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Gazer Creature-1

Uncommon NE Tiny Aberration

Senses Perception +8; darkvision

Languages Common

Skills Acrobatics +5, Stealth +8

Str +1, Dex +1, Con +0, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +0

AC 17; Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +5

HP 7; Immunities emotion, mental, enchantment

Speed 5 feet, fly 25 feet

Melee [one action] bite +6 (agile), Damage 1d4+1 piercing

Eye Rays [one action] Frequency once per round. Effect DC 16 The gazer can produce a magical ray from one of its small eyes that produces the effect of one of the following spells: daze, fear, mage hand, or ray of frost.

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