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Dramofir Creature14

Uncommon N Large Aberration Dream

Senses Perception +28; greater darkvision

Languages telepathy 100 feet; tongues

Skills Acrobatics +26, Diplomacy +27, Dreamlands Lore +23, Occultism + 21, Stealth +28

Str +3, Dex +6, Con +4, Int +1, Wis +8, Cha +7

AC 35; Fort +22, Ref +26, Will +30

HP 290; Immunities sleep; Weaknesses slashing 10; Resistances surreal anatomy

Surreal Anatomy A dramofir has resistance 10 to precision damage and the extra damage from critical hits. If the resistance is greater than the extra damage, it reduces the extra damage to 0 but doesn’t reduce the attack’s normal damage.

Speed 25 feet, fly 25 feet

Melee [one-action] needle +27 (agile, finesse, reach 10 feet), Damage 3d6+9 piercing plus 2d6 mental

Ranged [one-action] needle +27 (agile, thrown 20 feet), Damage 3d6+9 piercing plus 2d6 mental

Occult Innate Spells DC 36; 8th dream council; 7th darkness, mask of terror, nightmare, sleep, soothe (×2); 4th dimension door (at will); Constant (5th) tongues

Bittersweet Dreams [two-actions] (emotion, enchantment, mental, occult, visual) The dramofir swishes their robes in a mesmerizing display that brings the dreams in the robes to life before the viewer’s very eyes. Each creature within 30 feet must attempt a DC 34 Will save or be filled with ennui.

  • Critical Success The creature is unaffected and temporarily immune for 24 hours.
  • Success For 1 round, the creature takes a -1 status penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, and all other emotion effects on it are suppressed.
  • Failure As success, but the creature is also slowed 1 and the duration is 1d4 rounds.
  • Critical Failure As success, but the creature is also slowed 1, the status penalty is -2, and the duration is 1 minute.

Pluck Dream [three-actions] (enchantment, mental, occult)

Requirements The dramofir is adjacent to an unconscious or sleeping creature; Effect The dramofir licks the creature’s forehead, places their hand in the same spot, and siphons the creature’s dreams to incorporate into their robes. If the target is affected by any mental effect altering their dreams, such as an animate dream’s curse of endless nightmares or a nightmare spell, the dramofir attempts to counteract that effect (counteract modifier +26). Otherwise, the dramofir plucks a benign dream from the creature, and the target must attempt a DC 36 Will save.

  • Success The creature is unaffected.
  • Failure The creature is stupefied 1 until the next time it gets a full night’s rest.
  • Critical Failure As failure, but stupefied 2, and the dramofir casts a 6th-level modify memory spell on the target.


Animate dreams despise dramofirs, who in turn regard animate dreams with, strangely, an emotion akin to pity. Communities plagued by an animate dream sometimes search out and beseech a dramofir to put an end to the terrifying menace.

Beings of inscrutable intent and incredible power, dramofirs hail from the Dreamlands and shamble across the multiverse in search of dreams to incorporate into their voluminous robes. Few people on the Material Plane dare trifle with dramofirs and instead treat them with respect, hoping that they’ll simply take their chosen victims’ dreams and then go away. Often, this is exactly what happens. Every now and then, however, in the process of siphoning an individual’s dreams, the dramofir slays their victim without warning or apparent cause.

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