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Arboreal Regent

Arboreal Regent Creature8

NG Huge Plant

Senses Perception +18; low-light vision

Languages Arboreal, Common, Sylvan; speak with plants

Skills Athletics +19, Diplomacy +16, Intimidation +16, Nature +18, Stealth +11 (+21 in forests)

Str +7, Dex -1, Con +6, Int +1, Wis +4, Cha +2

AC 26; Fort +20, Ref +11, Will +16

HP 150; Weaknesses axe vulnerability, fire 10; Resistances bludgeoning 5, piercing 5

Axe Vulnerability The arboreal regent takes 5 additional damage from axes.

Speed 25 feet

Melee [one-action] branch +19 (reach 15 feet), Damage 2d12+7 bludgeoning

Melee [one-action] root +19 (trip), Damage 2d8+7 bludgeoning

Ranged [one-action] rock +19 (brutal, range increment 120 feet), Damage 2d10+7 bludgeoning

Primal Innate Spells DC 26

Constant speak with plants

Awaken Tree [two-actions] (concentrate, primal) The arboreal regent causes a tree within 180 feet to uproot itself and fight as a minion using the statistics for an awakened tree.

The arboreal regent can control up to two awakened trees at a time, and it can issue commands to both trees as a single action, which has the concentrate and auditory traits.

Sunder Objects When an arboreal regent damages an item or structure, it deals an additional 2d10 damage to that item or structure.

Throw Rock [one-action]


Arboreal regents-also called treants- are lumbering, solitary creatures responsible for guarding an entire forest. They take an especially long view of affairs and never act brashly or without much deliberation. They occasionally come together in small groups called groves to share news and pass their wisdom down to the arboreal wardens that have sprouted under their watch. In times of grave danger, all the groves in a region may gather for a great months-long meeting to plan and, eventually, act upon a threat.

The typical arboreal regent is 30 feet tall, has a trunk 2 feet in diameter, and weighs 4,500 pounds.

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