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Elephant, Mastodon

Mastodon Creature9

N Huge Animal

Senses Perception +17; low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet

Skills Athletics +21, Survival +17

Str +8, Dex +0, Con +5, Int -4, Wis +2, Cha -2

AC 26; Fort +20, Ref +13, Will +17

HP 175

Speed 45 feet

Melee [one-action] tusk +21 (reach 15 feet), Damage 3d8+12 piercing

Melee [one-action] trunk +21 (reach 15 feet), Effect grabbing trunk

Melee [one-action] foot +21 (reach 10 feet), Damage 2d10+12 bludgeoning

Dual Tusks [one-action] The mastodon makes two tusk Strikes, each against a different creature. This counts as one attack for the mastodon’s multiple attack penalty, and the penalty doesn’t increase until after both attacks.

Grabbing Trunk A Medium or smaller creature hit by the mastodon’s trunk is grabbed. If the mastodon moves, it can bring the grabbed creature along with it.

Trample [three-actions] Large or smaller, foot, DC 27


Not to be confused with the larger mammoth, mastodons are primeval elephants who dwell predominantly in temperate forests.

There, they travel in close-knit social groups and feed on the forest vegetation.

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