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Cobble Mite, Cobbleswarm

Cobbleswarm Creature2

N Large Aberration Earth Swarm

Senses Perception +9; no vision, tremorsense (precise) 40 feet

Skills Athletics +8, Stealth +10

Str +2, Dex +4, Con +2, Int -3, Wis +3, Cha +0

Clutching Cobbles The cobbleswarm’s space is difficult terrain.

Tremorsense A cobbleswarm’s tremorsense is a precise sense out to 40 feet and an imprecise sense out to 80 feet. A cobbleswarm can’t sense anything beyond the range of its tremorsense.

AC 16; Fort +8, Ref +10, Will +7

HP 20; Immunities precision, swarm mind, visual; Weaknesses area damage 3, splash damage 3; Resistances piercing 5, slashing 5

Speed 20 feet, burrow 10 feet

Grasping Bites [two-actions] (attack) The cobbleswarm attempts an Athletics check and compares the result to the Fortitude DC of each creature in its space. This counts as two attacks for the cobbleswarm’s multiple attack penalty.

Critical Success The creature falls prone, takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage, and is grabbed by the cobbleswarm until the end of the cobbleswarm’s next turn.

Success The creature falls prone.

Pummeling Assault [one-action] Each foe in the cobbleswarm’s space takes 2d4 bludgeoning damage (DC 17 basic Reflex save).


Busy road builders might unknowingly use cobble mites in construction.

Cobble mites resemble squarish stones a few inches across with mouths like split geodes. Though indolent and harmless alone, they’re dangerous in large groups.

Characters looking to keep a cobble mite as a pet can usually buy one in many large cities for 1 gp. Those who search for one in the wild must hunt carefully and risk finding enough cobble mites lairing together to form a cobbleswarm. A character with a familiar can choose a cobble mite, which must have the burrower familiar ability.

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