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Jungle Drake

Jungle Drake Creature6

NE Large Dragon Earth

Senses Perception +13; darkvision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet

Languages Draconic

Skills Acrobatics +15, Athletics +13, Stealth +13, Survival +11

Str +5, Dex +3, Con +4, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +1

AC 23; Fort +17, Ref +13, Will +11

HP 90; Immunities disease, paralyzed, poison, unconscious

Twisting Tail [reaction] Trigger A creature within reach of the jungle drake’s stinger uses a move action or leaves a square during a move action it’s using. Effect The jungle drake Strikes the target with its stinger. If it hits, the jungle drake disrupts the creature’s action.

Speed 20 feet, fly 50 feet; woodland stride

Melee [one-action] fangs +17, Damage 2d10+7 piercing plus predatory grab

Melee [one-action] stinger +17 (reach 10 feet), Damage 2d6+7 piercing plus jungle drake venom

Draconic Frenzy [two-actions] The jungle drake makes one fangs Strike and two stinger Strikes in any order.

Jungle Drake Venom (poison); Saving Throw Fortitude DC 24; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 1d6 poison and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 2 1d6 poison and enfeebled 2 (1 round)

Predatory Grab As Grab, but the jungle drake’s Grab does not end if it moves away. Instead, it carries the grabbed creature with it. A jungle drake can’t Fly while grabbing a creature unless that creature can also Fly.

Speed Surge [one-action] (move) The jungle drake moves up to twice its Speed. It can do this three times per day.

Spit Venom [two-actions] (poison) A jungle drake can spit a sticky glob of its venom to a range of 50 feet that explodes in a 10-foot burst. Those in the burst must succeed at a DC 24 Reflex save or be exposed to jungle drake venom. The jungle drake can’t use Spit Venom again for 1d6 rounds.

Woodland Stride The jungle drake ignores difficult terrain and greater difficult terrain from non-magical foliage.


Believed to be related to green dragons, jungle drakes are dangerous hunters equipped with a debilitating venom delivered by a large barbed stinger or their noxious phlegm. Their wings are equipped with vestigial claws that allow them to deftly maneuver through thick jungle foliage both in flight and on foot. Jungle drakes prefer to ambush their prey using hit-and-run tactics, picking off the weakest members of a group and dragging their victims off to finish their meals as they please.

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