their home port to appraise the town’s defenses and plan a raid. Shoal linnorms tend to hunt large prey, both underwater and on land. Their preferred quarries includes giant squid and grizzly bears-meals rich in fat, which the linnorms metabolize into the fiery steam that courses through their veins.

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