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Demon, Nabasu (Gluttony Demon)

Nabasu Creature8

CE Medium Demon Fiend

Senses Perception +17; darkvision

Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic; telepathy 100 feet

Skills Acrobatics +18, Arcana +16, Religion +16, Stealth +18, Survival +17

Str +6, Dex +4, Con +6, Int +2 Wis +3, Cha +4

AC 27; Fort +19, Ref +16, Will +16; +1 to all saves vs. magic

HP 165; Weaknesses cold iron 5, good 5

Death-Stealing Gaze (aura, divine, necromancy, visual) 30 feet. When a non-demon ends its turn in the aura, it must attempt a DC 23 Fortitude save. If it fails, it becomes drained 1.

Starvation Vulnerability A nabasu denied food suffers painful backlash as their demonic nature feeds on their own corrupted spirituality. If a nabasu’s Consume Death is disrupted (such as by a fighter using Disruptive Stance) or a creature resists the effect with a critical success, the nabasu takes 4d6 mental damage.

Speed 25 feet, fly 50 feet

Melee [one-action] jaws +20 (evil, magical), Damage 2d12+9 piercing plus 1d6 evil

Melee [one-action] claw +20 (agile, evil, magical), Damage 2d8+9 slashing plus 1d6 evil

Divine Innate Spells DC 26; 5th dimension door; 4th dimension door (at will), grim tendrils, paralyze, vampiric touch

Rituals DC 26; Abyssal pact

Consume Death [one-action] (concentrate, divine, necromancy, visual) The nabasu focuses their death-stealing gaze upon a single target they can see within 30 feet. The target must immediately attempt a Fortitude save against death-stealing gaze.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected and the nabasu suffers starvation vulnerability.

Success The creature is unaffected.

Failure The creature is affected by death- stealing gaze and becomes drained 1. If the creature was already drained 1 by the death-stealing gaze before attempting the save, a failed save increases the value of the drained condition by 1, to a maximum of drained 4. The nabasu gains 10 temporary Hit Points, and the drained creature is temporarily immune until the start of the nabasu’s next turn.

Critical Failure As failure, but the creature increases the amount of drain by 2.

Stolen Death A creature that dies while suffering drain from a nabasu’s death-stealing gaze rises as a ghoul the next midnight.


Nabasus are birthed directly into the Material Plane from the Abyss, an invasive infestation that releases the newly formed and ravenously hungry demons directly into the midst of their favored prey: mortal life. Nabasus feed on sapient creatures, but they never quite manage to sate their eternal hunger, even as they grow more and more powerful. Once they have sufficiently feasted, the demons become worthy to make the return trip to the Abyss, where they undergo a vile transformation, finally digesting their accumulated meals and deforming further into powerful vrolikais (page 69).

Nabasus form from the souls of evil gluttons, particularly from cannibals, blood-drinkers, and those who prefer the tang of undead flesh.

A nabasu stores their stolen deaths until they finally become satiated. For most, this occurs after consuming death from at least 100 mortals, but the exact timing is left to the GM. The demon then travels to the Abyss and transforms into a vrolikai.

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