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Cloud Dragon

At heart, cloud dragons are wanderers, explorers, and travelers who enjoy nothing more than seeing new lands and meeting unusual creatures. Cloud dragons range in color from light blue to a pale, milky white and have thick, curling horns and rather short snouts. They keep lairs among the extreme altitudes of the highest mountain peaks but are away on their many journeys as often as they’re at home. Cloud dragons spend long hours surveying the lands they fly over from great heights, but they are creatures of whim, making it hard to predict what will pique their curiosity and bring them winging down to converse or investigate something on the ground. Cloud dragons seldom perform acts of outright malice, but they are not often charitable either. A cloud dragon is as likely to simply pluck something they desire off the ground and fly away with it as they are to bargain fairly.

A cloud dragon’s ever-changing interests never seem to stray toward the complicated schemes and long-term plans of other dragons. These rovers are creatures of the moment, and although they are as mentally gifted as other true dragons, their interests remain in the here and now. Yet the cloud dragon’s penchant for living in the moment is not a personality flaw-they’re more than capable of anticipating long-term results of their actions and won’t make foolish choices simply to pursue a current interest. At the same time, cloud dragons have little interest in worrying about the future and are as confident in their ability to handle tomorrow’s problems as they are today’s.

Cloud dragon hoards tend to be well-guarded or well-hidden, as a natural result of their roving habits often taking them away from their lairs for extended periods. Their treasuries include a wide variety of items-they are driven to gather a broad range of prizes rather than collecting one type of item intensively. To a cloud dragon, a diversified hoard is a perfect hoard.

Cloud Dragon Spellcasters

Cloud dragon spellcasters tend to cast the following spells.


Primal Prepared Spells DC 29, attack +23; 4th freedom of movement, hallucinatory terrain, speak with plants; 3rd earthbind, haste, stinking cloud; 2nd animal messenger, faerie fire, speak with animals; 1st feather fall, negate aroma, shocking grasp; Cantrips (4th) dancing lights, detect magic, electric arc, prestidigitation, read aura


Primal Prepared Spells DC 34, attack +29; as young cloud dragon, plus 6th heal, slow, true seeing; 5th banishment, death ward, passwall; Cantrips (6th) dancing lights, detect magic, electric arc, prestidigitation, read aura


Primal Prepared Spells DC 41, attack +36; as adult cloud dragon, plus 9th heal, storm of vengeance; 8th dispel magic, moment of renewal, punishing winds; 7th energy aegis, plane shift, unfettered pack; Cantrips (9th) dancing lights, detect magic, electric arc, prestidigitation, read aura

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