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Dolphin, Orca

Orca Creature5

N Huge Animal

Senses Perception +12; aquatic echolocation 120 feet, low-light vision

Skills Athletics +14, Stealth +13

Str +7, Dex +2, Con +5, Int -4, Wis +3, Cha +0

Aquatic Echolocation An orca can use its hearing as a precise sense at the listed range, but only underwater.

Deep Breath An orca can hold its breath for 2 hours.

AC 21; Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +12

HP 75

Speed swim 60 feet

Melee [one-action] jaws +13, Damage 2d8+9 piercing plus Grab

Aquatic Ambush [one-action] 30 feet. An orca can travel no further than 5 feet onto land as part of an Aquatic Ambush. After it does so, it is prone until it Crawls to return to the water.

Breach [two-actions] The orca Swims up to its swim Speed, then Leaps vertically out of the water up to 25 feet in the air, making a Strike against a creature at any point during the jump (this lets it attack a creature within +30 feet of the water’s surface). After the Strike, the orca splashes back down into the water.


While many know orcas as “killer whales,” they are actually the largest species of dolphin. These powerful animals hunt together in pods to take down seals, sharks, and even true whales. Adult orcas are typically 15-25 feet long and weigh 8,000-12,000 pounds.

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