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Isqulug Creature11

Uncommon NE Medium Aberration Amphibious

Senses Perception +24, greater darkvision, host scent 30 feet

Languages Aklo

Skills Acrobatics +22, Athletics +24, Nature +22, Survival +22

Str +7, Dex +5, Con +7, Int +3, Wis +7, Cha +5

Host Scent An isqulug can precisely sense any creature infected with isqulugia within + 30 feet, and knows the current stage of the disease.

AC 31, all-around vision; Fort +24, Ref +20, Will +18

HP 230, regeneration 10 (deactivated by cold); Immunities swarm mind; Weaknesses cold 10; Resistances fire 10

Speed 25 feet, swim 25 feet; swamp stride

Melee [one-action] tentacle +22 (agile, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d12+11 bludgeoning plus isqulugia

Primal Innate Spells DC 30, attack +22; 6th tangling creepers; 5th control water, entangle (at will), hallucinatory terrain, obscuring mist (at will); 4th fly; Cantrips (5th) dancing lights; Constant (1st) pass without trace

Expel Infestation [two-actions] The isqulug expels larvae from the hivemind in its head in a 30-foot cone. Creatures in this area take 6d10 piercing damage as the swarm feeds on their flesh (DC 30 basic Reflex save). Any creature that takes damage is exposed to isqulugia. The isqulug becomes stupefied 1 for 1d4 rounds, during which it can’t Expel Infestation.

Isqulugia (disease, incapacitation, primal, transmutation, virulent) Isqulugia’s sickened, slowed, and paralyzed conditions can’t be removed until this affliction is removed; Saving Throw DC 30 Fortitude; Stage 1 sickened 1 (1 hour); Stage 2 fatigued and sickened 2 (1 day); Stage 3 fatigued and slowed 1 (1 day); Stage 4 paralyzed (1 day); Stage 5 the creature dies, and its body violently transforms into a new isqulug. Wish, similar magic, or a 9th-level resurrect ritual can return the victim to life. The new isqulug remains even if the victim is brought back to life.

Malleability The isqulug can Squeeze through tight spaces as if it were a Small creature. While Squeezing, it can move at its full Speed. The isqulug can even Squeeze through spaces that typically fit only a Tiny creature, but does so at the standard speed for Squeezing.

Swamp Stride An isqulug ignores difficult terrain that’s caused by typical features of swamps.


The isqulug’s appearance, though unsettling, might be its least awful aspect. The creature resembles a bipedal amphibian with tentacles instead of arms and a head composed of an undulant mass of what appear to be shifting, slimy transparent eggs filled with writhing larvae. In truth, these larvae constitute the mind and consciousness of the isqulug-its “body” is little more than an organic suit manufactured from the flesh of those it has consumed, analogous to the complex web of a spider or the hive of a colony of bees, but fully capable of movement and violence.

These disgusting parasites originally manifested in the world of the fey, but the fey denizens of that realm found them too awful to endure and exiled them to the Material Plane. Over time, the isqulugs sloughed off their fey features for new, more powerful bodies of their own.

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