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Fen Mosquito Swarm

Fen Mosquito Swarm Creature3

N Large Animal Swarm

Senses Perception +8; darkvision

Skills Acrobatics +6, Stealth +8

Str +0, Dex +4, Con +3, Int -5, Wis +0, Cha -5

AC 19; Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +5

HP 25; Immunities precision, swarm mind; Weaknesses area damage 5, splash damage + 5; Resistances bludgeoning 2, piercing 5, slashing 5

Speed 5 feet, fly 25 feet

Pyrexic Malaria (disease) The victim can’t reduce its sickened condition while it’s affected by pyrexic malaria; Saving Throw DC 20 Fortitude; Onset 4 days; Stage 1 sickened 1 (1 day); Stage 2 enfeebled 1 and sickened 1 (1 day); Stage 3 as stage 2 (1 day); Stage 4 unconscious (1 day); Stage 5 dead

Swarming Bites [one-action] Each enemy in the swarm’s space takes 1d6 piercing damage (DC 20 basic Reflex save) and is exposed to pyrexic malaria. Creatures that fail the saving throw also take 1d4 persistent bleed damage.


When deadly fen mosquitoes gather in large numbers, they form into lethal swarms capable of draining blood at a truly alarming rate. Fen mosquito swarms are typically encountered only in tropical swamps or bogs, but during humid months in spring or summer they can drift into riverine areas or even through the waterfront reaches of settlements.

Malaria Strains

This pernicious disease is often associated with mosquitoes. Pyrexic malaria also causes weakness and fevers, while septic malaria causes painful and infected lesions to form on the body. Regardless of the strain you contract, you can’t reduce your sickened condition while you are affected with malaria.

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