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Deathless Acolyte

Deathless Acolyte Creature3

NE Medium Undead

Senses Perception +9; darkvision

LanguagesCommon, Necril

Skills Intimidation +9, Occultism +8, Religion +11, Stealth +7

Str +1, Dex +2, Con +0, Int +1, Wis +4, Cha +2

Items scythe, religious symbol

AC 17; Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +11

HP 36, negative healing; Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, unconscious

Field of Undeath (aura, divine, necromancy) 20 feet. Allies within the aura who have negative healing gain fast healing 2. When a creature within the aura would receive positive healing, it must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or receive no healing from the effect.

Denounce Heretic [reaction] (abjuration, divine) Trigger A creature within 60 feet who the deathless acolyte can see and who doesn’t worship the acolyte’s deity casts a divine spell; Effect The deathless acolyte attempts to counteract the triggering spell using their spell attack modifier and a counteract level of 2. If the deathless acolyte fails to counteract the spell, the caster is temporarily immune to further uses of Denounce Heretic for 24 hours.

Speed 25 feet

Melee [one-action] scythe +10 (deadly d10, trip), Damage 1d10+4 slashing

Divine Prepared Spells DC 19, attack +11; 2nd animate dead, harm (×3); 1st bane, fear, ray of enfeeblement; Cantrips (2nd) chill touch, detect magic, divine lance, forbidding ward, shield

Cleric Domain Spells 1 Focus Point, DC 19; 2nd touch of undeath


Deathless acolytes typically arise when a deity or their herald expends a minor amount of power to return a low-ranking priest. Some priests are powerful enough in life to return, greatly lessened, of their own volition.

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