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Ghost Commoner

Ghost Commoner Creature4

CE Medium Ghost Incorporeal Spirit Undead

Senses Perception +10; darkvision

Languages Common

Skills Dwelling Lore +10 (applies to the place the ghost is bound to), Stealth +12

Str -5, Dex +3, Con +0, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +2

Site Bound

AC 20; Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +8

HP 30, negative Healing, rejuvenation; Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, precision, unconscious; Resistances all damage 5 (except force, ghost touch, or positive; double resistance vs. non-magical)

Rejuvenation (divine, necromancy) Setting right the injustice that led to the commoner?s death allows it to move on to the afterlife.

Speed fly 25 feet

Melee [one-action] ghostly hand +13 (agile, finesse, magical), Damage 2d6+2 negative

Frightful Moan [one-action] (auditory, divine, emotion, enchantment, fear, mental) DC 21


The ghost commoner is an ordinary person who believes they died unjustly, usually due to foul play or betrayal.

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