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Crystal Dragon

Good-natured but vain, crystal dragons are beautiful creatures with brilliant hides made of multicolored crystal and gemstone. Their beauty is a source of great pride but is also something of a weakness, as crystal dragons are easily angered by insults about their appearance. Despite their relatively benign natures when compared to other true dragons, crystal dragons can be short tempered and prone to finding insults where none were intended. Although their opinions are changeable, crystal dragons prefer orderly environments and are not fond of sudden interruptions or distractions.

Crystal dragons build their lairs in underground grottoes, where they cultivate environments of great beauty. Their exacting standards and vivid imaginations mean that they are always working to improve the appearance or layout of some part of their lair. These lairs are unique to each individual crystal dragon, but there are always plenty of reflective surfaces that allow the dragon to observe their own appearance. These range from crystals to reflecting pools to finely crafted mirrors, which are arranged throughout the lair in a pleasing array. Gifts of well-crafted or magical mirrors are an excellent way to curry favor with a crystal dragon.

Although crystal dragons are easily distracted by their sparkling collections or their vanity, they remain good-hearted creatures at the core and make friends quickly. While a crystal dragon tends to find evil creatures uncouth and unpleasant, any other nearby denizen or inhabitant of their home could become fast friends or beloved pets, depending upon the creature’s capacity for conversation (and for providing the frequent praise and compliments that crystal dragons hunger for).

Crystal Dragon Spellcasters

Crystal dragon spellcasters tend to cast the following spells.


Primal Prepared Spells DC 25, attack +18; 3rd earthbind, meld into stone; 2nd faerie fire, glitterdust, shatter; 1st grease, mending, pass without trace; Cantrips (3rd) acid splash, detect magic, light, prestidigitation, telekinetic projectile


Primal Prepared Spells DC 30, attack +24; as young crystal dragon, plus 5th cloak of colors, wall of stone; 4th hallucinatory terrain, shape stone, stoneskin; 3rd haste; Cantrips (5th) dancing lights, detect magic, light, prestidigitation, telekinetic projectile


Primal Prepared Spells DC 37, attack +32; as adult crystal dragon, plus 7th energy aegis, spell turning, volcanic eruption; 6th flesh to stone, stone tell, true seeing; 5th chromatic wall; Cantrips (7th) dancing lights, detect magic, light, prestidigitation, telekinetic projectile

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