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Leprechaun Creature2

CN Small Fey

Senses Perception +11; low-light vision

Languages Common, Sylvan

Skills Acrobatics +8, Deception +9, Gold Lore +7, Nature +7, Performance +9, Thievery +8

Str +1, Dex +4, Con +1, Int +3, Wis +3, Cha +4

AC 18; Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +10

HP 25

Speed 30 feet

Melee [one-action] club +7, Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoning

Primal Innate Spells DC 18, attack +10; 2nd illusory creature, illusory object, invisibility (self only); 1st color spray, shillelagh, ventriloquism; Cantrips (2nd) dancing lights, ghost sound, mage hand, prestidigitation, telekinetic projectile

Create Object [two-actions] (conjuration, manipulate, primal) Frequency three times per day; Effect The leprechaun produces an item out of their hat, from behind their jacket, from within a hole in a tree stump, or from any other unexpected location. This conjured item must be no more than 1 Bulk and must be made of relatively commonplace material (such as cloth, wood, stone, or even low-value metal like iron or lead). It can’t rely on intricate artistry or complex moving parts, never fulfills a Cost or the like, and can’t be made of precious materials or materials with a rarity of uncommon or higher. The created object is temporary and lasts for 1 hour or until the leprechaun creates a new item, whichever comes first.

Leprechaun Magic When a leprechaun uses their innate spells to deceive, trick, or humiliate a creature, the spell DC increases to 20 and the attack modifier to +11.


Leprechauns are mostly jovial tricksters who prefer mischief over conflict. They fill their days with as much fun, wine, and food as possible. Mostly found in forested regions, leprechauns respect nature and those who protect it.

Leprechauns do not attack on sight. Rather, they engage in conversation and try to charm, cajole, or trick those they meet into doing favors for them or freely giving over a treasured item, usually in return for illusory wealth or false promises of wealth and success. These small tricksters are masters at discerning the desires of those they meet-a knack that puts them in a powerful position when bargaining for goods or favors. They aren’t above turning people against each other for their own benefit but generally not to an extent that causes harm.

In most cases, a leprechaun doesn’t keep a purloined possession for long. The leprechaun most often returns such stolen prizes just in time to defuse tensions, often as they point out the humor of the situation, hoping to share their amusement and mirth with the victim. In cases where a leprechaun’s trick goes too far and results in an incensed victim, the leprechaun quickly flees the conflict rather than engage in combat. This willingness to return stolen goods or to flee from battles fades as leprechauns grow older. Ancient leprechauns who have lived for thousands of years often spiral into dark bitterness and increasingly use their powers and illusions to lure those who offend them or fail to appreciate a joke into danger… or even death.

While it’s true that leprechauns typically return items they steal, they particularly love gold and often hoard gold coins and treasures in pots tucked away in hidden places. It’s rumored that a person who finds a gold coin in the forest and returns it to the leprechaun who dropped it will be granted a wish as a reward.

Unfortunately, this rumor is false-a deception perpetrated by leprechauns to trick others into bringing them even more gold for their pots.

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