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Basidirond Creature5

N Medium Mindless Fungus

Senses Perception +8; low-light vision, tremorsense (imprecise) 30 feet

Skills Athletics +13, Stealth +13

Str +4, Dex +4, Con +4, Int -5, Wis +1, Cha -3

AC 22; Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +12

HP 80; Immunities cold, mental; Weaknesses slashing 5

Cold Lethargy Although a basidirond is immune to cold damage, any effect that deals cold damage causes it to become slowed 1 for 1d4 rounds. During this time, it cannot use its Hallucinogenic Cloud or basidirond spores.

Speed 20 feet

Melee [one-action] frond +15, Damage 2d8+6 bludgeoning plus basidirond spores

Basidirond Spores (disease) Saving Throw DC 22 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 1d8 poison damage and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 2 1d10 poison damage and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 3 1d12 poison damage and enfeebled 2 (1 round)

Hallucinogenic Cloud [two-actions] The basidirond releases a cloud of invisible spores in a 20-foot emanation. Each creature in the area must succeed at a DC 22 Fortitude save or experience powerful hallucinations as long as it remains in the cloud, plus an additional 1d4 rounds after leaving the area. A creature must attempt a new save each round it remains within the area. The cloud persists for 5 rounds unless dispersed before then by a strong wind. Each hallucinating creature rolls 1d6 each round to determine what it hallucinates that round.

  1. The target is sinking in quicksand. It falls prone and spends 1 action on its next turn flailing its limbs as if attempting to swim.
  2. The target is attacked by a swarm of spiders. It spends 2 actions on its next turn attacking the floor with a melee weapon (drawing a weapon if needed). It is flat-footed against all attacks.
  3. An item the target is holding turns into a viper. The target Releases the item and spends its next turn fleeing from it.
  4. The target is suffocating. It holds its breath and is stunned 3.
  5. The target shrinks to 1/10 its normal size. For 1 round it is slowed 2 and enfeebled 4, and takes a -10-foot status penalty to its Speed.
  6. The target is melting. It drops everything it’s holding and becomes slowed 2 and clumsy 4 for 1 round.


The basidirond, also called a mindfrond, is a fungal creature that crawls about on woody tendrils. The large, bowl-shaped pod atop its body collects mineral-rich moisture-whether runoff from cave walls or fresh blood-for sustenance. It uses hallucinogenic spores to incapacitate prey long enough for it to beat its prey to a bloody pulp, then deposits the deliciously tenderized remains into this pod for consumption. A basidirond is over 6 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide, and weighs nearly 300 pounds when saturated.

The psychotropic spores of the basidirond can be harvested with a successful DC 20 Herbalism Lore or Nature check, yielding 1 dose of spores (1d4 doses on a critical success); on a critical failure, the basidirond creates a 10-foot-radius hallucinogenic cloud. Each dose is worth 10 gp for use in Crafting poisons, or 20 gp if the poison causes the confused or stupefied condition.

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